Here Comes The Sun!

As I sat drinking my coffee this morning, I looked outside to see my neighbors houses settled in a cloud of fog, much like I was settled into the cushions of my sofa. Though it appeared eerie with the darkness enveloping the houses, it also made me feel comfortable. It was as if we were being held in a warm embrace in the midst of this cold world. It was kind of a crazy passing thought. I went to the other end of the house to find the fog was just as heavy there. I wondered if it was just our neighborhood or the entire city. And then again maybe it often looks this way in the morning and I’ve just never noticed.

From the window of my back door I saw a blanket of fog drift by. I opened the door to see that it was a mist/steam from our HVAC unit. I lifted my hand out and felt the warm mist caress the skin of my hand. I looked around to see the random spots of dampness among the cobblestones and along the bark of the tall pine trees.

I was inside the comfort and safety of my warm house. Therefore, in my mind, all was right with the world. At least all was as it was supposed to be in my own little world. I am aware I often take refuge inside the warmth and comfort of all I know to be safe. I don’t like taking chances. I don’t like putting myself out there.

Sometimes, things call out to me for a period of time. I ignore the calls. I keep doing what is comfortable for me. I fear expectations, though they are self imposed just as the limitations I set for myself. If I have the power to create my own fog, I have the power to create my own sunshine…

I have an extremely long mental “to do” list that is not getting any shorter. It’s time I tackle some of those items. I plan to post, read, and comment when I’m not busy beating that list to a pulp. If you don’t see me around as often, I’m stepping out and making sunshine!

50 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun!

  1. I call my safe space, my cocoon. 🙂 Amazingly, one of my cocoons is my car. As I sit in it waiting for my child/children to finish piano lessons or someting else, I feel so cozy and comfortable, like I’m back in my mother’s womb. I can look out at the world, but maintain the private space where I’m allowed to think, read, write, or just rest.

    Oh, I have that long to-do list, too. We’ll tackle it as we venture out of our fog or sunshine. 🙂

  2. I LOVED the way you shared this post, Suzi!

    Brilliantly said! And I think this is something we ALL can indentify with.

    So…step out and make sunshine!!!

    You GO, girl!

    I’ll be sure to stop by whenever you post!


  3. Thank you for reminding me how nice it is to wake up in one’s own home surrounded by the familiar comforts of it. This alone is enough to make us feel that all is well. With goodness all around us, we can make our own sunshine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Blessings to you, Suzi…

  4. Sunshine is such a good thing, the more you can make, the better! I think for most of us, there comes a time when we need to back away from what we’ve been doing regularly for awhile, just long enough to get our perspective back and to determine what it is that is the most important to us and what it is we really want to spend our time on. It’s a good thing, resting in our safe harbors for awhile.

  5. Funny how that mental to do list seems to grow rather than get shorter, and it’s not easy to make everything work at the same time, making sunshine is most important and by doing this you keep yourself out of the shadows 🙂

  6. What a wonderful way to see it …. “making sunshine”. It has been so dark here these past 3 months, I literally wish I could make the sun shine. My sunshine making time will be this summer (I have 3 months without school bells)

    Enjoy your “making sunshine” time … I bet you are going to find out you have a million more things to blog about by taking that special time.

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  8. Ha, you’re falling off the bloggy earth as I’m fighting to get back into it! I get it though, real life is so much more important than blogging, so much more present. Mine has been missing the part where I use the adult portion of my brain so I’m trying to get back to that place.

  9. Your thoughts are deeply moving. Your words described it perfectly. On Feb 1st, when all was right in your world, we were bracing for the mother of all winter storms! All wasn’t right in our world, but from inside my house, I was oddly very calm!

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