Parking It Or Walking It!

Park it or walk…oh, the choices in life. I’m sure you can guess that you’ll usually find me on the trails. We also know the the chances of me finding my car if I park in a mall lot or place where there are lots of cars) are slim to none!

Though I was tired from walking Relay for Life and getting little sleep, I still wanted to get out and move around a bit. Of course, I did park IT (as in my rear!) long enough to peer into the sky and take in the amazing show of clouds.

And I even stopped to smell the flowers!

I breathed in every bit of the country life, including the pollen. The birds and bees were busy, and so was this farmer on his tractor.

Which ever way you travel, the road leads to natural beauty.

I did park it for a few minutes at the creek, just long enough for the gurgles of the water to soothe and silence my soul.

Though I was no where near any malls, there was a little exchange center at the end of the road. This pair of shoes was on display. Fortunately, mine were not worn out!

32 thoughts on “Parking It Or Walking It!

  1. Oh love the wood fence and the iris’s – soo pretty – and the day was gorgeous!!

    Glad you found time to enjoy a nice walk and see the sights. I can be pretty lazy but I’ll take Trail any time. 🙂

  2. OMG….how BEAUTIFUL, Suzi!

    Your photos, once again, are absolutely stunning!

    Ya know, even though I’m a city boy, I look at photos such as these and realize that I need periodic times to saturate myself within nature. It’s so good for my soul.

    “And I even stopped to smell the flowers!”

    Good for you, my friend!

    Thank you so much for sharing your walk with us. Enjoyed!

    Have a marvi Monday…..X

  3. Beautiful photos Suzi! I loved the one of the creek. And I always love ones of roads trailing off in the distance. Makes you wonder where they lead to!

    I need to park less and walk more!


  4. Pictures #3 (flowers and fence) and #5 (dirt road) are my favorites . . . I find listening to brooks delightful, but photographs don’t do them justice.

    Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

  5. I know . . . . what Carol Ann said. Even though we have pretty places here in CA, it is never as green as it is in the South. LUSH, is how I think of the south. But that is thanks to the humidity. Its a trade off.

    Lucky me I have YOU to take pictures for me so I can at least SEE it!

    • Lush is the correct word for it. I didn’t post this pic, but I’m sure I will one day…it’s of this thick green ground cover…gorgeous! Always happy to share a bit of the beautiful south with you…some day maybe you can visit VA and I can visit CA!

  6. There is so much pollen in the air this spring…today there was a fine layer of yellow dust atop my car…it’s bringing much beauty…and lots of sneezes. Love the picture of the fence with the purple flowers – so pretty.

    • I wiped a layer of dust off of my black mailbox today…seems like I’m always wiping the yellow away. And we won’t even talk about how my yellow my white window have turned!

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