Getting Through The Thick Of It

Truth is the torch that gleams through the fog without dispelling it. -Claude Adrien Helvetius

There are times we seem to exist in a fog of mental clarity. The stresses of life cloud our visibility. Sometimes we are so bogged down by the past, that our current reality ceases to exist. We might be so focused on memories that we neglect to see what is right in front of us. We seclude ourselves to the point that only memories can touch us. We become lost in a haze. Sometimes we need to reject the redundant so that we may see the essential.

Other times we live in a fog of indecision or uncertainty. We feel restless and our lives have no direction. It is as if we are caught in the midst of contradiction. Sometimes, being uncomfortable moves us to action. Sometimes it determines us to regain our power and confidence. Sometimes, we just need to give the fog time to lift and we find that the answers were within us all along.

We can search so deeply for truth that we are swallowed by our own doubt. We grasp for meaning within the confusion. Life loses its color, and we live in shades of gray. Sometimes, it is at that point of internal discomfort that the light of truth filters into our being. The power of truth illuminates the fog that surrounds us. Sometimes, we only need truth to see clearly.

And there are times that we don’t find answers or truth. Nor do we find directions or instructions. We can either grasp our way in the fog or refocus our energies in other things. When we reach through the thickness to those we love and expect to support us, their advice is really of no consequence. Sometimes, it is simply enough for them to listen, acknowledge, and love us back. Sometimes, we  need to remember that we travel in circles, and as we let the mist settle into our skin, we will find ourselves again.

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26 thoughts on “Getting Through The Thick Of It

  1. Wow, what remarkable timing … I was just tearfully writing to a friend about how I need clarity and truth and the fog to lift (as well as more than just memories to survive on).
    Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone feeling this way sometimes … your words sounded exactly like my thoughts tonight (I am not kidding … I really think that we had a mind-meld).
    This is a great post!

    • Thank you for telling me this. I love it when I post something that touches someone or I read someone else’s post in an incredibly timely manner. I think we all go through periods like this. I’ve been through it many times, and I have a friend currently groping her way through. It always helps to know we’re not the only ones. I hope things get better for you. Virtual hugs!

  2. Paula mentioned “It’s clouds illusions I recall . . . I really don’t know clouds at all” in response to a post today.

    Sometimes we realize the clouds (and fog) were nothing more than tricks of the light . . . leading us to where we needed to be when we needed to be there.

    Love the last paragraph ~ we love best when we LISTEN. 🙂

    Thanks, suzicate!

  3. I tend to draw the fog to me during the holidays. A lot of hard memories and missing people this time of year, but I have learned to let it into my skin. It’s part of me, my past, and my memories to cherish. The sun will come out and I’ll appreciate the lifting fog.

    Gorgeous pics and wonderful words of wisdom.

  4. Fog…grey. I always get anxious with ambiguity. Because, the lessons are layered and the gratification of work, unclear. But when I am productive, enjoying the process of production rather than the “results” or the “shoulds”, it is not as if the fog lifts, but I am lifted.
    The creative mind has an appetite for chaos…it is where uniqueness resides.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos, fused with such words of truth!

    I just recently watched the brilliant movie (based on the book) “Eat, Pray, Love” and this post is exactly what the story was about.

    “The power of truth illuminates the fog that surrounds us. Sometimes, we only need truth to see clearly.”

    Thank you so much for sharing, Suzi!

    Have a faaaaabulous day!


  6. It’s trying to decipher the pathway to get to truth that makes it so complicated. Working through the fog and in the fog may prove to be cumbersome, but ultimately, worth it.

  7. I’ve been writing a lot about clouds recently also. Joni Mitchell said it well. And you’ve done it here. There’s something about those foggy beasts…so lovely…yet so confusing. I like to hang on to the very thing that keeps me from seeing my way clear.

    All is well. Enjoy the view. The sun will shine again.

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