The Sun Still Shines

In my little corner of the world, warm and cold fronts have moved in and out like my moods. A week ago it was thirty degrees on Wednesday, seventy on Thursday, and back down to thirty-five on Friday. And today it is a sunny sixty-five! What a beautiful day! As it turns out, I feel too rotten to go out to play. I wonder if I can blame my sickness on the tremendous shifts in temperature.

From my picture window, I am watching the wind tickle the leaves of the Azaleas. I wish I could feel the warm breeze skirt across my face and the warmth of the sun shining across my shoulders. I can feel the heat of the sun on my face…or is that fever?

This weather reminds me of the “Indian Summers” we experience in the fall, just enough to tease us before it turns bitter. It seems our spirits go up and down, swaying to the tune of the weather. I’m hoping that winter really is over. I look forward to walking along the beach, hiking through the woods, and biking some trails. I’m tired of being cooped up in the house. Yes, I have gotten out some, but not nearly as often as I do in the other three seasons.

I see the green shoots thrusting from the earth in my gardens, and I hope an unexpected frost doesn’t arrive to wipe them out. I am ready for all the beautiful green hues of grass and leaves. I look forward to the fragrance that walks hand in hand with the colors of the flowers. I want to hear the birds sing, the bees buzz, and the crickets chirp.

I don’t see any clouds of uncertainty hanging over us today, only a bright and beautiful sun in an azure sky. It is surely the weather to put smiles on faces and a kick in ones step.

Weather changes like my mind, finding the rhythm of life. And yes, there is a purpose for the rain and the sun. Today I am thankful for the sun.

30 thoughts on “The Sun Still Shines

  1. I’m ready for Spring, Suzi. I came from Toledo, Ohio, where snow and freezing cold temps rule in winter. I left this frigid climate in 1990. When I lived in Ohio, I slipped uneasily into a state of sadness on July 4, realizing summer was half gone. In the warmer climates, I get past July 4 without a tear. Yet, this year has been SO COLD SO LONG! I yearn for sunshine and flowers. Great Beatles song! Brings back memories. Blessings to you, Suzi

    • I enjoy winter for like a week or two and then I’m over it. I love summer, but am over it by the end of it. I like the spring a lot and absolutely love autumn. I guess I enjoy the in between weather most.

  2. Weather is one of those things people complain about but have no control over. Kind of like married men. We complain sometimes why our wives do something but there is nothing we can do about it!

  3. I’m one of those weird people who really enjoy winter and snow. But even I can also grasp the beauty and promise of spring. It’s just super hot summers I can do without. Hope you get to feeling better. It’s been a bad season for sickness at our house too.

    Rooting for your little green sprouts!

  4. Suzicate! I hope you feel better soon! I am envious of your four seasons 🙂 Up here in Anchorage, it feels like we only have two. Of course, there is “the break up.” Perhaps that could be constrewed as a season. LOL

    • Thanks. Wow, I’ve never really thought about not having the changing of season. I guess I’ve taken for granted all the pleasures that come with them…not just temperature, but visual as well. I’d love to visit that part of the country some day.

  5. Can you believe the weather today? We had the same here in Philly, Suzi. As I was walking to work, I actually had to unzip my coat and take off my gloves because it was soooooo wam. I think it hit mid 60’s today. Tomorrow, it goes back down into the 40’s, then Wednesday it goes back up!

    YOYO weather!

    Hope you’re feeling better, my friend. I just got over the flu myself.


  6. I think this weather pattern is pretty much all around, although we have it a good bit warmer here the ups and downs are really depressing, I am so looking forward to summertime.

  7. Our winter is typically 50-60’s. Of course, we have had colder than usual. Those 4 days of temps under freezing just about killed every one here. No one could function. We would all DIE in the arctic. So, I feel your pain, and your longing. We have had 70’s and it has been glorious!

    Come on sun! Shine, shine, shine – shine on me (and Suzicate). 🙂

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