Living Life The Best We Can

There are times in life that we feel like everyone wants a piece of us. They seem to grab us and hang on for the ride. They literally suck the life out of us. We feel stifled, smothered, and tangled. Sometimes, we just need to learn to say “no”.

Other times, we worry until we tend to manifest knots through out our bodies and souls. We think everyone’s well-being is up to us. We can’t let the people we love down. Sometimes, we need to realize that we need to make changes because a good massage just isn’t enough to take care of us.

We get hit at from every angle until we are filled with holes. We don’t have enough of a foundation to hold ourselves together. Sometimes, we need to take care of ourselves before we can help anyone else.

We can become twisted and bent, and seem to be reaching in all the wrong directions. We seem to have lost our balance in life. We’ve forgotten what is important. We’ve thrown away our dreams for the sake of others or maybe we’re depressed and cease to dream at all. While it’s good to be flexible, sometimes we do need to refocus and prioritize the people and things in our lives. And sometimes, we just need to slow down and take one moment at a time.

We can’t all be the big sprawling Oak tree that stretches, endures, and flourishes while letting nothing hinder it’s growth. The Oak started as an acorn with big dreams, and so can we. Sometimes, we just need to reach for the sky.

The sun doesn’t always warm our shoulders. At times, bitter winds bite at our faces. Some days our paths are less clearer than others. Sometimes, we just need to keep walking with our eyes on the Light above and trust that it will guide us home. 

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45 thoughts on “Living Life The Best We Can

  1. I love this post! The pictures couldn’t be more fitting. Oh, and the picture of the tree with the bulbous knots on it? Sometimes that’s how I feel!! Who knew we could have so much in common with trees, huh? 🙂

  2. I just read a bloggy friend’s post and she really needs this today. I’m sending her a link to this. It’s perfect. Thanks for sending us your thoughts today.

  3. One of the best things I ever did for myself was learning how to say no in a firm but gracious way. It was during a period in my life when I was being hit up to take on many volunteer tasks. There’s only so much of yourself you can give before you are totally depleted and of no use to anyone.

    I believe we are all talented people, but we aren’t always passionate about our talents. For example, you might be great at budgeting your money but not passionate enough about it that you want to take on the role of helping other people to budget theirs. However, when you discover a talent for which you have true passion, then you have a beautiful gift to offer the world. These are the things I say yes to in my life. Everything else gets the firm but gracious no.

    • Margaret, I did the burn out volunteering routine when my children were younger. Learning to say no was difficult. I finally focused on the organizations that were dear to my heart. I also learned that I needed to take care of myself to be a better wife, mother, and friend…it took me a little longer to learn that lesson!

  4. Glorious post, Suzi!

    Both your photos and enlightening words.

    “Sometimes, we need to take care of ourselves before we can help anyone else.”

    Soooooooooo true!

    Love the last two photos. AMAZING!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear lady!


  5. Sometimes we get way too occupied with that feeling of obligation to others. All we can do is the best we can do, and we can’t do it all. It’s not always easy to remember that.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with beautiful photos of trees. We need to take care of ourselves as well as others. And sometimes that means we need to make changes. Blessings to you, Suzi…

  7. More very wise words from a wise woman … when I feel like the life is sucked out of me, in knots, twisted, bent and full of holes like you described here .. it is the worst when I don’t seem to have a refueling station … when I feel alone. When someone is feeding me what I am giving away things are in balance and easier to handle.
    And, I totally agree with you … the ability to say No is very important. (and accept No from others as well without taking it personally)
    Thanks, for this excellent post.

    • Absolutely, we need to accept no as well. Maybe the reason we find it difficult to say no is that we take things personally and know how dreadful rejection feels…I had not thought of that…thank you. It’s difficult not to take it personally, kind of like a critique. I recently had a friend critique something for me. It is something that I feel far surpasses anything I’ve ever written. It got positive critique in a contest (did not win) and stated with work has the ability to be an award winning piece….but did not explain HOW. I gave it to my friend to take a look…she just returned it and told me not to get upset at all her purple ink marks that they were marks of love. She ripped it apart, but in a very good way. She explained exactly what I needed to do with it where as my professional critique did not give me appropriate feedback. I am forever grateful for what my friend did for me. Whether or not I ever find a place for this piece isn’t nearly as important as what I’ve learned in the process. I am glad enough I was brave enough to let her critique it and strong enough to accept what she had to say.

  8. I love how your words provoke self-relfection. I’ve had to find a lot of balance over the past year, as family members became ill and relied on me for their care and needs. After many attempts at finding balance with that situation, I finally found it. But, there is one person, a friend, who clings to me too tightly. I have resorted to ignoring her, blunting telling her to back off, and other things after “being nice” didn’t work. She won’t back off no matter what I try. I guess I need to just keep walking down the road I think is right, which is the road leading away.

    • Some people count on us being too “nice” to say “Go Away.” 🙂

      But sometimes the kindest thing we can do is remind them that it is not our job to be there for them ~ that’s their job.

    • When a relationship becomes unhealthy/damaging for us, it can become necessary to to end the relationship. I’ve had toxic relationships that I’ve had to end. I felt guilty, but everyone is better with the distance.

  9. It all comes down to loving yourself for who you are, treat others with respect and never bow to nor tolerate those who condemn you, I’d love to be the mighty oak too but I feel pretty good as the Charlie Brown Christmas tree 🙂

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