One Step At A Time…That Is If I Can Stand Up!

Walk. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. Walk. Run. Walk. Walk. Sprain ankle. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Run. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk……collapse! Well, I didn’t actually collapse, but I would have if I hadn’t been on asphalt. I wasn’t even tired. It was the pain of that dang ankle. There was no way I was going to let it cut short my walk! I’m thinking that my ankles have gotten used to the support of my hiking boots and maybe have weakened. Or maybe I’m just a clutz? That’s probably more likely!

I’ve decided that the only way I am going to get into shape is one step at a time. I usually get a wild hair up my butt and dive full force into something and burn out almost immediately. While I’ve stayed with the weekend biking and hiking, I feel like I need to do something during the week. And I can tell you right now that I absolutely refuse to pay anyone to torture me at a gym!

The weather here has been so cold and nasty these past few weeks that I haven’t gotten any exercise except the hike while we were in the mountains. Today I decided that since it was not raining, I would wrap up in my fleece wear and attempt a walk/run. I had only gone one mile when I twisted my ankle. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to put any weight on it, much less walk the mile back home. I took it slow the first few steps, and then it was better so I continued for three more miles.

It doesn’t feel or look so good now. It was the same ankle I sprained last month when I was climbing on the bike for a test ride. And it is much worse this time. Holy moly is it ever swollen! I currently have it elevated, wrapped in a compression bandage, and iced. And I even took some Motrin. I considered a glass of wine instead. Then I remembered that you only burn one hundred calories per mile you walk, and figured the glass of wine was about a hundred calories (maybe less but not if I pour it!). And dang it I was walking (pun intended) away with more than a sprained ankle to show for it!

Not that I have made any resolution to lose weight or exercise…I ALWAYS fail at resolutions. Instead I am trying to be more focused during the week. I think my downfall with my weekend excursions is that we’ve been eating a lot of high fiber snacks. I won’t even weigh myself. I do much better if I focus on how my clothes fit. I really don’t care so much about the numbers anymore because I become obsessed. I want to increase my strength and endurance. When we were hiking out West, I found that even though I was in better shape than I had been, I was not in as good of physical condition as I really need to be for some of the more strenuous hikes.

I can hardly walk on it now…all I can say is it better be better by Saturday because I have intentions of getting out and doing something…even if I have to hobble!

49 thoughts on “One Step At A Time…That Is If I Can Stand Up!

  1. Take care of that ankle! Sprained ankles can take a long time to heal and you can easily reinjure them. You don’t do anything in half measures, do you? But for now you might want to ease into your exercis routine a little bit more slowly. Be careful!

  2. Yuck! Not a fun way to start the new year. But I’m with Snuggle – stay off of the ankle until it is completely healed. Speaking from experience here! Wishing you a healthy, happy 2011!

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  4. Oh, Fruit Loop, sprains are no fun at all! : ( On the happy side, I am mailing you out a happy card tomorrow, so be on the look out! And keep that foot elevated!

  5. Oh man….be careful!! You don’t want to cripple yourself for good. Keep icing and try to keep it low impact until it gets better. I know my ankles are weaker after not exercising for a year. A stationary bike is really good low impact on the ankle if you have one.

    • stationary bike? Oh, yes, that’s another piece of exercise equipment that I gave away! I have a friend who is a physical therapist and she is going to bring me some sort of band or tape and teach me resistance exercises…yay for friends!

  6. I once had tendinitis in my foot. I didn’t injure it. It was a rare reaction to an antibiotic. I ignored the pain for quite a time. Finally I went to a podiatrist. He insisted that I’d injured it, of course, because he knew no other way it could happen. Anyway, I had to walk with a support boot for several weeks before it healed. The boot took the weight off the injury. I could walk. The pain had become severe enough to stop me from walking. When I put on the boot, I was amazed at the immediate relief from the pain. You have probably already been to a doctor. I always avoid it too long. Tsk. I don’t know why I do that.

    I admire your faithful efforts to keep your body fit. I need to take off a few pounds. I seem to be much better at taking on a few than taking any off. Blessings to you…

  7. I had a very severe sprain of my ankle about 15 years ago. I still swell up on that ankle by the end of the day. I really think you need to let it rest and heal. Keep it supported, elevated and iced. A sprain can take longer to heal than a fracture. If the swelling isn’t down in a couple of days, you might think about seeing the doc. They can put you in a walking cast.

  8. Oh no. Stay off it it. My sister sprained her ankle on the way to work really bad and went to work anyway, walking around on it all day. Had she rested it, it would have been fine in a few days. But since she didn’t, she had to wear one of those boot things for 2 months!

  9. Twisted ankle… ouch. I’ve done that a couple of times and pushed through it. It will get better. Glad to hear you are out and about exercising. Small steps – that is how I am approaching my soda habit. I am 4 days without a can of cola. One day at a time…

    • Oh, Rudri giving up soda was difficult for me…I did that last year. Every once in a while I have one, but not that often. Yes, one day at a time is the way to do it!

  10. See . . . things happen for reason.

    Look at ALL the people who are now focused on the need to follow through on their New Year’s resolution . . . to avoid exercise and prevent injuries by remaining couch potatoes! 🙂

  11. I sprained mine last March when I was in NYC, decided to walk on it anyway (because I only get to New York once every 20 years) and it took two months to stop swelling when I walked on it.

    Maybe you should consider swimming or some kind of uppper body work for a week or two….

    • Two months? Wow, that’s a long time! I probably should consider swimming anyway since it’s such a good full body workout…but I’m too lazy to go out in the cold to go to the rec!

  12. Maybe your ankle was never really healed from the last time. You said you sprained it last month? Could be that it never fully healed.

    I am going crazy not being able to do anything with my toe. I mean, I can barely straighten the house, take a shower, and make dinner. By the time I do that, I am on the couch with my leg up for the rest of the night! My house is a wreck!

    So I hate to tell you to stay off of it because I know you know that and it is just so difficult. But . . . . really try to rest.

    So today is the 5th how is it? I have a friend that keeps telling me to take Arnica, but I haven’t actually gone out to get any.

    Well, I hope you heal quickly.

    • Someone else suggested Arnica to me. Yesterday, it was killing me, so I took off the ace bandage and later it was great. It’s a bit sore this morning. But I’m thinking it’s on the mend! I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with your toe. I know with your work it is especially bothersome. Hang in there, we’ll both get through it!

      • Yeah, my thought was not written completely when I mentioned Arnica. I saw that Cindy told you about it here in your blog comments. That is why I mentioned it because I have a friend that keeps telling me about it too.
        🙂 In looking at healthy “stuff” I also saw the silver “stuff” you take mentioned too!

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