Heading In Until We Got Locked Out!

We left Vegas in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Getting up early was no problem for us as we had not gotten used to Daylight Savings or the three hour time change…we were awake at three am Vegas time every morning! I was really excited to be heading off to Zion. Although I thought I’d seen some really big mountains in Nevada, they no where compared to the magnitude of where we were heading. Even these I’ll be showing on this post are not nearly as large as some we were to encounter on our way.

The first mountains we approached was this, the Virgin River Gorge! I could not believe we were going to be driving through it!  Can you imagine the man power it took to build a road through those mountains? The farther West we headed, the more overwhelmed I became over the sheer maginitude of the mountains. I thought we had mountains on the East Coast, but I tell you they are nothing compared to the West.

This van gives a bit of perspective to the size of the mountains. We made it through the pass to even more majestic scenery.

We pulled over here to stretch our legs a bit. However, as Dirt Man stepped out, he tossed the keys in and accidentally hit the lock button. Yes, he locked us out of our rental car in the middle of some remote place! The next time my husband tells me to buy long underwear because it’s going to be cold where I am going, I will listen! I had on a sweater, but no gloves! Fortunately for both of us, I’ve grown in wisdom and patience through the years. Had this happened early in our married years, I would have blown up and thus ruined the entire vacation. Instead of running off at the mouth, I prayed that God would provide us with the necessary tools or help to get into our vehicle…too bad it was not a GMC with OnStar!

Dirt Man headed down a trail to “look and see if anyone may have left a coat hanger by a camp fire”. Now, how many of you carry coat hangers with you when you camp out? Not me! Lo, and behold, God doth provide! Not a coat hanger, but a strand of rusty barbed wire! It took a couple of pieces as the first one broke…and much ingenuity on behalf of Dirt Man! I must say this man does have mad skills in a crisis! It took about forty-five minutes, but he did get the SUV unlocked! Poor thing for the rest of the trip, every time we got out I asked if he had the keys!

The terrain and landscape is much different from the East, lots of cacti and sage. In fact, the entire area we roamed had an aromatic herbal scent to it…I am guessing that it is from the abundance of sage.

These yellow-leafed trees (I think) are Cottonwood. The leaves shimmer and dance in the sunlight, a truly spectacular sight. I wished I could have captured it in the photos.

All of this happened before ten am. The llama bid us good day, and we were on our way! We had many more adventures that day, but each one deserves it’s own post. We took 1726 pictures throughout the week. It is going to take me a while to sort through and choose about twelve out of each excursion.

31 thoughts on “Heading In Until We Got Locked Out!

  1. Again, great pictures! I would have FREAKED OUT about getting locked out of the car out there in the middle of nowhere! Glad Dirt Man is good with barbed wire lol! I’ve so enjoyed your posts. Welcome home.

    • Iris, I have become much calmer through the years. I knew God would provide a way out…I just hoped soon! And thanks, it’s good to be home, but an awful lot of catching up to do!

  2. Absolutely STUNNING photos, Suzi!

    Holy Cow…they’re gorgeous!

    “I thought we had mountains on the East Coast, but I tell you they are nothing compared to the West.”

    Yes, I know what you mean because while spending a summer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, I was in total AWE of their size and beauty! Driving up them is quite SCARY, let me tell ya!

    Glad to hear Dirt Man was so handy with a piece of barbed wire! Whew!


    • It is a lovely smell! He hung onto the keys after that! The llama was adorable. We saw all kinds of animals throughout our adventures! I have a funny story about turkeys and another about an elk I’ll get to at some point.

  3. Yay you! I know how it is to have grown and be able to just let it go and wait to see how it turns out. YAY!

    Also, I know the feeling of seeing such big mountains and being awed. I live near “moutains”. I have all my life. I can just look out and see them. I really laughed until my stomach hurt when I was in Utah and saw a “real” mountain. The things we call mountains here in the valley are just bunny hills, little slopes in the landscape compared to moutains in Utah. WHOA.

    Glad you had a nice time!

    • You are welcome, Bill. It is beautiful out West…these don’t capture the real beauty, and I won’t get to some of the most spectacular vistas until next week! I’m trying to post a little bit about each site.

  4. I’ve seen some of the east coast mountains and they are beautiful, but the western mountains are so much more rugged. The Rockies are just spectacular, especially in Canada. The Big Horns in Wyoming, the Arap…something (I’ve forgotten the name of that range now) were all incredible. It had been years since I’d been in that part of the country before we took our trip to Minnesota last fall. It’s so much fun to see other parts of this great country – someday I want to get to Virginia too.

  5. Glad it all worked out in the end! Lucky piece of barbed wire …

    I’m always awed by construction marvels like those roads that cut through rock. We drove into Vegas during part of our move to Seattle from Texas, and the construction of the new bridge over the Hoover Dam was in progress, way over our tiny heads. Cool enough to pull over onto the side of the highway just to get out and take a look.

  6. Isn’t the west great? Next time you make it out, I’ll invite you to stop by our place. We live in paradise. I’m so glad you got to Zion. Did you happen to do Angel’s Landing hike while there? I think that’s the name…it might be different, but something like that. Truly spectacular. But the whole place is amazing. And, you’re right, the shimmer of the cottonwoods can’t be caught on film. The aspens are glorious as well.

  7. Zion is one my absolute favorite places. Are you hiking Angel’s Landing or The Narrows? Those were two of my favorite hikes of all time. Have fun out there!

  8. I am glad that dirt man got the car unlocked. Really, that would have sucked on a great vacation like the one you are enjoying. Whew!

    The mountains, the scenery is stunning.

  9. I love this. God is aware of us, and God cares about us – even if a situation might feel small in comparison to other situations. He cares. Thanks for sharing this, Suzi. I needed this reminder today. I really did.

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