Ten Reasons Why I’ll Never Make It As A Vegas Girl!

It’s never been a secret that Vegas is not my first choice of places to visit. While I’m sure it offers lots of fun for a visit, I doubt I’d really want to live there. Realize this is all written toungue in cheek, and we are indeed having a fabulous time in “Sin City”.

1. First of all, I do not have the “bod” needed to generate an income in Vegas, nor do I wish to participate in work that requires a “body type”! Even if I was skinny and stacked, I am too much of a  prude to dress provocatively which leads to reason #2.

2. I am so not into tassels and sequins! Oh, I could forget those and do the nudity thing like at the bar pools in the hotels? NOT! Do you have any idea how long it takes for me to find a swimsuit to properly cover all of these body parts without looking hideous?! I looked these up for the fun of it…they charge double the entrance price for men as women. Hmmm, it’s it the extra baggage or is it a statement?!

3. I have no rhythm. So, I guess I can forget the dream (ha!) of being a showgirl! I don’t know if any of them sing, but scratch that from my talent list as well. Basically, I have no talent to make it in Vegas!

4. Besides that, I am not good at sharing personal property…mine, or what I perceive to be mine! At least not in that respect! I believe in intimate monogamous relationships. Nuff said on that subject!

5. Ok, then there is the gambling. Never been into it. I mean I used to play a mean hand of poker, black jack, and hand-held slots games. However, I don’t think this is considered high rolling. Everyone tells me that you’ve got to go to the casinos and check it out. I think I’ve been watching too much CSI.

6. Large city = too many people for my taste. Dang this place is big! I might just get lost! It’s not so much that a city is populated as they are all bunched into one place. I like a interaction with others, but I need a little solitude as well. I suppose I am just a small town girl at heart.

7. It’s a twenty-four hour city. Everything is open all the time. While that is convenient, I still like an established night time. I like to know when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to get up. Dang, I sure am boring!

8. Noise!!!! Where is the peace and quiet? Too much going on to allow reflection. I can’t hear myself think. Not that I have amazingly profound thoughts or anything, but I do like to check in on occasion!

9. Bright lights! Flashing lights! Neon lights! Strobe lights! All these lights do one thing for me…the beginning of a migraine. Lights and noise are the combination that keeps me out of concerts. I love music, but I almost always wind up with a migraine that lasts for days. Often it starts midway through the concert. Told you I am boring!

10. Anything goes…Where are the morals? I like ethics and guidelines. Things I consider unethical, immoral, or illegal seem to go on with ease. Now, this is just according to my television, newspaper, and internet knowledge of Vegas. It is possible I have been misinformed. And we also know that no matter how hard I try to not be judgmental, I still am to a degree.

Now, if I have a change of heart and turn into a dancing, singing, scantily-clad, gambling, nightlife lover, you all will be the first to know!

23 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I’ll Never Make It As A Vegas Girl!

  1. I’ve been to Vegas a number of times on business trips and the first time I went there I was quite honestly horrified – it seemed so tacky, unreal and totally outlandish in a not nice way. Over time Vegas has grown on me, it is unique, I can see why people go to have a good time and there are some amazing shows to see, good restaurants etc.

    But no, definitely not my cup of tea!

  2. I’m not a Vegas girl, either. I went for the first time this year, for a girls trip, and I had a fantastic time (thanks to the people I was with). I loved looking at all of the hotels – talk about over the top. The flooring and carpets alone are entertainment – they are gorgeous!

    But… I feel no need to return. I’d go only if it was another group trip with people I love, but I won’t ever plan a trip there on my own. I don’t do sequins and tassels, either… 🙂

  3. I am with you on most things Vegas except that OMG, I LOVE VEGAS! I could never live there but we have spent many weekends there (before kids) and had a blast every time. I love slot machines…….

  4. Hysterical post, Suzi!

    And faaaaabulous shot of Vegas!

    I lived there for a summer while performing in a musical review, back in the late 70’s. And I’ve gotta tell ya, I enjoyed it immensely, but have never had the urge to return. Mainly, because Im just not a gambler. Loved the shows, though!

    I enjoyed Lake Tahoe so much better.

    Hope you’re having a super day!


  5. Humerous post! For sure, Vegas is not for everyone. I have been three times and I LOVE IT! I did not gamble at all, have no desire to throw money away. But the shows and nightlife and music and lights are fascinating to me. I would never ever want to live there, but it truly is one of my favorite vacation spots. Have you watched the fountain shows at Bellagio? If you haven’t, you must! They are beautiful and entrancing. Also the gondola rides at Venetian are wonderful. Lots of not-so-sinful things to do. Have a great time!

    • Yes, the fountains are beautiful. We can watch the volcano from our room window. We don’t gamble either but are having fun…like the visit, but would not want to live here!

  6. Before I was 24, I went to Vegas about 5 times. I loved it! Bring it on! But something happened and I lost my taste for it. There is honestly nothing about it that appeals to me now, nor has there been for the last 40 years. I find it tawdry. All the glitter and gloss is plastic if you look close. The women are gorgeous with their plastic breasts and false eyelashes and tight costumes. But it’s all a mirage I think. Plus gambling leaves me cold. I love the canals of Venice too much to appreciate the Venetian and I love the real Eiffel Tower and Paris too much to appreciate the plastic substitutes.

  7. Almost 10 years ago my hubby and I went because I wanted to see all of the hotels . . . ya hear so much about them. We stayed a week. Visited all the hotels, rode all the rides, saw a show every night . . . and that was enough to last me a lifetime. But we went back when the week before they closed the Star Trek Experience because we wanted to see it one more time.

    That turned out to be very sad as the actors that worked there had been there for the entire time it was open and they were very sad and emotional. Oh, and I got to see Cher.

    I just learned something interesting about Vegas. I have a friend who is a “promoter”. I asked him what that was about and he said that clubs in Vegas follow an unwritten rule about equal number of gender (I don’t know how they always judge gender, but whatever . . .) he said the only way to guarantee getting in a club is if you have an equal number of men and women. So that is what he does, he hooks up groups of men to women or women to men. They don’t have to stay together just be a group to get in the club. Weird, huh?

  8. I really enjoy visiting Vegas, but I’d never want to live there. I can easily turn into a dancing, singing, not-so-scantily-clad, gambling, nightlife lover for a weekend here and there. I agree that there are temptations in Vegas. Being bad boys and girls almost seem the norm and acceptable. I never fall pray to that. The key is to keep your morals and values in check regardless of the environment, regardless if you are dancing, singing, or playing the Blackjack tables. For those that are easily tempted into bad behavior, stay far far away from Vegas, baby.

  9. The only time we have ever been was for the Daughters wedding, some of the food and sights were new to us but nothing to make us want to return.

    Gambling is not my thing either but the fountains were very impressive.

    Loved the post

  10. I am not big on Vegas, but do on occasion visit. Last year we took our little girl to The Lion King (the musicial) and she absolutely loved it. When we go to Vegas, we don’t gamble, don’t walk the streets, but hit the family swimming pool area and go to some of the family friendly shows.

  11. So I’m a day behind but that’s how it goes. It’s been 100 years since I’ve been in Vegas. And that’s fine with me. It’s one of those places everyone needs to go at least once in their lives so they can say they’ve been there. But I’m so cheap – I played penny or nickle machines because there are things to spend my money on that are a lot more fun!

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