Antelope Canyon

Antelope canyon is by far the most amazing in geological structure and visual beauty of the natural areas we toured while in the West. It is truly majestic. I can imagine that it could have been quite a spiritual experience had we not been in a tour group of excited people. The light filters in through the open slots in the top and bounces off the canyon walls. The colors produced are mesmerizing. The rocks have formed all sorts of shapes. The guides pointed out various things like coyote, chiefs, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, eagle, old woman, and a phoenix. It was cool to see those same things and more. However, I was not able to get photographs of them all. It is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation. This canyon was discovered in 1931 by a young Navajo girl herding sheep. 


This is the bus we road with our tour group and guide from the office/store to the canyon on the reservation. It was a bit chilly back there. Fortunately, I had gloves. After turning onto the reservation, the sand started flying. Dirt Man told me, “Don’t turn around.” I did not here the “don’t” part, thus I was met with sand in my face. I decided that Lot’s wife probably was not bad after all she just had a hearing difficulty, like me! They actually advice you not to wear contacts because of the sand. Nope, I didn’t listen. They didn’t bother me until after I left and decided to change them. I should have just left them in. We were covered in red sand, face and clothing. It dusted right off, and was definitely worth getting a bit sandy.

This is the entrance. It is just a slot that goes up and over the canyon and down the other side in a crooked fashion. It is the only corkscrew slot canyon in the world. This canyon is about a quarter of a mile long. The red sandstone was eroded by flashfloods to form the canyon. They guess it took nature millions of years to create this haunting and mysterious structure.

Now the magic of light and color begins!

This canyon is about a quarter of a mile long. The red sandstone was eroded by flashfloods to form the canyon.

Our guide, Bruce, had a great sense of humor. He told us it was discovered by an old woman, and one of the tourists exclaimed that she thought is was a young girl. Bruce replied, “Well, she’s an old lady now.” He also led us to a dark area and told us they called it the “dark room”. Want to guess why. The guides were also very helpful in aiding us to get our best photography shots. Two guides from different tour groups, along with Bruce, helped me take pictures.

It is absolutely breathtaking on every level.

34 thoughts on “Antelope Canyon

  1. “It is absolutely breathtaking on every level.”

    Yes, and I can believe that, simply from looking at these AMAZING photos!!!

    A couple of these shots reminded me of melted carmel and chocolate being swirled around in a mixing bowl!

    Gorgeous images, Suzi! Just gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. These photos, I’m sure, don’t do justice to what you witnessed first hand.

    Beyond beautiful.

    I can only imagine how you marveled at it all..

    Thank you for sharing so much, my children and I love to be part of your travels. We really do.

  3. These are breathaking photos indeed. I am certain that their magnificence in person must be awe inspiring. Suzicate, I’ve really enjoyed your traveling stories and photos. So incredible.

  4. Amazing … abstract art made naturally. I would love to see it some day.
    Thank you for sharing another amazing place I never even heard of before .. they seem like well kept secrets … thanks for passing the secrets along.

  5. This is STUNNING. At first, when I glimpsed the photos and hadn’t started reading yet, I was sure that you’d photoshopped these! But this is what this canyon actually looks like?! That’s so incredible! I can’t imagine how breathtaking it must have been actually being there and seeing it from the inside. It must have felt like being right inside fire!

    • It is amazing. On the photography tours (ours wasn’t a photography tour) they toss sand in the air and the way the light hits it is phenominal…I’ve seen pics online of it and in their pamphlet.

  6. Oh my! I am behind in reading blog posts and I am reading them from most recent back — and this one confirms what I have been saying: CALENDAR!!!!! These shots would make a fabulous calendar gift.

    These are breath taking. I am amazed. I can imagine how stunning it must look when you are actually there! WOW!!! You did a great job with these shots. They are amazing!!!!

    • Dirt Man took those. The other are a combination of both of ours. My camera has a manual setting so he used it there, and I was not as successful using his camera! The calendar is an idea…thanks!

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