Sushi In The Yard


Last year my husband complained that my sweet Wylie had a terrible case of halitosis. I didn’t think much of it because you know sometimes dogs have stinky breath. I overheard the hubby feeding her peppermints. Then she offered me a smooch across the face. Gross! “She smells like fish!” I couldn’t understand where she could have gotten into any fish.

She continued to smell like fish throughout the following day. That night, I was walking across the back yard and noticed a huge fish in the grass. I went inside and got Dirt Man. We couldn’t figure out why anyone would throw a fish (shad to be exact) into our back yard. I mean what kind of neighbors did we have?! Let me tell you, I was sizing up the neighborhood! I couldn’t think of anyone that “common” or that we could have offended in any way. We were at a loss. I mean I’ve heard the saying “raining cats and dogs”.  But fish? Come on, that gives a whole new meaning to it. We live near the water, so we surmised that an osprey had most likely flown over and dropped it. Obviously, Wylie had been nibbling on a little sushi and enjoying it for a couple of days.

The other day, I noticed that Wylie was hanging out in the back yard for long periods of time. In fact, she was all the way at the rear of the house behind the shed and didn’t want to come inside. The stench of raw fish overwhelmed me when I got her inside. Oldest went out to investigate. We suspected another dead fish might have been dropped into the yard.

What he found was an Osprey in one of the tall pines (beside the shed) chomping down on a huge fish. Apparently, he was dropping some tasty morsels of sushi that Wylie was gobbling up. How sweet that a bird and dog were dining together!

Later I got a call from someone relaying activities of another. (Whether you want to admit it or not, this always happens in families. And when it is about family, we swear it‘s not considered gossip.) I’d be a liar if I told you I’ve never repeated or laughed or gasped at things I’ve heard.  This led me to think about what kinds of tasty morsels we might leave behind for others to chew on. I wondered whether I was doing or saying things that would have others grabbing the phone to gossip. Do I want to be remembered by the things I do and say? Well, I know I will be, so I’d better make sure they’re good things. Do I want to be one of those people who devours or shares those kind of tidbits? I want the morsels I share to be nutritious and sustaining, but I’d be a fool to try to claim they always are. I’m sure I too often add my opinion whether solicited or not. For a person who enjoys silence, I should practice it more often….shut up, Dirt Man…you’re not allowed to comment about motor mouths etc…

Just so you know, we didn’t really think it was fair for Wylie to have sushi, not that we wanted to share any of the bird’s dead raw fish. We had to go out for sushi for dinner. Ours smelled (and I’m sure tasted) much better than hers!

42 thoughts on “Sushi In The Yard

  1. I couldn’t help but notice the talons on that osprey. Hard to imagine that fishy smell gave you the desire for sushi. LoL Doubt I would have wanted any kind of fish for awhile. May our words be sweet, for we may have to eat them. Hope your week is off to a good start.

  2. I don’t know about the tasting better part. My human agrees with you but 4 day old road kill is delicious particularly if you roll in it first. Kidding aside, we have lots of osprey, red-tailed hawks, and even a few nesting bald eagles in our ‘hood. It rains mullet, sea-trout, and an occasional catfish here. The red-tails add the odd rodent or snake to the rain. We’re glad it isn’t frequent.

  3. HILARIOUS post, Suzi!

    “Just so you know, we didn’t really think it was fair for Wylie to have sushi, not that we wanted to share any of the bird’s dead raw fish. We had to go out for sushi for dinner. Ours smelled (and I’m sure tasted) much better than hers!”

    HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAA! That was fabulous!

    Having had several cats during my life, I can tell you that a cats breath is no better – YUCK!

    Happy Monday, dear lady!


    • Me, too! However, not sure if Wylie would share when it comes to food. She loves peppermint so much she would scoop it out of my mouth if I did not push her off of me!

  4. When we lived on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay we occasionally found a Rockfish lying in the front yard ~ probably dropped by an Osprey trying to outrun an Eagle.

    Great post, Suzi!

  5. We have a fish pond in the back yard. We get Egrets out there looking for sushi lunches. Harry, part lab, will eat anything. But fortunately, he’s been able to chase the egrets off and save his fiddies! If he smelled like fish, I’d be really worried!

  6. Another funny pet story!

    Also, a serious note on gossiping that stopped me in my tracks. There is an exended family situation going on that I have been trying to be good about. I think I need to try harder. 🙂 Thank you, I needed this post.

  7. Love this story of unlikely dinner companions. I think the only thing worse than the smell of fish is fish that have died, like the many poor goldfish I have sent to the great beyond in my lifetime…..

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