Quilt Show 2011

It just dawned on me that I hadn’t posted any pictures from the quilt show that Patti and I attended about three weeks ago. Patti and I make the trip out to look at the amazing quilts on display every year. Of course, we also shop at the many vendors present as well. This year there were about 800 quilts displayed. I think I posted about 32 on my Facebook page, and after much deliberation narrowed it down to my favorite eleven. Why not ten? Well, I realized after I picked ten, I had forgotten the one with the Spanish moss…and I just couldn’t leave that one out!

I find it amazing that this is a quilt and not a painting. The buildings and boats are an amazing piece of work in itself, but to imagine how this artist pulled off their reflection in the water is astounding. It took amazing skill and an eye for color to achieve this masterpiece.

This totally makes my heart sing. I love the innocent joy on the faces of these children. When is the last time you lay on the ground with a group of friends and watched the clouds and laughed and played? Have you ever? Do you have any idea what you’re missing? Apparently, these children know more about what is important in life than we do.

This is a beautiful portrait. The intricate details stretch from her facial features to her dress and continues on throughout the displays of foliage, birds, and butterflies. The most outstanding part is the roses which are velvet.

This is a lovely nature scene. I wish I could just step into the boat and row around a bit in the tranquil water. The trees are awesome, and I love the limbs hanging over the water.

I love the way the artist has the personalities of these furry friends shine through. You can almost feel the softness and the rolls of the neck just by looking at them. You want to lift them up and pet them.

There’s a lot of detail in this diner scene. I was amazed at the diner itself, but was enthralled that the artist takes us inside to each table, thus letting us take a peek at their lives.

Here’s another fabulous portrait. The collar of his shirt and coat extend from the fabric of the quilt. She also used real buttons and button holes on the clothing. She captured a great expression on his face. The use of colors in the background fabrics enhance the detail work of his dark coat.

I think this one is incredible from the detail of the tent to the expression on the womans face to every minor detail that speaks volumes. I also love the stippling in the sky.

The intricate architecture in this is suberb! I like the incorporation of the trees. This one is fabulously stippled throughout. I can’t remember the artist’s name, but she has had much other work displayed previously and all is fantastic.

Run for the hills if you have a clown phobia! I am impressed with the many faces of the clowns and the  many acts of the clowns. The bright colors against the black background make the clowns almost pop off of the fabric.

I had to include this one not only because of my love of Spanish moss but also because of the detail work of the simple shed. This quilt reminds me of the places Dirt Man and I hike. I love the holes in the decrepit shed and the rusty hinges.

70 thoughts on “Quilt Show 2011

  1. All of these are amazing beautiful, and a wonderful display of a God given talent. The shed reminds me of my childhood living on a farm. Thank you my friend for sharing these outstanding quilts. It would be hard for me to pick out the one I liked most. Hugs Vi

  2. AMAZING quilts, Suzi!

    I’m beyond impressed!

    “I find it amazing that this is a quilt and not a painting.”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw it too! In fact, so many of these look like paintings.

    The one of the children is so precious. I could actually hear their laughter!

    Thank you for sharing, Suzi!


  3. Oh what joy! My mother was a quilter. I think I’ve mentioned to you the boxes and boxes of fabric she left me when she died. She has spoken to me as I’ve sewn through some of that wonderful stuff.

    Please say we’ll visit some quilts together. What a treat.

  4. Truly masterful quilting. I have quilted, although nothing anywhere near to these, and cannot imagine the amount of time and patience these had to have taken. These quilters are artists for sure!

  5. These are so gorgeous they take your breath away. I love textural art! We have a Turkish Hereke silk rug that features about 50 Turkish men, all in different clothing with different faces at a tree festival. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that went into this one either.

  6. Wow! I am so amazed! I have never seen such detailed quilts before. I have no doubt that seeing them in person is incredible. Eight hundred quilts? Really? I know that I could spend at least four hours just looking at these ones you posted pictures of. Each one has so many details I could look at it for a long time trying to catch each one. Amazing. While on display is there information as to how long it took the quilter to make it?

  7. Holy, holy! These take the art of quilting to an entirely new level! I can’t even begin to imagine how much work goes into something like one of these quilts. Really. I can’t. I completely admire people that can do this sort of thing.

  8. They are all incredible artistry, if I had to pick just one it would be very difficult. Being that I live near the water I would go with the first one, however, they are all beautiful works of art.

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Awe, how sweet. I patchwork as well, and they are filled with love for my family and friends, but my heart and soul goes into creating art quilts. I make far less ( and much lesser quality than these!) of these than the others.

    • Yes, I was blown away as well. I had a difficult time narrowing the pics down to just show a few…I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy these fabulous quilts!

  9. These are amazing. I agree with you — the reflection of the buildings on the water in the second quilt from the top are incredible. Each work of art that you’ve posted has its own fantastic details to appreciate, though!

    • Yay, that would be fabulous! It is usually toward the end of February…I will keep a check on it. I keep trying to get Charles to go because I know he’d enjoy it. And we always see Teresa!

  10. It’s amazing how human beings are created with SO MUCH talent!
    Thanks for showing the quilts. If I ever have an opportunity to attend a show, I should!

  11. Friends of mine had a quilt made of two dozen rock concert issue t-shirts from the 60’s and 70’s.The whole era is represented and I would consider it a music museum piece. The ones illustrated here are just spectacular. Although my driver’s license says DOB 1949 I would love to sleep in the clown one and return to it after finishing my nightly fly with Peter Pan.

  12. Wow – what amazing work. It always inspires me to think how much time and heart-felt energy goes into making a piece like these. Selling one would be like putting a piece of yourself in someone else’s home.

    • Yes, I could never put a price on something my heart and soul went into. That is why I make them for people I care about to give as gifts. I don’t think I could ever sell one, lots of blood, sweat, and tears go into the ones I make…of course, I’m no expert so there’s going to be blood, sweat, and tears!

  13. I’ve never thought of attending a quilt show before, but now that I know the artistry involved, I’ll probably go to the next one. The portraits and scenic quilts are amazing, and I find I am becoming a fan of fabric arts. Thank you for sharing the photos. -Jen

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