Sorry, Elvis Has Left The Building!

These are some random pictures at the hotels here in Vegas. These are not posted in the order I prefer, but my computer has a mind of it’s own…and I’m too tired to argue with it!

The Forums/Caesars Palace

Fountain at The Bellagio

Volcano at The Mirage. This was taken from our room window here at The Mirage.

The Forums/Caesars Palace

The Forums/Caesars Palace

The Forums/Caesars Palace

The Forum/Caesars Palace

The Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory.  Those arcs over the walkway are jet streams of water!

Dirt Man and I roamed around a bit after a conference gathering a few nights ago. We hyave been highly pleased with our stay and the conference here at The Mirage. Of course, as soon as you enter the strip, you have people from every direction smacking their cards at you, trying to sell you “services”! As we entered the Forum Shops at The Bellagio (I think!), we were met by a girl from a cosmetic counter who tried to sell me three different eye and skin creams at $300 each, but she was going to give me a deal at half price each!!!

Then she got a bit peeved because I would not purchase them! There was some type of Marine Event at Casars Palace. The service men were decked in there uniforms and there escorts were in formal gowns. Dirt Man wished several of them a happy early (Maine) birthday. One of the young men was so touched and grateful, it brought a tear to my eye as patriotism always does.

As soon as we had entered Caesars, a gentlemen wanted to “give” us a free gift, but ONLY if we were married…he was offering one of those time share things where they give you a couple of free nights if you’ll listen and they try to force and annoy you enough to purchase a time share! We started avoiding anyone who came near us

Dirt Man thought we NEEDED a pick me up to make it back to our hotel. (We had already consumed as much food and alcohol as we wanted at our event before we left…and let me tell you I have never seen so much food or alcohol for that matter. And these people were not chintzy…they filled the wine glasses to the tippy top; so each glass was really like drinking two!)  Anyway, we decided on gelato at a chocolate shop…delicious but way too much for full tummies to finish!

We’ve eaten at some really good places, enjoyed some great scenery, but have not gambled at all…and we haven’t seen Elvis even once!  But that’s ok, I’d rather not hang out at the strip!

22 thoughts on “Sorry, Elvis Has Left The Building!

  1. ” we were met by a girl from a cosmetic counter who tried to sell me three different eye and skin creams at $300 each, but she was going to give me a deal at half price each!”

    HA! Yeah, that’s how they are in the NYC stores too!

    Loved your photos, Suzi! Caesar’s is where my parents always stayed while they were in Vegas. For me, it will always be my favorite!


  2. makes you want to feign deaf and muteness- just so you can enjoy the scenery without dealing with the stoopid people. I’ve been a few times, but it’s not my favorite place in the world because of those crazies and because of the prices.

    pretty pictures though

  3. While there we walked the strip both at night and during the day too, daytime was much better without as many cards being slapped in front of you. Too many people for me but was happy to have seen it.

    Isn’t that fountain at the Bellagio amazing 🙂

  4. I’ve never been to Vegas!!! What’s up with that?!

    My husband had probably been 2 dozen times – all while younger when there was money to burn!

    Now we are just married and old! 😀

  5. It looks like a great place to take photos! But I’m with you…visit but not live there. I’ve never been to Vegas and think if I ever did go, I’d be disgusted with the obscene way money is just thrown around. But, from a visual perspective…WOW!

  6. Great pictures. I love the Bellagio. I am happy you had such a great time! Las Vegas is interesting and since there are so many things to do so many different people are attracted to it.

    I remember walking down the strip you have to keep you hands in your pockets or better yet under a poncho otherwise those card-hander-outers just stick them in your hands.

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