Grand Canyon

This stone turret is the Watchtower at Grand Canyon National Park. It provides an expansive view of the canyon, Colorado River, San Francisco Peaks, and the Navjo Indian Reservation.

From every single viewpoint the Grand Canyon was absolutely breathtaking. I was not intimidated like I was at Horseshoe Bend. It could have had everything to do with the fact that there were guardrails and gates that kept people from hanging on the cliffs! It just made things seem much safer to me.

I never imagined the magnitude of seeing so many mountains and valleys from one point…and that HUGE canyon…oh, my word!

You can see the river in the canyon in this shot.

I like the stone/castlelike structures to the right in this photo.

I love how this picture has bits of greenery with the colors of the mountain strata and has the beautiful blue streak of the river running through it.

I think this is my favorite shot of the canyon. I am going to let the beauty of most of the pictures speak for themselves…however, there are a couple of shots that I am going to add a bit of a story.

This sign was in the Watchtower…I thought it said it all; well, what I was feeling anyway.

In the center of this pic, a little to the left, you’ll see what looks like an ant, really a man…Dirt Man.Yes, I was more than a bit peeved that he went beyond the gated area and explored…he wanted me to come, but I stayed back and took a picture of him as evidence of where he was…in case he didn’t come back! I swear my heart was about to explode until I saw him climb back over the rock wall. I think that was the last excursion he took that petrified me.

This is a shot taken straight down between the canyon walls at one of the lookout points.

Througout the Grand Canyon National Park there were “elk crossing next  ten miles” signs posted every ten miles. There was one that said next fifty miles. There were signs for deer, coyote, and mountain lions. We we heading over a mountain at almost dusk, and cars were stopped everywhere, including the middle of the road. We had no choice but stop or hit the vehicle in front of us. Dirt Man surmised that it must be an elk on the side of the road. Lo and behold, right in front of us and between an oncoming mobile camper was an elk heading to our side. He was larger than the mobile camper shell! Dirt Man said he was probably 1500 lbs. It was a beast. I rolled down my window to get a couple of pictures of him. About that time, this tiny Asian dude came running by shouting (language incoherant to me) …he was chasing the elk trying to get a photograph. Dirt Man nicknamed him Shish Kabob, and stated that he was going to quickly learn all about anal penetration if that elk decided to turn on him. It clearly states on signs everywhere that it is illegal (and dangerous!) to approach the wildlife. This 120 lb man would not have stood a chance against this 1500 lb beast of an animal. I guess it was one of those things that you just had to be there to really get the humor. I must say that it provided us with much laughter not only that night but for the rest of the trip.

This is Mr. Elk turning around to look at Shish Kabob like he’s crazy…I wish I’d gotten Shish Kabob in the photograph.

This is the lovely Grand Canyon sunset that night.

29 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. It must have been a magnificent experience.
    (We have Asian tourists here doing that kind of thing all the time, occasionally our lions get cross and eat them …)

    • Ha! You know I almost forgot to post this one…I thought I’d posted my last vacation spot of interest and was getting ready to post something else and saw this in my drafts! I had posted in chronological order and somehow this one slipped by!

  2. ” never imagined the magnitude of seeing so many mountains and valleys from one point…and that HUGE canyon…oh, my word!”

    Oh, my word is right!!!! These shots are magnificent!

    Love the closeup photo of the river running through the mountains!

    “Dirt Man nicknamed him Shish Kabob, and stated that he was going to quickly learn all about anal penetration if that elk decided to turn on him.”


    Thanks for sharing, Suzi! Enjoyed!

    Have a great day!

  3. What a breathtaking place! I’ve never been, but one day we will go. Alex has seen it and prefers the much less traveled Canyon de Chelly on the Rez. Still, one day! Great photos, Suzicate!

  4. While scrolling through these pictures I kept thinking, “Christmas present calendar”. If I was the photographer of these photos, I would be putting them in calendars and giving them as gifts to all of my friends and family.

    They are stunning shots!

  5. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon. Thanks so much for taking me on a tour. I hope to get there someday. It’s on my Bucket List!

  6. Stunning pictures. It’s been years since I’ve been to the Grand Canyon. The picture taken straight down the sides of the canyon made me gasp. In part because of the beauty, but largely because it gave a strong “edge” effect!

  7. You are sure making me want to do a road trip, the Grand Canyon is not actually that far from us but yet a place I have never been as of yet.

    Excellent pictures 🙂

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