Within The Flow

 Like water, be gentle and strong. Be gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth, and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world. — Brenda Peterson

At times we drift along, unaware of where we’ve been or where we’re going. We sort of just go along for the ride. We can sink, or  become stagnant, and we often hang on for the sake of it with no intentions in mind. Sometimes, we just need to absorb our surroundings before we can move on. Other times, something significant happens in our lives or in the lives of those we love and suddenly we not only float but start to swim.

We get comfortable in life and don’t want to venture on. Variations can upset our confidence. We don’t want challenges and are not agreeable to change. Sometimes life dictates otherwise, and we must filter our way through the best course putting in action all life lessons from our past.

Life flows like a mighty river. We’re not always aware of every rock and it’s purpose within our path. We possibly know what we want, where we’re headed, and even we think we know exactly how to get there. Sometimes, one rock or limb of debris can alter our course. We must let nature take over and trust that all will be well in the end.

We all approach the same vast deep ocean. Some fight against the flow. Some float while others tread water. The more experienced swim with the current. Eventually we learn to relax and accept the situation. Sometimes, faith and hope are all we have.

Thousands have lived without love, but not one has lived without water. — W.H. Auden

Segment of Sometimes Series

32 thoughts on “Within The Flow

  1. They say that Taxes and Death are the only inescapable things in life. I’d say that it should be Taxes and Change (Death being a form of change) Why struggle against something when you could be making the most of the ride.

  2. There is much wisdom in your post. As usual, the photos are awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve always believed God can change anything. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes what we would like changed may not be in our best interest. I like that prayer so often quoted: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Blessings, Suzi

  3. I like that line, “Sometimes, faith and hope are all we have.” It’s so true. I’ve gone through changes both with and without hope & faith – it’s much more traumatic without the company of hope and faith.

  4. I often try to remind myself that everthing does have a purpose even if I don’t happen to know what it is.

    Once again Suziecate you delighted ud with your words and photos.

  5. I love the first quote, so powerful! I think an addition to my quote page is in order 🙂 great post, sometimes I forget hope, I need to believe better!

  6. Those quotes are stunning. Change is something I have trouble with. It is daunting and uncomfortable, but quite necessary. It is progress even if I don’t always recognize it at the time.

  7. Like that you added that last quote by W.H. Auden. I try to go with the flow as much as possible, but sometimes life definitely feels like it’s a fight against the currant. There is one river in Pennsylvania that flows upstream instead of down…that’s the one I’d like to jump into every once in a while.

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