Smoke And Fire

Sometimes it takes looking through the haze of campfire smoke to see the world clearly. ~Unknown

Sometimes smoke signals danger. It warns us not to get too close, fire lurks beneath. We must be careful not to get burned. There are times we don’t heed the warnings, and we venture too close to the flames. We might burn our fingers because we go where we don’t belong. We might belong there but aren’t ready to venture there, so we get singed and our skin grows tougher…we try again and are able to conquer what we couldn’t the first time.

Other times the passions burns inside us. We are fearful of our own power or lack of ability. We might be afraid to write, paint, or step over the fence line. When we hide behind the smoke, our eyes water. We begin to choke. We stifle our creativity until the fire flickers to embers that eventually die out.

We stand before the fire as the flames crackle and hiss. We wonder if they are inviting us or chasing us away. We stand in the heat and wonder if we should jump into the fire or turn and walk away. What do you choose?

While I refuse to jump into the flames of drama that don’t concern me, I realize I need to jump into my own personal fire and risk the burn. How will I ever know my capabilities if I do not stretch my self imposed limitations? If I get burned, I’ll ease it with some salve, grow a new layer of skin, and decide whether I am where I am supposed to be at this moment in time. Life is calling. Do you hear it

34 thoughts on “Smoke And Fire

  1. WOW! These photos are amazing, Suzi!

    I could actually feel the heat from the flames!

    Wonderful analogy you make here about fire and our fears.

    “While I refuse to jump into the flames of drama that don’t concern me, I realize I need to jump into my own personal fire and risk the burn. How will I ever know my capabilities if I do not stretch my self imposed limitations? ”

    Right on! I’ve always been one to jump into my own personal fire and risk. Walking through the fire is how I learn.

    Fab post, Suzi! Have a great weekend!


  2. Love the photos. Fire scares the crap out of me and yet I’m drawn to it. Taking a leap is always scary, never knowing where you’ll land, but I’m getting braver and braver.

    Jump, Suzicate, jump!


  3. I am afraid of fire. I can’t even listen when Alex tells me about his firefighting exercises (going into a burning building with all the retardant equipment on, including of course the face masks for air.) One sniff of smoke in the air has me up immediately at night to make sure the source is not in the house. Still, I tend to jump into things equally dangerous. Smart? No. But it’s my nature.

    I’m beginning to wonder if your talent as a writer isn’t closely matched by your talent as a photographer. Seriously, these are amazing shots!

    • Hubby set the camera manually for these for me…he took some and I took some. I wish I understood the mechanism of filters and lenses etc….I usually just have in mind the shot I want and aim and press. I’m doing better but have much to learn.

  4. I talk about risk, I blog about risk, I try to be brave in the face of taking a risk …. however, I often fail to actually take the risks (I think about things a lot, first).

    Thanks for “firing me up” this morning … I think I will get some of my photo’s together today and submit them to the juried art show (the deadline is today … I have been putting it off)… what is the worse that could happen? Some artist might not think they are “artistic” enough … maybe I will learn something new.

  5. The only failure is failing to explore possibilities, take chances, and extend yourself as far as you can. So now all I need to do is learn to do that myself.
    Loved your post and your photos – I felt I was there with you, glass of wine in hand.

  6. I love fire. Love it. Love the embers, love the flames.

    I totally understand the watery eyes of smoke. Am I choking on something? Hmmm. I must admit I’m completely seduced by the mystery of that smokey allure. It lets me imagine things are not quite what they seem.

    Things to ponder.

  7. So true…if you don’t get into the heat you’ll never find out what you can be and do. Pushing beyond the fear of being hurt (or failing, or whatever ‘burn’ scares you) is all about perspective. If you know going in that you may fail to reach your goal, and see that possible failure as nothing more than an adventure in which you’ll surely gain life experience and growth, there ceases to be anything to fear. Risk + Failure = Opportunity. Once you wrap your head around that, there’s nothing you can’t do.

    • Sometimes the heat is a scary place, but we can’t know how it is on the other side if we don’t walk through it. You my dear, have walked through the heat! I wish I had your courage!

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