Snow At Lava Point

With popping ears, we headed up that extremely curvy red asphalt road…right straight up the mountain to the highest point in Zion, Lava Point. I take it that it is an extinct volcano. Otherwise, I don’t know any historical details, but I can tell you it was freezing up there. Yes, there was SNOW! A few small ponds were iced over. The next time Dirt Man tells me to pack thermal underwear, I will listen. Forget the vanity of looking fat with two layers of clothing because once you end up putting on several layers of clothing that are not meant to be layered, you wind up not only looking fat but frumpy and dumpy as well! I am guessing those rocks were once spewed lava.

This naked tree stood alone against a backdrop of evergreens.

The view is stunning though a bit unnerving with the cliffs.

The sheer height unsettled me, but I am always a bit more comforted when I see guardrails. My problem is that Dirt Man sometimes ventures past those. I was thankful that this was NOT one of those times.

I was awed standing in the ancient ruins overlooking some of the most fabulous views I’d ever witnessed. I felt extremely small against the magnitude of nature, yet I felt blessed to be a speck on the canvas. I wondered what my purpose was in the much larger picture. I didn’t recieve any answers, but it was one of those times I didn’t need answers, but only needed to trust in what was much larger than anything I’ll ever totally understand.

I was smiling because I was happy that was NOT the location we had gotten locked out of our vehicle! On the top of this place is a picnic area and a primitive campround. It does have bathrooms, so I’d call it remote but not exactly primitive.

This is looking down in what appears to have been the cone.

I was mesmerized by the stark beauty of the Aspens.

Is this not a huge Ponderosa? Look at how tiny Dirt Man looks against it’s trunk. Also, note the warm smugness on his face…he’s wearing thermal underwear and properly layered attire!

I love the way the Ponderosa branches stretch to the earth rather than reach for the sky like most other trees. I always admire quirky attributes.

23 thoughts on “Snow At Lava Point

  1. “once you end up putting on several layers of clothing that are not meant to be layered, you wind up not only looking fat but frumpy and dumpy as well! ”

    HAHAHAHAHA! I know what you mean because I’m actually a very small person, however during the winter months (after donning my winter gear) I end up looking like a HUGE snowman!

    Gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS photos, Suzi!

    Looking at these breathtaking images, I can actually feel what it’s like to be there!

    Love the trees!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend! Thoroughly enjoyed!


    P.S. you and Dirt Man look like professional hikers!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The Cascade Mountains are a volcanic mountain range, so we have lots of lava around here and lava caves. Interesting the first time, but they lose some of the fascination the second and third trips.Hub is much more enamored of caves than I am.

  3. Here is the answer about the formation you were talking about.
    Lava Point is an ancient formation that was created by flowing lava. It stands at 7,890 feet and towers above the rest of the park, making it one of the best vantage points.

    From the overlook, the entirety of the park is laid out. Massive extinct cinder domes are easily seen, some of which sit ten miles away.

    The remoteness of Lava Point lends a feeling of isolation to the area, making it a perfect place to get away from the summer crowds that can overwhelm.

    • Thank you! The view is amazing, in fact just a teensy bit overwhelming! I have a fear of heights, so this trip was spectacular in many aspects…I can’t say I’ve conquered it, but I’ve put a dent in it. We’re already planning a trip out West for next year to see all the things we missed like the arches. Hopefully, I will have increased my strength, stamina, and endurance to do the hikes we missed and many more!

  4. Ah. It does my soul good to see you seeing the West.

    I see worlds unknown to me by looking through your eyes and I feel stretched and made more. But when you come to where I live…well, it just soothes me.

    And now I will feel a deeper connection the next time you post about a pond in your backyard.

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