A Zion Sunrise

We got up really early to catch the sunrise over the mountains of Zion. It was a spectacular show of lights and shadows dancing off the mountains’ sides and tops. The sunlight is the brightest I’ve ever experienced! It was quite chilly, so I was trying to work my camera with my gloves on. From the rear of the museum, we were able to position ourselves for some lovely shots. I’ll only post a few of them. Each post I am only selecting a few photos, though I’m sure you all are probably sick of seeing them by now. We took a total of over 1700 on our trip out West!

I think this looks almost like a gigantic rock castle.

The upper right (above) of this picture looks like a natural arch in the making.

I love the rocky formations of the strata in these mountains. It looks like a bunch of old chimneys.

We did not know that this arch existed (above, center of pic) until someone asked us if we knew if there was a trail leading to it. Dirt Man was able to locate it with his binnoculars and then zoomed the camera in for a photo. I wish we had been able to get to it. We found out later that some of our excursions were very close to arches…oh well, we’ll make sure we get to those next year.

I love the look of the scoop of this range with all of the colorful foliage. I am so glad we were able to see Autumn in all of it’s glory against the backdrop of the stone mountains.

I honestly did not expect to see so much green in these mountains. I thought it would be all rock and not much living color. I was quite wrong and not the least bit disappointed.

This beautiful strip of green made me think of a quilt pattern, more like the pattern of an Indian blanket. As I was exploring the mountains, I could really see the inspiration of  the Southwest Indian art…the color, texture, shapes…it was everywhere. We are always told to create what we know, and they surely did.

19 thoughts on “A Zion Sunrise

  1. I just love the last picture of the green quilt with your description. That certainly makes sense and it is beautiful. The sunrise chasing the shadows looked surreal. I bet it was amazing.

    I always wonder if someone is getting tired of seeing my pictures too. My answer to you is no! It’s gorgeous. What a dream place. I can’t wait to go one day.

    I think I mentioned before. Jason and I LOVE Utah. Just not the salt lake. HA.

  2. When Alex’s father passed away about 15 years ago, all of the relatives and friends from the Reservation came to Phoenix in droves for the funeral. They brought a huge number of handmade Navajo blankets and rugs that were piled on top of the body to accompany him and keep him warm in the afterlife.

    His dad, Fred, was buried in his Marine’s uniform with the flag draped coffin. After the ceremony, the flag was given to Alex. There was also a 21 gun salute.

    After the military ceremony, the Catholic priest did the Catholic ceremony which took another half hour or so, the Navajo Medicine Man took center stage. He had sticks of incense and pouches of corn which were tossed to the east, west, north and south. Then the singing began along with several dances. The Navajo ceremony lasted about an hour and a half. The funeral parlor workers and the Catholic priest were somewhat aghast at how long this whole thing was taking.

    I do think the blankets and rugs were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. What a treasure in those cemeteries! The colors echo the most beautiful things in nature. Your photos are breathtaking!

    • Wow, I’ll bet that ceremony was something to experience…I always am awed just at the dancing at powwows…I can only imagine something with such sacred ritual as a burial. Thanks for sharing that, Linda.

  3. Hey, Suzicate! Beautiful photos of Zion. 🙂 Although, considering today’s weather, I hope you’re all right and not stuck somewhere in the blasted snow.

  4. “I think this looks almost like a gigantic rock castle.”

    It’s ironic you mentioned that because the second I looked at that photo, it reminded me of a sandcastle on the beach!

    It’s gorgeous, Suzi!

    I can’t get over how beautiful the sky was!

    Enjoying your photos!


  5. More beautiful pictures. There is just no light like early morning and late evening light. I love it and seem to rarely get out in it to take pictures. Other than sunrises.

  6. some one wrote about kashmir “gar firdaus zameen ast, hameenast, hameenast, hameenast” it translates that if there is heaven on earth, its here, here, here- thats how you must have been feeling at that place i guess.

  7. That landscape is so beautiful. I can just sense the fresh air while I’m looking at your pictures and I think I was actually breathing more deeply while I scrolled through!

  8. Beautiful pictures Suzicate! I’m so glad you had such a great trip and are sharing your gorgeous photo! There’s just something about those majestic mountains that renew the sould.

    I’m waiting to see the quilt you’re going to make with these wonderful photos for inspiration. =]


  9. To both you and Angelia: I don’t get tired of seeing your pictures although I did have to take you both out of my blog surfer because it wouldn’t load because of all of the pictures. But I have e-mail for (both of your posts).

    I do marvel at how you picked your pictures to post because as I scroll through them I often go, “Oooohhh. Ahhhh! OOOOOO!” Ya know? With each one being so beautiful I am sure it was not easy to pick and choose.

    I love the trip that you have taken us on. It is awesome.

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