A Beach Blizzard To Make Even Dairy Queen Jealous!

Our intentions had been to be snowed in at the mountains today. That is not to be, at least not today. We are snowed in at the beach. They ended up getting about four inches of snow in the mountains, and we have at least six inches here. It is steadily snowly big thick flakes. It is calling for this to continue for about twenty-two more hours with accumulation amounting to about twelve inches. As much as I wanted to be snowed in with our family in the mountains, it is equally nice being snowed in with my family here at the beach! Yes, it even snows at the beach, rarely that it amounts to anything though!

Wylie is the Abominable SnowDog! She loves the snow! She will run through it, roll in it, and then just lay there eating it. She is living up to her name. In case you don’t know Dirt Man originally wanted to name her Yeti because of her huge feet. I didn’t think it was very nice for a cute puppy, so we did a transalation search which wielded Wylie in Tibetan.

We’ve gotten at least three more inches of snow since I took these photographs. I didn’t venture far, only in the back yard.Β  I would have built a snowman, but Wylie was more into playing chase.

Wylie is lying on the picnic table eating snow.

No birds today! Even the squirrels have taken refuge…but they ate all of the birdseed first!

The tree branches look so pretty laden with snow.

No one will be waterbiking today! Anyone have a snow mobile?!

Another shot of the trees in my backyard.

These are what all four of Wylie’s feet look like after a romp in the snow. Ah, the joys of owning a doodle! The snow forms into balls on her hair. We clipped the hair between her paw pads this year because last year she got balls of snow between her pads. This worked out well. The snow balls pull right off. I run a comb through to get out any snow clumps close to her skin, and Wylie sits nicely while I do this…she actually eats what I pull out!

37 thoughts on “A Beach Blizzard To Make Even Dairy Queen Jealous!

    • We usually just get flurries or a light dusting. This is the first BIG snow here in years! I don’t live on the beachfront, but I’ll bet it’s pretty and WAY COLD!!!!

  1. You got what we got last year! A rare magical snow. This is amazing!! Sooo beautiful! I got such a kick out of Wylie, laughing tears over her romps. She is hilarious. My lab eats snow too. Enjoy the white stuff, hope you have supplies. πŸ™‚ If not hook Wylie up to a sled!

  2. Wylie!! Oh how sooo very cute. Down in our neck of the woods, all we’re getting is colder than a well digger’s ass. Wish we’d at least get a dusting. D-Man has never seen snow. For us, the idea of being snowed in seems so magical. I guess having all of the provisions and being with people you enjoy are good requisites. Have fun & enjoy the beauty of it.

  3. Congratulations on getting a white Christmas … I am sure you wished for one, didn’t you? The snow is so natural here (and extremely long lasting) that we have to have all the winter toys, tires and clothing … I would borrow you my cross country skiis or a sled if I could. The weather seems a bit messed up this year … they are predicting warm temperatures in the 30’s and freezing rain for us by thursday (then the roads will be really bad and our beautiful skiing snow will ice).
    The snow can be gorgeous and fun, but I hate what it does to traveling anywhere …

  4. You wouldn’t think of snow at the beach but I suppose it does happen, amazing pictures and it is so cool how much Wylie loves it, our little Dixie is the same way only trouble with her is she is so short we lose her underneath the snow πŸ™‚

  5. is she a lil crazy? She is so cute and lovable. Any normal canine would have frozen to death πŸ™‚

    May be she is a yeti after all, i have read a funny story in which yetis could take any form they wanted to.

  6. Awesome pics! We don’t ever get to enjoy the snow in most parts of India. But plenty up North in our Himalayan range.

    Wylie’s making the most of it :)Thanks for sharing the thrill of the snow so beautifully!

  7. I love being snowed in. My daughter loves clambering over snowbanks. We’re supposed to get rain later this week — ick. If it’s going to be winter, just freaking be winter, I say.

  8. I beleive this is one of the last two posts I need to read on your blog in order to be “caught up”.

    This is amazing and hilarious.

    I am sorry that your plans got adjusted due to the snow. I forget you live on the beach and I am surprised you get snow there. (amazing)

    I love that Wylie is a Yeti and loves the snow. That is so fun. The snow balls on her feet/legs fascinate me. How funny looking. (hilarious)

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you always for always sharing the beauty around you that you see. (amazing)

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