Red Rock Canyon – Part Two

Colorful visual of our walking terrain.

This one is a bit more up close and personal.

These are the pictographs which are painted onto the sandstone and are estimated to be late prehistoric. We were told that this art was only created near water or in sacred places.

These are petroglyphs which is the second type of primative art which is possible thousands of years old. This type is carved into the stone. 

This is a nice shot Dirt Man took of a fellow hiker viewing the panel.

We saw these type of formations (almost like staris or blocks) throughout the hike.

I love this shot of the vivid colors.

This is another slot we climbed. No matter how sore I am, I am so glad I was able to experience the beauty of this first hand.

Part three has some better shots of some of the slots and some cliff hanging!

13 thoughts on “Red Rock Canyon – Part Two

    • Tell Alex I thought about him and wished we had a Navajo guide! We also purchased a CD of flute music to use to make a picture video with our Antelope Canyon pics…we don’t go there until Sat.

  1. All three sets of these pictures are gorgeous! I’m sure it is even prettier in person than in pictures. I’m so proud of you for making that advanced hike! You GO!

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