Turkeys and Deer Feeding In The Early Morning

After we took the sunrise photographs, we continued down the road to the nearest scenic view. Dirt Man has always had a way of spotting wildlife long before I do, and he also has a knack for immitating animal calls. He pulled into the pull off and lo and behold their was a flock of seven turkeys pecking around in the grass beneath the tree limbs. He immediately started gobbling and got them excited.  Then he remembered that he had turkey and owl call on his I-Touch. He started that thing up and another flock of seven turkeys flew out of a tree to our right. I’ve never heard such fussing and carrying on. Their was only one Tom in the bunch, and he was highly aggitated. He was strutting his stuff and strumming to beat the band. When Dirt Man would play the owl, he’d get downright crazy scratching and calling back. It was quite entertaining, and kept us busy for a long time. We actually had to pull ourselves a way.

If you look closely, you can see many of them blending into the natural background.

This is the closest picture I got, and I think this one is the male.

They ignored our physical and verbal presence and continued eating. They were only flustered with the animal sound made by Dirt Man and the I-Touch.

Then this buck wandered over. They were pretty much oblivious (or maybe just tolerant) of one another. Both the deer and turkey contined eating right next to one another.

This deer was of fairly good size.

Here are a couple more deer just a few feet down the road. There are deer everywhere, and are pretty much unconcerned with humans. Of course, they come out more in the early morning and at dusk.

29 thoughts on “Turkeys and Deer Feeding In The Early Morning

  1. Too funny about the those turkeys! Is that where the sayings come from? Acting like a turkey. HA!

    I used to have wild turkeys out my back door when I lived in Benbrook, Tx. They would go to the daycare and Sonic too. Just flocking around.

    The deer are beautiful! Wow, those antlers….. I am seriously enjoying your grand adventure!

  2. OMG, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a turkey that close up before.

    (except for some of the customers that come into my store)


    LOVE the photos of the deer! I have such a fondness for them. They totally encapsulate both strength and gentleness. If you look into their eyes, you see such deep wisdom.

    I’m going to be scarce online most of tomorrow, so I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

    Thank you so much for your friendship, Suzi. It’s been such a joy getting to know you!

    X to you and your family!

  3. There was a wild turkey that had adopted the KOA campground we stayed at in Deadwood, South Dakota last year. He strutted around calling and looking for handouts. He was the proudest beggar I’ve ever seen. The Buffalo and deer in Yellowstone completely ignored we silly humans with the camera fixation too.

  4. The magic of the experiences you have had is something many never get to enjoy. That large gobbler you captured is a beauty–strutting all of his finery! We saw a small group of turkeys in the median of the highway on the way back from Miami last weekend. Love to see them. Happy Thanksgiving to one of my favorite writers!

  5. I have been reading all your posts about your fun hiking adventure and the one question that kept popping in my head was … “I wonder if she is seeing any wildlife” … I am so glad you did. Doesn’t it just make the landscape come alive? Those mountains and rocks are actually home to some thing. That big buck you saw would have made many hunters in my area very happy to see last week.
    Maybe it is all the western movies I saw growing up, or my fear of them .. but, I am wondering … did any snakes cross your hiking path?

    • Lots of deer, turkey, birds, a couple of tartantula, one coyote, one elk, a bunch of little critters that looked a bit more like chipmunks than squirrels but kind of like a mix of both…..and NO SNAKES OR MOUNTAIN LIONS! No bear either. There were elk, deer, cougar, and coyote crossing signs on the road throughout the park. When we found those caves, I wondered what animals used it for shelter. We saw animal tracks and droppings everywhere! I forgot big horn sheep (didn’t see mountain goats) and horses and burros.

      • I love watching nature and all it’s creatures. I am comfortable with “mine” (the ones that live here). New places bring new critters and although I am not as comfortable with them … seeing them and watching them is a thrill.
        Thanks for sharing your trip!

  6. Do you think you could catch them and send them to england.
    Should get here in time for christmas dinner.
    LOL sorry.
    Cool pics, must be nice having all this wildlife on your doorstep

  7. Too bad Dirtman couldn’t have taken his gun on the plane. Yall would have had enough turkey and deer meat to last a year! I ciould just see him at the airport trying to “check” his turkey or deer as luggage! LOL

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