Boxer Attack

Wylie and Dirt Man

While I really wanted time alone near the water, I knew there was no way I was going to get out the door for a walk without taking the Doodle with me. Wylie always starts jumping at the door when I put on shoes. Of course, I leashed her and we took off. We had barely made it onto the next street when I saw a brown boxer barrel across a yard and heard a female voice yell, “Careful, my dog is not friendly.” No joke, before I knew it the dog had lunged at Wylie’s neck.

The woman ran out into the street and pulled her dog off, and I cradled my body between Wylie and the vicious boxer. The dog escaped the owner and this time grabbed at Wylie’s side pulling her with me in tow on my knees across the street. Wylie squawked and cringed but never once fought back. For a third time the dog got loose from the owner and caught Wylie by her rear. The woman’s husband and his father stood in the yard and watched, never once saying a word or offering assistance of any kind. She finally got the dog to her back yard and explained that the dog bolted when she opened her gate. Shaking and slightly crying, I asked her for her information. She went inside and brought out a piece of paper containing her name, address, and phone number. She was as upset as I was and very apologetic.

Upon returning home, I realized my knees had been scraped up in the process. (My knees are scarred from my childhood antics, so I’m sure it’ll all blend in time.) Wylie did not appear to have any open wounds but had some swelling on her side. We reported the incident to animal control. While I waited for an officer to show up, I found out that the very same dog had attacked a neighbor’s dog a month prior. Her dog was small enough that she was able to pick it up and walk away. The mother in law stood in the yard and witnessed the incident and replied that the dog doesn’t listen to her. Another neighbor watched without offering assistance. No one reported this incident because they did not want to get involved. I found out this same dog had a few scuffles, but not injurious so therefore not reported, with a couple of other leashed neighborhood dogs.

The owner (woman) came by after animal control had been by her house. She was crying and wanted to make sure Wylie was not seriously injured. She explained that her dog had become territorial after them having a second child. She said the dog is very gentle with her small children. The oldest child was on the side walk, so I think the dog was thinking it was protecting him from my dog as it never once tried to bite me. However, had Wylie been a small dog, she probably would have been killed. Or had I been a small child walking a dog, there could have been more serious injuries. The owner offered to pay our vet bill as it is her responsibility and told us not to hesitate to take her to the emergency clinic. I understand her position as I was once on the other side of the fence being the owner of a dog (not Wylie) who bit someone. The owner indicated that she did not want me or anyone else to fear walking down the street in front of her house. I do fear it because even though they keep him in a fenced back yard he seems to break away frequently enough to have brush ins with other dogs.

While I’m sorry it happened at all, I am thankful my dog is fine other than a small cut, bruising, and soreness. I am thankful that the owner was kind. I wanted to show her the same compassion that was shown to me when I was in a similar situation. What I do have a problem with is the apathy of bystanders in this situation and that of the attack on my neighbor‘s dog. Have we become a nation afraid to get involved or a society of uncaring people?

Wylie was put on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and pain medicine. The vet said that sometimes it takes a few days for the injuries (if internal) to show up, but so far she doesn’t appear to have any serious damage. She’s been somewhat lethargic but still loving and trusting. Like people, not all dogs are nice (though we wish they were)…a lesson learned the hard way for Wylie.

52 thoughts on “Boxer Attack

  1. What a terrible experience for you and Wylie. I’m glad you reported the dog. I’m glad neither of you were more seriously injuried. I’m glad the woman was apologetic, but . . .

    The people standing around doing nothing do NOT get my stamp of approval.

  2. Suzicate, I am so sorry this happened to you and Wylie. This is so dreadful. I do feel bad for the owner of the dog too, but hey, if she knows she’s got a dangerous dog, it’s her responsibility to keep it restrained. For this to happen once is bad, but the fact it’s happened numerous times is a travesty. My dogs will bark at other dogs, but they don’t attack.

  3. I’d recommend a small stun gun, to protect you and Wylie, next walk. I don’t understand the apathy. My only hope is that the lack of action is from fear.

    Praying sweet Wylie stays okay. Glad you were not hurt worse.

  4. I’m so sorry for this attack on you and Wylie. Poor Wylie. I don’t understand the apathy on the part of the bystanders either. Sure there’s fear but I couldn’t idly stand by. I do feel sorry for the owner as well, but as everyone has said, it is her responsiblility to ensure the dog doesn’t get loose or to get help from an animal trainer or vet. Someone or some dog is going to get seriously injured or killed, it’s only a matter of time.

    What a tough lesson for Wylie to have to learn.


  5. Poor Wylie! That’s so scary when something like that happens and you don’t know how the other dog will react. At least the owner was kind enough to share information and offer to pay the vet bills. Perhaps the Dog Whisperer should be called in to help the boxer. 🙂

  6. So glad Wylie is all right. My mom had the same kind of thing happen a few months ago while walking their tiny dog (Cairn terrier). She lifted her dog up, but the other dog (I don’t remember what kind, but much bigger) jumped and got mom on the tricep. The dog dropped and came back again. I don’t condone hitting animals, but Dad said Mom kicked the dog clear off the ground, and sent it scampering back under an open garage door. This is why I run my dog in the fenced-in back yard, and never by himself. Call me paranoid, but he’s (technically) our first kid. So, I’m really glad Wylie’s all right. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

    • How frightening for your mother! My husband asked me why I didn’t kick the dog. I really don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. I suppose I was more focused on trying to cradle my body over Wylie. Had I kicked it, it probably would have attacked me. It was quite strong.

  7. Sorry for my bluntness, screw the apologies. She can apologize as loud and long as she wants, she KNEW the dog had issues, the dog has attacked other dogs before, the fact that she even lets her kids be in the same vicinity as the dog no matter how “gentle” he is with children shows how weak she is in this. (Does she need to wait until he actually attacks a human to question his gentile nature with kids?) Glad you called Animal Control, the dog needs to be dealt with.
    I love my dogs, but if one of them became aggressive and started attacking other animals, I would throw the “human” quotient into the equation anyway and have it addressed. No way would I trust a dog with aggressive issues to be around my kid.
    Hope Wylie’s okay!

  8. What a horrible scare…and it is completely unforgivable that
    1. This keeps happening. At the minimum they need to have some sort of a double gate system so the dog can not bolt. The second gate can not be opened unless the dog is locked within the first. I would suggest building a dog run in the yard that the dog can be locked into when the gate to the front needs to be opened or when there is company in the main yard.
    2. Others just watched and did nothing. The apathy that is growing within the country is truly frightening. Soon community will be an unknown word as self slowly but surely takes over.

  9. Fear and agression are cousins, aren’t they? Judging by the apathy shown by others in her world this woman sounds like the least fearful in her bunch. The dog, unfortunately, is just doing what nature teaches: being agressive where fear is present.

    Sorry you and Wylie were the victims.

    Especially at this particular time in your life. Being rattled under the best of circumstances is hard, when you’re already soft and tender-bellied…yikes.

  10. What an awful experience! I feel some compassion for the owner of the dog, but it sounds like she needs to face up to reality and get rid of a dangerous dog. You were brave and Wylie was fortunate to have you protecting her. I’m glad neither of you were seriously injured. Blessings, Suzi…

  11. Oh, Suzi, my heart was pounding as I read this. I’m so happy you and Wylie are okay. I have a healthy respect for dogs and I do think some people are deluded about their kids being safe around such an aggressive dog that no one seems able to control. It’s an accident waiting to happen and no fault of the dog’s if it does, God forbid. Be well.

  12. That is so horrible! I’m grateful that the owner had compassion and concern for Wylie, but I fear that her dog really is going to be an ongoing threat of danger.

    I’m so terribly sorry about this.

  13. Love the picture you posted with this. I’m so glad you’re both ok, and I, too, am concerned for the children, and anyone else that might one day be involved. Dogs don’t understand when people and kids are “just playing,” and perceive danger when there is none.

  14. I am glad that you are okay … what a scary ordeal to suffer through. I don’t understand how people can just stand by when bad things are happening right in front of them. That is probably the scariest part of it all.

    I really love dogs .. familiar dogs. For some reason, I have a slight fear of dogs that don’t know me .. let’s say I have a healthy respect for strange dogs.

    Someone once said .. there are not any bad dogs, just bad owners. But, I have seen some dogs that were just plain uncontrollable even mean … I am glad the owner of the dog was apologetic and things worked out for the best.

  15. I hope everyone (you and Wylie) are still doing ok. I think that even though the dog is in a fenced yard if it tends to get out it should be chained.

    While the owner might have been upset just think of how upset she will be when the next time it IS a small dog that gets killed or a child gets dragged down the street, or a neighbor/person walking their dog is forced to injure or kill her dog in order to protect their dog or child.

    Nice of you to show compassion, but that whole situation is just a tragedy waiting to happen. I am very proud that you called Animal Control. I do hope that woman does something before there is a regret that can’t be taken care of with a visit and a vet payment.

    So sorry that you had this happen to you. You have enough going on! HUGS to you my Bloggy Friend!

  16. Like everyone else, I’m glad you’re okay and that Wylie appears to be not seriously injured.

    I think it’s wonderful that you have compassion for this woman, I’m sure she does feel terrible…BUT she had clues to this behavior before – enough so that she warned you her dog wasn’t friendly. To not have her yard where the dog could be safely contained is just irresponsible.

    As kids, we were attacked/bitten by a chow as we rode our bikes down the street delivering newspapers. Animal Control put the dog down, but I’m still afraid of larger dogs…especially loud barkers.

    It’s a sad testament to society when we observe someone in need like a specatator sport instead of getting involved.

  17. SHE KEEPS THAT DOG AROUND HER SMALL CHILDREN!! I am shocked and horrified. One snap from those jaws could do serious damage. She needs her head examined.

    I’m glad you and your dog were okay.

  18. She should do some thing about her dog. I can understand how you feel and how embarassed she must have been herself. Its true we cant always control our pets but if the thing gets repeated then we must be careful.

    she can muzzle her dog if not any thing else.

  19. What a scare!! Reminds me of a few episodes of “Case of the Vicious Canine” on People’s Court. I’m so glad that you and Wylie are okay. You did the right thing by reporting it – could have been much worse and it could very well could happen again. Maybe they should consider an electric fence.

  20. Wow… I will say this: you’re being very kind about the attack. I have to admit to having an incredibly aggressive dog. In 10 years she’s never even so much as hinted at biting a person or a cat, not so much as a growl, but let another dog get near her and it’s on. Knowing that, however, I am uber-careful. I never, never let her outside without being leashed, and I use a harness rather than a collar. If I’m at a park with her and see other dogs coming our way I will pick her up (she’s about 45lbs) and warn the owners to keep their dogs away. I love her. She’s my baby. And she loves people. She was a pound rescue, almost starved to death b/c the pack of dogs she was in at her first owners wouldn’t let her eat. I understand her issues, but I also don’t want her to hurt another dog. I get SO angry when other people don’t keep their dogs leashed…and your neighbor with the boxer seriously needs to get it together. They need to make sure it never gets loose, rather than making apologies!

    • She is going to have someone come in and work with her dog to socialize it. I’m glad your dog has you who understand and love her but are also careful that she doesn’t hurt other dogs. I think sometimes dogs have issues or instincts that we don’t understand how to correctly work and I gues that is where someone like the Dog Whisperer comes in.

  21. I find it incredulous that the other two “owners” stood by and didn’t life a finger to help. I’m a huge dog person and believe all owners need to be the pack leader for their dogs. I think Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan would certainly be able to rehabilitate this powerful dog and teach the owners more than a few lessons as well! 🙂 I’m happy you and Wylie were not badly hurt.

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