A Mark Of Friendship

We depend on friendship much in the way we depend on dinnerware…yes, I said dinnerware. And Yes, I am going there. Friends also fall very much into the same categories of china, every day and fine.

We have friends that we’re in contact with on a daily basis. Those are most often our “go to” people. They might have a chip here or there, but we wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are like family to us. They are dependable and trustworthy. And some of those same people have been around forever. You’ve been through both the good and bad times together and to the ends of the earth for one another. They carry the rigid and lasting qualities of porcelain. And then there is bone china which is a bit thinner, but more durable and of even better quality.

While I’m at it, I may as well talk about disposable goods. The kind you use and throw away. We all have acquaintances that we can take or leave. We might have fun with them on occasion, but we have no emotional connection with them. And then there are the people who slip into our lives at one time or another and disappear. Sometimes we never know quite why they were there until much later in life, even if then. And there are even those people that are totally deceptive as they enter our lives under false pretenses. Those are like imitation china. They appear to be something they are not, and it is not obvious until under intense scrutiny.

They say that the marks of chinaware are often the least reliable sources of identification. The mark of chinaware is the pattern label. Hence, some might wear the label of “friend” and then betray us later. We often refer to the opinions of others when choosing our pattern. It’s pattern label might refer to it’s endurance, only to find out it’s not true at all. The name may carry a mark of reliability and prove otherwise. We might pick up a lesser known brand and find that it more than serves our purpose. We also might not be looking for the same qualities that are important to others. If you’re lucky you’ll find a one of a kind pattern that can’t be duplicated. Sometimes, you have to look past the label and let it’s attributes speak for itself.

Today, I am thankful for everyday fine china. I am smiling today because of four (yes, four!) telephone conversations with a good friend. This is a friend I’ve known since before I became the me I am today. We’ve been through times of upheaval and times of great joy together though we don’t always see eye to eye. We have the same values in life, but we approach life differently as we don’t always focus on the same thing. We’ve even suffered times of drought, yet we always come back to one another for sustenance and maintenance. We’ve been angered and perplexed by one another’s decisions. We’ve felt another’s pain. We’ve taken pride in one another’s accomplishments. We’ve inspired one another. At one time, we were almost inseparable. The fact is that we seldom see each other anymore, but we talk often. We continue our journey of friendship together. I don’t question or examine it. I accept it for what it is, and I’m thankful.

While fine china makes a statement of elegance, so does a good friend. My every day china is fine china. Others may not know their value, but those of us who have it do.

27 thoughts on “A Mark Of Friendship

  1. Suzi, I just adore your analogy of…

    “Friends also fall very much into the same categories of china, every day and fine.”

    That’s a brilliantly true observation! Especially about the chips and labels.

    I’m so glad you talked to your fine china friend. It sounds like you guys have such a wonderful friendship!

    “We continue our journey of friendship together. I don’t question or examine it. I accept it for what it is, and I’m thankful.”


    Have a wonderful weekend, Suzi!


  2. I was stunned when I first saw the photos on your post and looked over my shoulder to see if you were standing behind me. I was just sitting here looking at the bottom of a tea cup saucer to get the name for further research. (I bought a bunch of wonderful cups and saucers, all different, from a friend who was unloading the possessions of an elderly aunt who had passed away.)

    I love the analogy of friends as china. When I was much younger, I had more of an all-or-nothing idea about friendship. But nowadays, I’m accepting of the different kinds of “dinnerware” in my life, from fine china friends to casual acquaintances.

    If you or your blogging friends are interested in the romantic suspense genre, I’d like to invite you to my blog. I’m giving away 3 copies of my novel The Benefactor.

  3. That is definitely why there is a special cabinet sold to display the fine china. I would put that on the same shelf as a lasting friendship. Admired and treasured.

    Great comparison to what is a very special and intricate bond. Along with the string of dishes that give us good times, and great dinners but eventually crack and chip.

    🙂 On another note, your china is beautiful!

    • Thank you…that is my wedding china that I didn’t think I needed, but the hubby’s mother talked me into registering for. So glad I did. Even though it was packed away for ten years before being displayed and is seldom used, I still hold it close to my heart.

  4. Suzicate! I’ve missed you and your life analogies. I have a friendship much like the one you described. We’ve been friends since high school, have very different lives and politics, but never fail to support and love each other. We get together about once a year and to hear us talk, you’d think we lived next door to each other. I think thats the mark of true friendship, you can lay it down, come back, and pick up right wear you left off.


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  6. Wonderful analogies, Suzi.

    I especially liked: “And there are even those people that are totally deceptive as they enter our lives under false pretenses. Those are like imitation china. They appear to be something they are not, and it is not obvious until under intense scrutiny.”

    Since I value honesty and integrity above all other qualities in my close friends, I am always secretly pleased when “false friends” show their “true colors” and let their masks slip enough for me to see them as they really are.

    Thanks, Suzi!

  7. What a great analogy, you have a gift for seeing friendships with such perspective. I too have such a friend, good or bad we’ve been through it all and whether we drive each other crazy or not I still call her among my very best friends. She’s my special china that I cherish but only use on special occasions.

  8. My everyday dishes (friends) are my most precious. We accept our cracks and chips, there is no fear that if we use them they will break or wear out, they are sturdy and dependable and there for us any time we need them.
    Wonderful post .. like always.

  9. What a great post. I, too, have some really wonderful friends, many of whom I have been friends with for 14+ years! True friends are few and far between, so when I find someone who is that wonderful, I tend to keep them!

  10. This is so funny. Especially if you look in my cupboard. I have three sets that we use every day. I have the stoneware that was my first set and has blue on it and hearts and is really trustworthy in the microwave.

    Then I have just clear glass plates that we registered for and received as a wedding gift. This is a set of dinner plates and “lunch/salad” plates. They can be used in the microwave, but I normally grab the stoneware for that.

    Then we have the Princess House Fantasia dinner places, salad plates, and pasta bowls. We use the pasta bowls everynight for salad. Once we had a fantasia plate break when we put rice on it, so I tend to NOT use these when we are having rice, but any other time is fine.

    My china has never been used and is in my parents attic. So while I love your analogy, I would have put a different spin on it.

  11. Love the metaphor of friendship and china. I recently had to end a friendship. I underestimated her manipulative behavior and it caused so much friction in my life. Sometimes, your right, some friendships are meant to be disposable.

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