Entrance Of The Subway

On our first hike at Red Rock Canyon,Dirt Man had some cramping in his calves. He trudged through anyway. The next few days, the pain got progressively worse. We wound up at the ER, mostly for peace of mind to rule out blood clot or torn ligament. Anyway, much to his disappointment, we had to cancel our hike to The Subway and to Angels Landing. I really wanted to do The Subway but was nervous about Angels Landing. (After I saw Angels Landing, I was totally freaked out! Sorry that Dirt Man was hurt but thanking God that I wasn’t doing that hike!) We ended up squeesing in a lot of mini hikes and some excursions that Dirt Man eally shouldn’t have chanced with an injured calf…yes, he ditched his crutches and headed into the mountains! At the entrance to The Subway there were three emergency ranger vehicles and an emergency transport. Apparently, they had to go in and rescue someone. After leaving this area and exploring up Zion for four hours, we passed back by to see they were just coming out with someone….glad it wasn’t us they were rescuing! I must say that even though I had trained for six weeks, I was no where in any shape physically or mentally to do Angels Landing. (I’ll get back to that on a leter post.)

It is amazing how nature has weathered and shaped these mountains forming arches, grooves, ridges, steeples, stove pipes, and beehives. Some places are smooth rounded and others are rough and squared. The appearance from a distance is really nothing like it looks close up. I was quite intimidated by the size! I am afraid of heights. Yes, I realize that I walked a ledge of a mountain at Red Rock Canyon, but it didn’t seem nearly this large though it probably is. Everything appears to be straight up and down, but it isn’t. Also, I did not stand at the bottom and look up and freak out. I gradually maneuvered my way into the canyon and was on the mountain before I knew it. I suppose if I just stopped thinking about the magnitude of it and started hiking, I’d be fine. You’ll see later that I climbed much larger ones because I didn’t let myself become intimidated. It really is  mind over matter.

That sign does say “five” miles per hour. And yes, it did curve just like a u-turn going up the mountain! I thought it was really cool that the road through Zion is paved red. I don’t know if that is the type of rock used or if it is painted.

I thought this was really cool that these rocks/boulders had fallen together and created an arch. Later on our trip we saw some real arches that formed in the mountain sides.

This photo shows a lot of the details of the weathering formations, the holes, knobs, and stacks.

Do you see the faces on the side of this mountain? I swear I could see them everywhere I looked. It was as if they were screaming at me to stay away!

22 thoughts on “Entrance Of The Subway

  1. “we passed back by to see they were just coming out with someone….glad it wasn’t us they were rescuing!”

    Oy vey…glad you followed your instinct and decided not to do the hike!

    FANTASTIC photos, Suzi!

    My god, it looked simply gorgeous there!

    And yes, I can definitely see the faces on the side of those mountains – spooky!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!



  2. I am so sorry your husband got injured and your walking has been curtailed somewhat. When I visited we were unable to do Angel’s Landing as the walk was closed that week for essential maintenance work. But I have heard there are accidents there quite often!

  3. Congratulations on tackling that fear of heights … I have it, too. Coming down from somewhere high is usually much harder for me. Some times you just need something worthwhile to get you through the fear … and your pictures show that it was worth it.

    Are you sure those faces are not welcoming you?

  4. I think mountains are meant for looking at. Or driving around. On wide, paved roads. These remind me of the mountains I couldn’t recall the name of last night – the Absaroka Mountains. So rugged, so obviously masculine.

  5. I too am sorry for your husband’s injury. I am with you I can see the faces on the mountain to too. I think you are being wise not to climb Angels Landing right now, give yourself more time and don’t do it until you feel right in your spirit. Listen to what that small voice is saying my friend. Hugs Vi

    • Vi, I realize I need much more training before I am ready to tackle something of the magnitude such as Angel’s Landing…felt I could have done Subway, but we got to see much more territory this way.

  6. I’m glad you erred on the side of caution with Dirt Man’s injury but it sounds like it all turned out for the best. I’m especially glad that you weren’t the ones that needed to be rescued fromt the Subway. Is the Subway named that because it’s underground?

    • He knows I never listen! I waited until all was well…I think he was embarrassed at the time, but seriously it could have happened to anyone, and am so glad it was not anything more serious.

  7. Suzicate,

    So sorry about Dirt Man’s injury. Hiking can be super painful when the injury is in his calves. Hope he feels better. You certainly got some great shots. I like the one of the “5 mph”. Yikes!

  8. I’m glad Dirt Man is ok. Love the 5 mph sign…was this road one where you could have fallen right off the side if you weren’t careful? Turns are fun, but at some twisties (like along the Blue Ridge Parkway) I’d rather be at home. One miscalculation of that steering wheel and off you go! The rocks you photographed are beautiful.

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