Painted Desert

I was fortunate during this trip that I was not the one who had to pay attention to the road. This means that I got to sit back in the passenger seat and take in the fabulous view…and even lean out the window and take a picture now and then. Ok, most of those turned out to be big blurs…hard to get a focussed pic as you’re zooming by! The Painted Desert is one of those places that had my mouth hanging open in amazement. The colors are vivid, and the mountains formations varied and incredible. The scenery looked more like painting than real life.

Love the rounded knobbiness of these mountains. This is one of those formations that you can see where the top mountain shoved right over the lower one.

You can clearly see the inspiration (color and formation) of Southwestern artwork (pottery and paintings).

You can see the canyons ripping through the earth in this photograph.

I love the yellow that runs through this one.

This area had a lot of that black (maybe igneous) rock running through it.

The canyon that run along the mountain bases are deep and wide.

This area had a lot of white rock.

I love the yellow and green foliage that leads up to the mauve mountains. Most of these areas look completely flat…however, as you drive up on them (it may not have been at this exact are but still looked like it at a distant) theydrop down, and you’ll find little communities of houses in them. From the road you’d never know people lived in the area. It looks desolate until you get right up on them.

I loved this set of formations and really would have loved the chance to explore the area.

I never knew there were so many shades of pink!

I wish I had some information about these stone structures. They jut up against the mountain side and look like large chimneys.

25 thoughts on “Painted Desert

  1. “The scenery looked more like painting than real life.”

    You’re absolutely right, Suzi, it does! Especially the third photo down.

    The color is AMAZING!

    Isn’t nature a beautiful masterpiece?

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady! Enjoyed!

    Have a a great Wednesday!


    • And we wouldn’t have been able to see all this if Dirt Man had not injured his leg and thus cancelled the long hikes…it worked out to our advantage. And the fact that he explored Google Earth for weeks before the trip, so he knew where to take us!

    • The weirdest part about the desolation was that in areas that you thought were desolate, you”d drive out and before you knew it would be upon a canyon with a little sommunity that couldn’t be seen from the roadway.

  2. I always look at these images and think–my goodness, it’s not just wind and water that shaped these rocks–there must have been a paintbrush somewhere with a grand intention for design in mind.

  3. As I said in my other comment on your most recent post . . . . . CALENDAR!

    I think all of your photos should be in a calendar. So many places you can have them made. You can put a picture per month or I bet there are some places that allow you to do a collage for a month. You have so many lovely shots it would be awesome to be able to share them and have people look at them all year long!

    Great photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

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