Purple Blossom Majesty

Why I love all hues of purple is hard to say.

No other color makes me feel this way.

Maybe it sends me a creative spark,

or calls to me from depths of dark.

It could be the calm within the deep,

Or the aura of mystery I wish to keep.

Is it the calms that sweeps and soothes,

or the energy of benevolence that moves?

From lavender to violet intense, dreams inspire

as I grasp for balance and connection I desire.

Could it signify the secrets I dare not confide?

Or is it the magic of love and hope hidden inside?

When seeking within purple realms, answers I find,

for it blesses me with peace, imparts clarity of mind.

It could be the fragrance of childhood innocence I long

as I linger within the melody of Spring’s royal song.

58 thoughts on “Purple Blossom Majesty

    • And those aren’t all the shades of my yard…I have purple phlox and hyancinth, too! (I killed my lavender by trying to transplant it!) And the lilace belongs to my neighbor, but it hangs at the fence so I get to enjoy it!

  1. One of the most peaceful, soul-pleasing poems I read recently. πŸ™‚ Purple is the color of my blog too, and so is my name for it.. so Love it!! Kudos πŸ™‚

  2. Okay, right off the bat I have to say….

    These photos are STUNNING, Suzi! OMG…the color and clarity you captured is exquisite!

    I too love the color purple.

    “When seeking within purple realms, answers I find,

    for it blesses me with peace, imparts clarity of mind.”

    I studying a bit about color therapy and you hit the nail on the head when it comes to purple.

    Peace and clarity! Purple is also a very powerful color in the spiritual realm.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, my friend!

    Happy weekend to you!


  3. Purple flowers fill my yard every Summer, too. In fact, I have the exact same iris that you do (although the snow just melted and mine are currently only about 1″ little sprouts). I am not sure why I gravitate towards the purples … maybe because they are subtly vibrant and peaceful all at once. They don’t flaunt themselves like bright red ones do. Love the pictures.

  4. Purple has always been my favorite color. When I think of purple flowers, I always remember the smell of my Grandma’s lilac bush. They were her favorite.

    Beautiful pics, beautiful words, and for me, beautiful memories. Thank you.


  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful poem. This is how I feel about blue. I think of them (blue and purple) as being very close. Sometimes to me something is blue and to someone else they say it is purple.


    • Purple is a mixture of the cool blue and warm red, so some hues are more blue or red than others. The cooler shades give me peace while the warmer ones energize me.

  6. Very colorful pictures.Great post.Simply awesome.keep it coming.Meanwhile plz do pass by my blogs page read,follow and comment to aid me improve my works too.
    Thank you.Lovely day.

  7. this collection of photographs is pure bliss suzi. they are so dazzling and beautiful. i just love flowers, esp those which fill up the entire area.

  8. Do you know this line from The Color Purple: “It really pisses God off when you walk by the color purple and you don’t notice it.”

    Purple was born to be noticed and to fill us with joy.

    I love iris. So fragile, yet so strong. Reminds me of your spirit. Vulnerable and leaderly.

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