Weathering The Storm

Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes He calms the sailor. ~Unknown

(Note the small bits of hail scattered on the picnic table and cobblestone. The wind and hail hammered my basket of impatiens, but they still endured.)

I seldom worry much about the weather unless I plan to be out in the elements. Then of course, I read and watch the forecast, and curse or praise it whether or not it is cooperating according to my plans. Yesterday was one of those days that I went about my business without checking. I headed out to the grocery store in the late afternoon. When I walked out to load my groceries I was shocked to see a veil of darkness hovering in the distance and quickly moving toward me. The sky turned darker by the minute as I drove home.

As I was putting my groceries away I heard rattling outside my garage door and on the roof. As it had not started raining, I immediately thought someone was trying to break in the house. I glanced outside to see sticks and pinecones flying through the yard. I couldn’t see through the sheet of rain and the steam rising from the ground…and then the hail started pelting the ground and assaulting the house.

(My vinca took a beating! The felled limb is in the back ground. We are fortunately the limb was from one of the pines and not the huge oak that shades the house.)

I heard a crash. I was afraid a tree had fallen on the house. I looked outside to find a huge limb had fallen in the back yard. Considering most of our trees are about 100 foot pines, the limb itself was the size of a medium tree. Shortly thereafter we lost electricity. I texted Dirt Man. It took four tries to send it…I suppose the storm interfered with cell communications. I knew that if it was a tornado Dirt Man would let me know as he gets all of the weather updates for our area sent to his phone.

With exception of the dog, I was home alone. We’ve weathered many hurricanes and Nor’ easters. I even endured one alone with the children when they were small. I remember the trees bending until they almost touched the ground, scary stuff. This was an intense storm, but no where near hurricane conditions. Storms have always made me nervous. For some strange reason I was relatively calm, even with the dog getting antsy. There was nothing I could do but wait it out. I gathered flashlight, matches,  and candles while I still had enough light to find them. Then, I settled down with a drink and my kindle to read. Other than the howling of the wind, breaking of branches, wailing of sirens, and panting of the dog, all else was quiet. I got a few calls and texts from the kids checking to see if we had electric. Once the wind quieted, I ventured outside and took a few photographs.

(Wylies is inspecting the damages!)

Dirt Man and Oldest (and his girlfriend )came home. Youngest was working across town, where the lights were flickering but otherwise the electricity was still in working order. Dirt Man poured us some wine, sliced some bread and cheese, and we waited it out. A few hours later the electricity returned. By that time, it was too late to prepare what I had planned to cook for dinner. We decided to head across town to our favorite sushi place, and Youngest met us there when he got off work. Sometimes we end up pleasantly surprised with the outcome of circumstances. We had not planned on going out for a family dinner, and we ended up having a wonderful time, good food and a chance to spend some time together.

Maybe my weathering of this storm was a reaction to having weathered some personal storms in life lately. I’ve come to accept that I can only control so much in life, my actions and reactions. Everything else, such as nature, is up to the powers that Be. I trust in that power. And maybe that trust is the calm I carry inside.

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm. ~Unknown

53 thoughts on “Weathering The Storm

  1. I am so glad you had no serious damage. I got a text from my cousin in Oklahoma about 5 PM her time yesterday. She was texting from the closet. There were 3 tornado’s on the ground in OKC. My 89 year old aunt was home alone in her house across town. Just a dreadful situation, but it all turned out okay. I am not sure my cousin has power yet.

  2. Nature’s fury has certainly been unleashed this year, everywhere. We are weathering the worst storms I’ve seen in a long time here in middle Missouri. Very good analogy to weathering the storms in life. Stay safe.

    • Ours was much smaller and less strenuous than most going around…however, hurricane season is right around the corner so we’ll need to buckle down.

  3. I do think you have been exhibiting a newfound sense of calm in many of your writings. What we experience in life can’t help but come through in our words. We had some major storms yesterday too, it seems to be all this season is offering lately. For the most part, I enjoy them. We lost power too. Love my kindle!

    Sounds like an awesome dinner.


    • I don’t know if there’s much difference in the hurricanes in Miami than the ones in Virginia Beach, but we’ve had a few bad ones like Isabelle…scares the crap outa’ ya!

  4. I’m glad you survived the storm!

    When I first saw the pic of Wylie’s butt, I didn’t know it was Wylie. I thought, “What the heck of kind of squirrel is that?”

    Obviously, I need new contacts.

    • Yes, it is…now we have to saw it up to move it…way too big and heavy to even budge! The men in this house might be able to move it but I couldn’t at all!

  5. I actually enjoy storms. I find them exhilarating. I’ve only been really scared once . . . even in the midst of Isobel, I stayed calm.

    Loved the first quote:

    Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes He calms the sailor. ~Unknown

    • I NEVER thought I’d say that I enjoy storms, but I have been lately…except when we lose power. I thought that quote was perfect for the situation.

  6. Great post, Suzi. I enjoyed reading every word. I’m glad that the story had a happy ending. This year we all can easily imagine a different outcome to a storm. God is good. You’ve had enough storm time. You needed comfort time, and you received it. Blessings to you…

  7. I so enjoy how you take your life experiences and turn them into learning experiences, Suzi.

    “I’ve come to accept that I can only control so much in life, my actions and reactions. Everything else, such as nature, is up to the powers that Be. I trust in that power. And maybe that trust is the calm I carry inside.”

    You GO, girl!

    WOW…looking at these photos, that must have been one severe storm!!! Reminds me of the many hurricanes and hail storms I went through, living in Florida for 20 years.

    So glad to hear you and your family are safe and sound.


  8. That was a storm really serious about what it does! We have a semi-professional one going on at the moment and lashing the sea into foam.
    I have enjoyed a visit here, after coming on the whimsy of a suricate visiting a suzicate. 🙂

  9. Great reminder that there are things totally outside of our control. I needed that message today! Here in PA, we’ve been getting crazy storms in the middle of the night, nearly every single night, but the days are sunny and warm. No fallen limbs like that freakishly large one in your back yard…but a good lesson to run for cover when Mother Nature comes a callin.

  10. Wise words. I can definitely sympathize with the need for control, and there’s nothing like a storm to put us in our place and remind us that there are things in life that move around us and we need to just let them happen and go through with the. The fastest way out of a whirlpool, after all, is not by fighting to get to the surface, but by diving down to the hole at the bottom and going through it.

  11. I am happy for you that you were calm in the storm. As you kinda said, maybe your recent “weathering” of other things has allowed for more peace during nature’s storms.

    Glad you are safe and there was no damage except for the branch.

    And it is nice that something so wonderful (family dinner) came out of it. I think that sometimes continued peace helps things work out really nice. Letting go of things we can’t control sometimes allows for wonderful things to happen.

  12. I love your last quote “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm. ~Unknown”
    There are so many storms of different types in life that we must weather through. The ability to stay at peace through it all is a true blessing.

  13. We had quite a storm this past weekend. It took the top out of two trees. One fell over and wedged in the fork of a neighboring tree. The other, rather large, fell onto our pole barn. As frustrating as the future removal and repairs may be, I’m more bothered by the fact that our lovely row of willows has to be cut down. This is the second bit of willow tree to fall and damage the barn. At least my husband said we can plant something else there.

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