Tending The Fires Within

Bitter winds of others words and actions can chill our souls if we allow it. It helps to decipher truth from opinion. And it’s always good to know who has our best interests in mind. Sometimes, we need to distance ourselves from toxic people.

We can become weighted down by expectations of others. We are pulled until we collapse with our fruits gathering and wasting away upon the ground. We can’t be every thing to everyone, so we must practice prioritizing. We need to learn to bend without breaking. Sometimes, it’s a matter of balance.

We can be involved in many things at once and simply become overwhelmed. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, so we try to do it all. We become lost in the crevices of life. Sometimes, we need to put our own welfare first.

“No man is an island.” We often wish to be an island, to separate ourselves from others. There are times we push those we love away, just because we don’t know how to accept what we need. We choose who we want to associate with, however we can’t always pick who are affected by our actions. We are but one ripple in the pond. Sometimes, we need to provide an access route to our island.

We wear and weather through time. We might fight or we might succumb to the elements. We can easily end up a tangled mess on the riverbank. And even then, we can be cleaned and polished into driftwood art. Sometimes, we have to realize our own worth and beauty in order for others to see it.

We might appear to aimlessly wander the banks of life. We might have our heads in the clouds and be totally misunderstood by those who know us. We might be looking for someone to stroll the shoreline with us. Sometimes, we have to reach out and take someone by the hand and share the experience.

We tend to put others needs and happiness above our own. We try to be the sunshine in their worlds. Givers can be selfless. It takes courage to demand time for ourselves. It takes energy to tend to our own needs and those of others. Sometimes, we also need the warm embrace of a smiling sun.

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40 thoughts on “Tending The Fires Within

  1. First, I have to say these photos are absolutely stunning, Suzi!

    The first one and last one blew me away!

    You’ve also shared so many valuable and wise words here.

    “Sometimes, we have to realize our own worth and beauty in order for others to see it.”

    I think one of the most challenging things I had to learn was to see my own worth and beauty first. So often we’re taught that this means being ‘selfish’, but what I’ve learned was that it actually allows me see and appreciate the worth and beauty in others.

    When we honor and care for ourselves, we can honor and care for others so much more!

    Faaaaaaaaabulous post, Suzi!


  2. your words hold immense wisdom and your pictures are splendid. You sure know selecting the perfect pictures for your words.

    every thing you said is true, we have to be truly aware of our self and try to do best for ourselves without harming others- that will ultimately benefit all.

  3. I’ve recently decided to walk away from a friendship after learning that this person wasn’t committed to truth. Although walking away hurts now, I can’t invest in a relationship which is based on deceit and lies. The pictures convey your sentiment perfectly.

  4. I hear ya, sister. I’ve been trying to take back some “me” time lately since I’ve had zero in the past months. It makes me a better/nicer person when I get just a sliver.

  5. Beautiful photos. I always love how you match the words and the photos. I imagine that the words or the idea is in your mind and you see a shot and take it. Then it might end up connected to the words you were vaguely aware of when you took it or it might not, but the end result is always perfect.

    • I am making sunshine in my own little world. I’ve made a very small dent in two WIPs. I’ve read three books. I odered a kindle and downloaded books to read later. I’ve made time to watch movies with the hubby and spend time shopping with a friend and walking with another. And I’ve started an art quilt. I am having fun and neglecting my blog…but I can’t seem to stay a way for long!

  6. Loved the first picture and suggestion about ridding our lives of toxic people. I believe, however, that someone CAN have your best interest in mind and still be toxic. I’ve had a few people in my life like that, who just sucked all the energy out me. They didnt do anything “wrong” but were simply draining my batteries.

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