The Dawn Of Another Day

This song always moves me to tears, whether it is the secular version or the hymn. I knew it as a pop song long before I ever knew it as a hymn. I remember the awe I felt the first time I sang this in church. It immediately became one of my favorites. There is something very powerful when a group of people join together to give praise in the form of music.

This song might evoke gratitude from you. It might lead you to praise who or what it is that you think responsible for your existence. It might remind you of what your faith is to you. It might fill you with wonder and awe at all of the complexity and beauty of life.

When I think of the break of morning, I think of a new day, another chance for whatever I dream. I think of opportunity arising with the sun each morning. It’s been the same scenario since the dawn of time. We get chance after chance. Every day is a new beginning. We can take any part of our lives and start over.

With the sunrise, I am given the prospect of clemency. I am given a clean slate. Some mornings I reach out and grab it with both hands. Most often, I seem to procrastinate. I dawdle. I think of things I’d like to attempt. I dream of things I‘d like to achieve. But I don’t move myself to action. I don’t make concrete plans. I don’t set goals. I don’t push myself to attain the impossible. It’s hard enough for me to just take a step outside the box. And yet hope comes in every sunrise. A hope of possibility. The gift of another day of life. I praise the grace of fresh opportunity I am offered each day. Though I am thankful. I cling to my old ways like dew or frost to the morning grass. By the time, I’ve convinced myself to go forward to take a chance at some far away dream, the sun goes down and the dream dies with the advent of the moon. I deny, sigh, and rely to get by. After all, I am at peace. I am happy.

I ask myself why I should be selfish and want for more. Do I really want anything to change? I have never liked change. I take comfort in the familiar. And then again, I wonder if I lack faith to venture into the world. Do I have confidence in my talents? Can I not rely on my own instincts? Do I not trust in what is greater than me? Or have I just become complacent is this world?

I guess it comes down that these things I think I want to do aren’t really dreams or real desires. If they were, I’d reach for them, even through clouds of fear. These are more like daydreams. I am a person who likes to dawdle in many things, but I never seem to settle my spirit on perfecting the art of just one. Maybe there are too many options under the sun, and I don’t want to miss playing around with them all.

When I sip on my morning coffee, the sun has already risen over the trees and is brightly shining through the windows of my life. I listen to the squirrels scampering over the roof of my house, and I can hear the birds serenading the morning with song. This is the dew of my day: I can take a towel and wipe it off or I can bask in the sunshine while the moisture of life seeps into my soul. As I look out my window this morning, I see that the trees are still and only a small patch of blue is peeking through the clouds. I realize that if I want my sky today I am going to have to reach out and grab it with both hands, and if I need the wind to lift me high enough, I will need to create my own. And yet though it sounds impossible, I know as positively as the sun will brighten my day that I do have faith in all that resides around me and within me.

Tomorrow, the day will break as usual, will I sing with the birds? Will you?

26 thoughts on “The Dawn Of Another Day

  1. Beautiful post and lovely song. I enjoy mornings, too. They are special with the dew drops on the flowers and the grass. Majestic is the Creator of the universe. Praise to God on high. Blessings to you…

    • The majesty of the universe and Creator is magnificent. I don’t rise as early as I did years ago, but still there is something almost magical about watching the world wake up.

  2. So true that each day gives us a chance to start over, begin anew, or just enjoy what we have, we all get set in our ways so to say and reach back for familiar things rather than trying something new but in the end as you said “I am at peace. I am happy” this decides the direction we choose.

    Excellent Post my Friend

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  4. A beautiful post!

    Like you, I remember my surprise when I discovered that “Morning Has Broken” is a hymn. I grew up hearing it on the radio, but would never have thought that I’d see it in our hymn book. There are surprises all around us.

  5. What a beautiful message, Suzi. I agree with you, every day can be a new beginning, a new opportunity to seize the moment and enjoy what we have. BUT – we need the courage to do so, and it isn’t always easy. Like you say, you can enjoy the morning or wipe it away, and each morning we’re faced with the choice. I hope we can all learn from your example and relish the new options each day brings!

  6. “This is the dew of my day”. Oh how I love that line. I feel wet and vital reading that. Ready to go. Hydrated. And you know how important hydration is in the desert.

    “Morning has broken”. Broken is sometimes a dirty word. Like it’s not whole. But here…oh how that word gets its just desserts because I love that word. To me broken is for breaking open. Just as the day does … again and again. Granting clemency.

  7. Thanks for the thought-provoking message Suzicate.

    I have enjoyed that song/hymn for years as well. It puts me in a reflective mood for some reason–where I have been and how I should be acting now.

  8. I love that song sung by Cat Stevens–touches my heart.

    What a beautiful posting–I’ve asked myself some of those very same questions. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos as well. xoxo

  9. I am thankful for my everyday and for my life because I am very blessed. While I think of each day as a gift and give thanks for it, I have never thought of it so beautifully. You written a new day in such a lovely way, I am moved.


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