Rappahannock River Reveries

This is the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am familiar with many of the rivers and streams of Virginia, but this one has only been a passing fancy. I had never more than crossed over via the bridge and commented on the beauty. My brother is also a lover water. I think the water flows through most of my family. However, this river is one that my brother fished and sat upon the banks to think. I wanted to visit this river and feel that same surge of life, hope, and peace this water generates for him.

I heard the roar and lapping upon the rocks before I ever saw glistening of the setting sun against the movement of the water. I stepped from the sandy bank, jumped from rock to rock, and climbed a fallen tree that rested within. The wind whipped my hair across my face, and a mist settled into my soul. I stood there, one with the river, absorbed in it’s life force.

I watched egrets, ducks, and other waterfowl swim and dive for dinner as I listened to their calls blend into the noise of cars driving over the bridge. Fishermen waded into the river casting their lines, and a few people sat upon the banks lost in reverie.

The river whistled around the rocks, and sang as the waves slapped upon all that stood in it’s way. The whitecaps spit, gurgled, and foamed against the fallen limbs.

The bridge seemed to stand watch over all beneath. It towered over the swiftness, carrying others safely across.

The sun set between the Rappahannock at Fredericksburg and Tappahannock. The swirling clouds of orange, yellow, red, and white within the blue azure sky created a tranquil sensation as dusk fell upon us.

The Rappahannock at Tappahannock expands to the width of a mile. At this point the rapids drift to a peaceful flow. Rivers are much like life, we flow rapidly and drift gently at other times, all on route to the sea or our final resting place.

45 thoughts on “Rappahannock River Reveries

  1. Your eloquent style of documenting a location, from a moment in time allows the read to feel what you captured in your photography and the essence and soul of a place.

    The river is a sacred place and to be respected by all generations. I see by your words you & your family do just that.


  2. Awesome river pics and touching comments about them. My prayers are for you and your brother. And mine. There is pain in the offering – a phrase in a beautiful song we sing in my church. Blessings to you, Suzi…

  3. It’s amazing Suzi, as I was reading your words and looking at your amazing photographs, I could actually HEAR all the wonderful sounds you described!

    I think out of all the elements, water is my favorite. I love the sound and movement of a river or ocean.

    “Rivers are much like life, we flow rapidly and drift gently at other times, all on route to the sea or our final resting place.”


    Love the shot of the sunset. Bellissima!

    Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous weekend….x

  4. All I can think is burrrrr – the water must be chilly for those fishermen. Looks like you had a beautiful day. I’m heading to VA next week – but inland. After seeing all of your photos, I’d like to visit the coastline someday.

  5. Beautiful pictures, Suzicate. I agree with the other commenters that Carl’s comment was terrific.

    Water’s power is a bit frightening, but I’m drawn to it because of its beauty. I wish we had more water around here!

  6. I was happy to read that you jumped from rock to rock. (I was a little jealous because I am not yet jumping!) I thought, that girl has balance, yes? Sounds as if you feel more sure-footed.

    This is a beautiful post. I marvel at one who can write so that the reader feels and hears the things that they are reading about. The beautiful pictures just add to it.

    I hope you were able to “feel that same surge of life, hope, and peace this water generates for him”.

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