Blossoms Of Beauty In This Life

We often hear of the sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom fragrance is faint, not sweet, more of an earthy scent. Not overwhelming, it lightly grabs your attention as it wafts through the air. As you turn to find the origin of aroma, you are taken in by the physical beauty. These delicate pale pink petals, almost paper thin, reach out and pull you in with their gaze. They seem to be nothing more than eye candy to many. To the birds and the bees, they are sustenance, shelter, hope and possibility.

I look at these blossoms and think of how beauty and scent lingers long after one has walked away. Have you ever known someone who has remained with you long after their departure? Have you ever known someone that every memory of them brings a smile to your face and fills your heart with warmth?

I carry people in my heart for a lifetime. Their kindness and humility often propel me to be a better person. The combination of their love and compassion is a beauty that far surpasses physical realms. I absorb them, and shall remember them fondly as long as my mental capacity will allow. While I might be attracted to people of physical beauty, it isn’t enough to keep my attention. There has to be a genuine benevolence about them to win me over.

I for one, and am sure you as well, would rather be remembered for being real and down to earth rather than a sickly sweet kind of fakeness. I think each of us want to be remembered by the beauty of our actions. May we each become one day the lovely scent or glimpse of beauty that brings a feeling of goodness to someone.

37 thoughts on “Blossoms Of Beauty In This Life

  1. I love cherry blossoms and miss the tree we had in our yard where I grew up. I’ve actually dreamed of the wind blowing the petals off the tree. It’s a very relaxing image for “letting go.”

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  2. Beautiful words, images, and memories. I think you will long be remembering for, not just being real, but inspiring true character and honesty. I instantly thought of my dads and how much they are part of my life in the sweetest way even though they are not here physcially.

    Wonderful post. 🙂

  3. I agree…you are a cherry blossom. Gorgeous photos and true sentiment. I’ve told my children from the time they were little that it is much more important to be remembered for your kindnesses than for your looks. True generosity of the spirit is far more loveable than surface beauty. You seem to live these lessons.


    • Awe, Spot. I think you’re a cherry blossom, too! You’ve taught your children well, and they are good caring young adults who give of themselves to help others.

  4. We have some trees here in SW Florida that bloom in the Spring, just like cherry blossoms, but I don’t believe they are. Still, it make me wish I was in Virginia or DC to see the actual blooms!

  5. I’ve been fortunate to know many people in my life who have lingered long after their departure ~ and it is impossible to think of them without smiling. 🙂

    Wonderful post, Suzi!

  6. I love the pictures of the cherry blossoms. That’s not something we see in the desert.

    I agree that it’s better to know a few genuine people than many fake/superficial ones. I don’t know if my friends would be considered ‘attractive’ or not by strangers who pass them on the street. Maybe…but their kindness makes them beautiful to me. Likewise, I’ve met people that are physically attractive, but after finding they are mean inside, they no longer look appealing.

    • Loved visiting the desert last October, beautiful just different from here. Friends are beautiful from the inside out…you’re right we seldom notice what they look like on the outside because it’s truly insignificant.

  7. a beautiful post suzi. very beautiful. i will love to see a cherry tree in full bloom some day.

    the pictures you added are divine.

    you are a wonderful person. no one who has been lucky enough to know you will ever forget you.

  8. I would love to be considered that person who lingers long after she’s walked away, leaving a sense of warmth. If everyone strove to accomplish that, what a better world it would certainly be. Lovely cherry blossom captures. The first one is stunning.

  9. I love this post. I appreciate people who have a need to lead an authentic life. It’s keeping it real that is the true building block of all relationships. I wish more people would yield to that principle.

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