Hotel at Grand Canyon

While we were in Vegas, we stayed at the Mirage. Very nice and pricey. The most disappointing thing was that there was NOT a coffee maker in the room. I guess they wanted you to go downstairs and buy coffee at one of the establishments. Once we left and started our sight seeing at the National parks, we stayed at Best Westerns at or near the parks. I was amazed at the decor and art work located in the Best Western at The Grand Canyon. The room was larger than the one at the Mirage, less costly, served a continental breakfast, and there was a coffee maker in the room. Also, the jet tub was larger! Just wanted to show you a few pics of  some of the art. I put a pic of the plaque underneath to explain it.

This is Dirt Man’s thoughts after a hard day of hiking!

Plane Fare     $$$$

Hotel                $$$

Rental Car        $$

Eats & Drinks      $

Jet Tub          PRICELESS!!!!!

28 thoughts on “Hotel at Grand Canyon

  1. I have always felt a little “ripped off” in Vegas. By the time you get through “tipping” you could pay for a trip someplace else. I think the art is fabulous! And your husband looks great in his naked bubbly self!

  2. Great photos. I have a love hate relationship with Vegas as it represents so many of my favorite and least favorite things simultaneously.

    Great photos but that last one scared me a bit because I thought he had cheese on his head. That didn’t make sense and then I realized that it was unlikely that he would have cheese draped over his scalp. The fantasy was ruined.

  3. I think the pic of dirt man in the hot tub is what is priceless!

    This hotel we are in doesn’t have a coffee maker either and it’s a very expensive hotel. They do serve free coffee in the “living room” (I guess that is the lobny?) each morning but I hate having to get dressed before I have my first cup of coffee.

    Great artwork at that hotel!

    • In my own defense, he told me to take it…he just didn’t think I’d publish it. But hey, you can’t give me that kind of fodder and not expect me to use it! Enjoy your conference!

  4. I love that art. That is cool.

    And your hubby, HI-larious. I love it. I love that he “let” you take the picture and post it in your blog. Too much.

    (Still working my way through all the posts. My toe is better, but it doesn’t like my to sit too long at my computer.)

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