Northwest River Park In Autumn

The weekend after we got back from our trip out West, we continued our weekend journeys into the natural areas around us. We wanted to continue hiking (and biking) on the weekends. We want to work on our strength, stamina, and endurance skills. And after being at such a high elevation, we felt the need for grounding ourselves here in Virginia. We were coming down from a somewhat spiritual adventure, and we needed to touch base with the sacred here at home. We headed back out to Northwest River Park, hoping that we weren’t too late to witness the lovely Autumn colors.

This is a bizarre fungus on a tree, unlike any growth we’ve seen before. While it has a mushroom consistency, it is very hairylike.

We were not at all disappointed in the abundance of scarlet, gold,orange, and green. The forest floor was covered in fallen leaves…so much that we couldn’t find the trails at first. We didn’t bring our trail map. Once we found one trail, we were able to see the markers on the trees, and you could tell most of the trails by the clear cuts. We could hear the woodpeckers above the rustling of the dead leaves as we trudged through.

Wylie was delighted to be free for a bit. She ran and played and met lots of new human friends.

Then, Wylie met Rosie and Tucker, her very first equestrian acquaintances ever. The horses were unfazed by Wylie. However, Wylie was petrified of them!

The fall folliage beautifully reflected in the water and sunlight.

I felt like we had only walked a short bit. When we arrived home after the ride from the park, I felt kind of stiff which surprised me since I didn’t think we’d gone far. Dirt Man informed me we’d actually hiked six miles. I guess I really am getting used to this. Things here on the East Coast are not quite as magnificently sized or geologically challenged as we witnessed out West, but it sure is good to be home. Home soothes my soul.

34 thoughts on “Northwest River Park In Autumn

    • Bwaaahaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when Dirt Man and I were newly married he wanted to hunt mushrooms, and I was afraid we’d end up with the poisonous kind, so I said no way! Hmm…wonder if that fungus is hallucinagenic (sp) or poisonous or just simply delicious! Bet I won’t be finding out anytime soon!

  1. What beautiful photos! I am thrilled by looking at trees. They are so awesome as they stand tall like sentinels. You walked six miles! I need to walk six blocks! Maybe I need to find a park in our new state. Moving may actually shrink one’s world until exploring enlarges it again. Blessings to you…

  2. The pics are gorgeous and that fungus reminded me of one of those old russian hats… know what I’m talking about? Don’t know what they are called but that’s what it looks like to me! Very unusual fungus!

  3. Our fall colors have been gone for so long now, they are but a faint memory. How wonderful to get to share yours in such lovely pictures and colors so vivid!

  4. Oh my gosh .. you have grass and fall colors … big sigh. I miss that so much, Fall is my favorite time of year. We have had snow covering everything for what already feels like an eternity (with 3-4 months to go) bigger sigh.
    Your tree fungus is very interesting … wouldn’t it be fun to go back there and give it some button eyes, a carrot nose …. sorry, I am in a silly mood.

    • Ha, that would be funny! We actually went there four weekends ago…I just never published my post. We are now a winter wonderland! Yes, we got snow twice in four days which is highly unusual for my part of the state. We do still have some pretty colors underneath the snow.

    • It’s been so cold for the last two weekends (and we’ve been busy with holidays coming up) that we haven’t gotten out, but I’m ready to head out in it again soon.

  5. Yes, that *fungus among us* is one of the strangest things. I agree with Unabridged Girl…it looks like a muppet! I absolutely love the fall color captures. Especially the one with the water reflection.

  6. Gorgeous leaves! And the big hairy thing could almost be Snuffalufagus or however you spell it. I miss the colors of the fall. Here in Florida, I am actually seeing them this year–must be something to do with the cold snap.

  7. Ha! This post even further proved my point/comment in the post before this! Beautiful photos. Would make beautiful calendars.

    Wylie, she’s not used to animals that are bigger than her, huh?

  8. Beautiful photos! You’ve inspired me to go back out there. I went for a nighttime Halloween event, so there wasn’t much to see. Looks like autumn was a great time to go. How were the ticks?

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