Fairy Tale Gone Bad

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: A Read-Aloud Storybook [Book]

KPC Prompt: Once when I was a child…

Growing up, I adored my older siblings. I especially wanted to be like my older sisters. I was always in awe of their grown up ways, and couldn’t wait to be like them. We used to sit at the kitchen table and do our homework at the same time. Our parents were often already in bed or in their bedroom watching television. Once when I was young, in the second grade to be exact, two of my three older sisters often entertained me with stories. This particular evening we had been reading “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”. Of course, my reading skills were not that great at that time. The older of the two sisters was in eleventh grade and the other one was in the seventh grade. The older one got a gleam in her eye and giggled. “Let’s make a modern version of this story.”

The two of them whispered and giggled and pushed me away while they wrote, scratched out and rewrote on the piece of paper they had ripped from one of their notebooks. I so wanted in on the party. Finally, the older one agreed to read it to me. She pretty much read me Snow White with names placed in for the dwarfs and a much more fun and interesting plot. I can’t exactly remember what they read (or pretended to read) to me from those pages, but I remember that I did not think it was nearly as comical as they did. At any rate, I guessed I just wasn’t as sophisticated as they were. However, I was impressed that they could write even better than a book! I decided that I would take this story in and show this teacher who I didn’t think liked me much in the first place. Yes, I guess you could say I was trying to score some brownie points.

The next day, I went over to Mrs. Rotch during recess and asked her if she’d like to read the really good story that my sister’s wrote. I went on about how smart they were and how they could have their own books. My teacher’s face contorted a bit as she read it. She then questioned if they had read it to me. I told her yes. Then she wanted me to tell her the story they told me. Then she nodded. I said, “they really wrote a good story, huh?”

She looked at me and smiled and asked if my parents had seen it. I told her no. I asked for it back. She stuffed it in her pocket and told me she’d like to keep it. She told me to make sure I told my sister that she thought it was so good she wanted to keep it. She kind of grinned when she said it. The  school day couldn’t end quickly enough. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my sisters. I was nearly bursting with excitement.

When I got home that day, I was stumbling over the words to tell them how much Mrs. Rotch loved their story. The older of my two sister’s nearly fell out. Her mouth dropped open. “What? Tell me you did NOT take that story to school!”

“Yes, I did. And she loved it!”

“How did you find it?”

“I saw you stick it in your book.” She grabbed her book and started flipping the pages and shaking the book upside-down.

“Where is it now?”

“She wanted to keep it. She said it was that good.”

She looked at my other sister. “Ou-oh, we’re in trouble now!”

I don’t know exactly what they wrote in the story, but as an adult now, I can only imagine. Neither of them remember this incident, so I am guessing they did not get in trouble. And maybe, Mrs. Rotch had a side of her that the second graders didn’t know about!

51 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Gone Bad

  1. Cindy–that’s hilarious!

    That would be burning a hole in my mind not to know what the story was. It must have been very juicy. In fact, I HAVE TO KNOW. Please tell me if you ever find out. Isn’t the suspense killing you?

    • I’m positive it wasn’t very innocent! And they were probably quite lucky the folks didn’t find out! Knowing the teachers from my elem. school, I’m sure it got read and laughed over coffee and cigs in the teacher’s lounge!

  2. OMG, HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    You’re sisters sound EXACTLY like me!


    I’m amazed that Mrs. Rotch didn’t show it to your parents!!

    Your sisters are soooo lucky!

    FAB post, Suzi!


  3. I can only imagine. A girlfriend of mine and I used to write horrid poetry to each other, the nastier the better! Something about a young Doctor Boone and his magic harpoon when we were in high school. These master pieces stayed in a private place until I was in my 20’s and sold a dresser to a friend of my Mom’s. The guy found the poetry stuck behind a drawer after he got it home. He and his wife had a good laugh over it but would never show the nasty poems to my Mom.

  4. Omg, I totally want to see this story! lol And I was anticipating this in the end – i swear I was almost jumping from sentence to sentece in the hopes of getting fatser to the story itself haha I had to re-read each paragrapg to make sure I didn’t miss a word before I could proceed with readign the next one lol

  5. Hahah! Too funny, Suzicate! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be interesting if they remembered and they remembered what they wrote about.

  6. Ha, older siblings sure do like to play tricks. My brothers taught me how to swear and thought it was hilarious until I got in trouble for calling someone a motherf*#er in the bike rack. I was in kindergarten!

    • Ha! My big brother paid me a quarter once to slap my dad across the face…good thing I was still a little girl and not a teenager! I should have made him give me a dollar!

  7. My brother and I would take my dads handcuffs ( he was a policeman) and attach our younger sister to a piece of furniture and walk away.

  8. I cannot believe this! You don’t remember the story? No one remembers? Ack! The suspense!

    I wish Mrs. Roach was still around. I bet SHE would remember (especially If she sold it to Playboy! – Cindy’s comment was funny.)

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