Gray Skies And Green Shoots

“The place, with its gray sky and withered garlands, its bared spaces and scattered dead leaves, was like a theater after the performance–all strewn with crumpled playbills.” ~Henry James

This past weekend the sky was gray, and it was drizzling. I decided to take a walk anyway. Dreary weather seems to take me down with it. The fog was rolling over the mountains, and I felt as if I was going to be swept away with it. My goal was to find some green, new life bursting forth in the mass of broken limbs and dead leaves. I wanted some color in this otherwise dark day. Maybe I was looking for signs of hope that life goes on even as we travel a dimly lit road.

Ashen clouds loomed overhead, and vultures were circling the trees in the distance. It set the scene for a gloomy sky. I half expected the buzzards to swoop down and devour me. Their activity suddenly awakened me from my somber mood. They lunged and plunged from tree to sky to ground. I scrutinized the hustle and bustle they created through the forest.

The vultures, like me, were just biding their time. They were waiting for their daily meal of dead fish from the nearby hatchery, and I was holding out for blue skies and sunshine. We all have expectations and desires. Sometimes we expect something totally different than what we desire. And other times it is one and the same.

I found green shooting throughout the thickets of dead brush. Fern and moss clung to trees and rocks. There was life scurrying all around me. I only had to open my eyes to witness it. I often forget how my mind limits the lens of my world.

There is something about the gurgle of water that brings my world to life. I watched the water flow over the rocks and bubble around debris of leaves and sticks. The creek was at capacity and appeared to be in a hurry to get where it was headed. I listened to the song of the creek as it rippled, whirred, and gushed its way downstream. And though there was no sun shining down upon it, the water still manage to glisten in its own splendor.

I realize that sometimes I need to lower my expectations and desire less to see hope in bleak situations. When I stop thinking and pay attention to my surroundings, I find that I don’t have to look for new life to find hope or beauty. It exists in all that ever was and what is yet to be.

35 thoughts on “Gray Skies And Green Shoots

  1. A gurgling stream is one of my favorite sounds. Even in Florida things are greening up and becoming more lush. I noticed it this week and surprised myself a little. I had forgotten that there are slight seasons and growing cycles in FL if only you take the time to notice them.

    • so glad you have a bit of a cycle…I thought it was the same all year. During the long cold winter months I wish for that kind of weather but I do truly enjoy the change of seasons. I especially love Autumn.

  2. I do envy you having time to stroll through the woods. Although it’s not tropical, I can see where it’s very therapeutic! Your last few posts have some gorgeous pics.

  3. I’m with you. Being outside on sunny days makes me feel happy, but a gurgling stream (even on the darkest of days) fills my heart with song.

    Thanks, Suzi

  4. Beautiful post, Suzicate. Your photos always thrill my heart. I probably have said it before, that I love trees. There is something magic about trees. There are four tall trees outside our second story window. I don’t know what kind they are, but they have no buds yet, while the dogwood trees have blossomed. I hope they bud and that the awful cold winter didn’t kill them. Blessings to you…

  5. What a lovely stroll to take with you, Suzi!

    Being someone who adores gray days, I found your photos truly beautiful. LOVE the one of the vultures!

    “When I stop thinking and pay attention to my surroundings, I find that I don’t have to look for new life to find hope or beauty. It exists in all that ever was and what is yet to be.”

    You are SO right on!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


    • That was the closest shot I could get. They kept disappearing when I tried to catch them in flight, and I had to zoom in to get them…at times there were light fifteen or so in ONE tree! Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  6. I’m glad you got out there, Suzi! We’ve been gloomy too, but my Japanese maple is all leafed out already so Spring is on the way. The plum tree is flowering and the leaves and fruit won’t be far behind. Hope is what Spring is all about. It’s my favorite season.

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  8. I am enchanted with the creek. “…debris of leaves and sticks.” That’s not debris at all. Come to Miami and you cannot find a landscapes with such delightful debris as leaves and sticks. Cans, wrappers, fast food containers, abandoned mattresses, shopping carts and general filth characterize the debris here. Wanna trade.

    • No thanks on the trade….litter debris on the lovely water…heartbreak! I abhor litter in nature, not that ends it. And yes, water is enchanting, isn’t it?!

  9. Beautiful photos. There is hope all around us and most of us do need to pay attention to our surroundings. Being present, delighting in what is before us, is something to wrok toward. A lovely post!

  10. What a fabulous message to go along with the photos, Suzicate! Thank you for sharing, and bringing a little brightness with you.

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