A Beery Blizzard Outside With A Heat Wave Inside

Back in early 1983, Dirt Man and I had been married only a few months. We lived way back in the boonies. We woke up one morning to a full fledged blizzard in progress. Due to snow drifts, it was a tremendous struggle to even open our door. We had to keep pushing at it and throwing the weight of our bodies against it to open it inch by inch. Now, that’s a lot of snow! We had no phone, and the electricity was out due to fallen tree limbs. We also had no food as we were poor with him being a college student working part time, and myself doing hair on commission. No four wheel drive. Yeah, try driving a Chevette through several feet of snow! We had named our little blue Chevette “The Shove It”. The only way that thing would have gone anywhere in that mess was if it had been chained to the back of a snow plow!

Dirt Man decided (and I was all up for an adventure!) we should try trekking it by foot the two miles to his parents house. We already had a fire going in the wood stove in our living room, so we just packed sticks of wood to it’s capacity. We packed a backpack of necessities. I threw in a change of clothes for us because I figured we‘d be soaked by the time we reached his folk’s house. His contribution was a six pack of beer! Molson, to be exact…we may have been poor, but we did have priorities! Yes, we were nineteen and twenty-one so our priorities were a bit different than today! We tossed, tumbled, trudged, drank, and laughed our butts off through six foot drifts. We had gotten about a mile and a half when a pick up truck came upon us and offered us a ride on the back. We really didn’t get that cold on the back because the truck moved so slowly through the snow that there was hardly a breeze in our faces.

I don’t remember much about our visit at his folks, but I do remember how toasty our little house was when we got back. Remember that we filled the wood stove? I think I mentioned that we were poor. We had a bed but no sofa just Captain chairs (remember those?) and a bookcase made from boards and cinder blocks in the living room. We used wine bottles as candle holders for long tapered candles. Well, it got so hot while we were gone that the candles had bent completely over to where the wicks were touching the base they were sitting upon. Now, that’s some kind of dang hot!

35 thoughts on “A Beery Blizzard Outside With A Heat Wave Inside

  1. Oh…what an awesome memory you shared, Suzi!

    And even though I know it was probably a major bummer to trek two mile through a snowy blizzard, I can tell just from the way you wrote this, you guys had a BLAST!

    “We had named our little blue Chevette “The Shove It”. The only way that thing would have gone anywhere in that mess was if it had been chained to the back of a snow plow!”


    Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

    And I love the photo. It’s gorgeous!


  2. I enjoy how much a blizzard makes me want to get out or just hunker down under blankets sipping hot chocolate.

    Last year my boyfriend and one of his sons trekked to the nearest grocery store so we could have something different for dinner and ice cream for dessert. The younger son and I stayed inside…playing Twister.

  3. See how weird memory is? I have NO recollection of you living in the county after you were married. For some reason I’ve had it in my head all these years that you guys lived in VB the whole time (other than the short time in SC).

  4. We were both married at age 19! I know exactly what you’re talking about when you say you have to keep pushing the door open inch by inch. In my last house, the drifts would come across the open field and bury us inside all the time!

    I’m glad the house was so toasty when you got back, but I’m also glad you didn’t stay longer…yikes on the candles melting. That is HOT!

  5. See, the problem you had with the door is why they make doors open in instead of out these days. That way, when you open the door in front of a snow drift, you simply shovel the snow out of your foyer, create a tunnel through the drift, and you’re out. 🙂

  6. I agree with your comment that blizzards are much more fun when you are young and daring. I’m not a big fan of the snow, but there’s something comforting about being snug and warm in your house while a blizzards is raging outside. Don’t even know why I feel that way, but I do.

  7. Wow! I am more amazed that you put wood in the stove and left than you walked. I am glad you made it safe and sound and you house didn’t burn down. A wood burning stove is safer than a fireplace though.

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