As We Journey Through Time

It is seldom that life is an even playing field. We generally have peaks and valleys to cross, rivers to swim, and mountains to climb to get exactly where we want to be. Of course, life is what we make it. We all have different priorities and different roads to travel to our destinations. Sometimes, it helps to stop and take in the view along the way to be appreciative of our current circumstances.

We usually come upon curves on the road of life. Sometimes, there is even a swamp holding us from reaching the place we want to be. Almost always, there is a bridge of some sort to help us cross over to our promised land.

And then there are times we feel like we are zig-zagging through life. Not really going up nor down, just trudging in and out. We feel like we’re getting nowhere fast. If we look hard enough there might be some flowers along the way. There might be a lesson tucked beneath a rock. Sometimes, we are totally unaware of why we feel stagnant, and only on looking back can we see the wisdom in the trail.

Sometimes, there is an easy well built set of stairs for us to climb to get where we are going. Maybe it was meticulous  planning on our part or maybe someone came before us and laid it out ahead of time. Maybe we are following the steps of those taken before us.

Often the pursuit of whatever we are looking for is a steep and treacherous climb. We may feel overwhelmed or even defeated, but it’s important to just keep trying. Sometimes, it not as far away or as difficult to achieve as we anticipated it to be.

When the goal is in sight, hope returns. Our strength soars. Sometimes, a little hope is all we need to reenergize ourselves to complete the task before us.

When we reach the intended point, we feel a sense of freedom. Sometimes, we find that having the faith to go the distance was really what the journey was all about anyway. Sometimes, truth stands alone, but there is no greater peace than having traveled long enough to find a place to settle down with happiness.

A Segment of Sometimes Series

26 thoughts on “As We Journey Through Time

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  2. You have nailed it here! I find inspiration and encouragement in your words and pictures. At the closing of a year and the beginning of another, many will find comfort in knowing that life is WORTH it!

    • As soon as I saw that fence (though I’ve seen many like it in my lifetime), I knew I needed a pic because I would use it one day! Same thing with those stairs…just didn’t know I’d use them for the same post…and did not use either one for what I thought I was going to write. I guess sometimes we’re led where we were not headed!

  3. How do you think of these posts, Suzicate? Do you come up with the idea while taking the photos or after? Just curious. I always love these posts you do.

    • Sometimes, I have an idea when I take the shot, and like this time I had different ideas with a couple of shots and ended up going somewhere totally different than originally anticipated. But most of the time I happen to have words mulling in my head or I see something that starts the words churning and eventually I go with it…that had been swirling in my head for months and ended up not using the original pics I had taken for it…my mind is a bit ditsy and unorganized at times. And thank you. Hope you’re feeling better.

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