Jamestown Hike

We drove to Jamestown for our weekend excursion. We started off having lunch on the banks of the lovely James river. Then we toured Historic Jamestowne. (A separate post will follow with that part of our day.) We proceeded to hike Jamestown Island which was a five mile hike. And yes, Wylie went with Dirt Man and me. She had a blast as she got lots of attention from folks touring the historic site and then she loved roaming the river and trails.

Each weekend we get out in nature, the colors are even more gorgeous. The crimson and golds were outstanding this weekend.Though it is probably peak weekend in the mountains, I still don’t think peak weekend will be here for two more weeks. It was a bit chilly with a crisp Autumn bite in the air.

These channels would be great for kayaking! I loved the way you could hear the water gurgling through the reeds. As we crossed the bridge over one of these, we met a car, and Dirt Man tried to guide Wylie to the edge of the bridge. I guess it must have scared her. She lay herslef down on the middle of the bridge and would not move at first….crazy dog!

Notice how this tree is growing out of the dirt clump of an uprooted tree’s root system! Funny how nature is not picky, and uses it’s resourses to the best of it’s abilities…and then offers us glorious colors like this to admire.

I love that burst of gold in the middle of all thoseshades of green! I didn’t take any pictures of the persimmon trees, but they were loaded. We were surrounded by the sweet aroma.

We only saw two deer. Actually I only saw this one. Dirt Man saw another one that took off through the woods as two joggers approached. I am surprised that we didn’t see more.

We saw about four or five men fishing at the point. The man in this picture slipped in right before we left. He only got his legs wet, so not a total loss for him! We met a really nice elderly couple at the historical site. They fell in love with Wylie. Here at the point, we met a genteel older gentleman on a bicyle. As we were leaving, he told us that he was going to holler when he got on the bike, so he could zoom through. Bless his heart, we’d made it off the trail by the time he got up on his bike and took off.

There were many clearings that looked as if they might have once been dwelling sites. I thought this one was really interesting with all of the grape vines. The trail is a car trail that people ride through and pull off to road markers that give a lot of history to the island settlement. Many people also hike, bike, or jog the five mile route.

Along the channels in the wet areas were fields and fields of cat tails. There is a marker that tells about how an 18th century storm washed away the isthmus and changed Jamestown and how they are constantly fighting erosion. This is written on the marker – “…our fort, or James Town, as yet seated in somewhat an unwholesome and sickly air, by reason it is in a marsh ground, low, {and} flat to the river…. William Strachey 1610

Another lovely explosion of gold! Doesn’t gold just make you feel warm and happy all over?!

Here is the lovely sunset we were witness to as we crossed the bridge on our way home.

As the sunset and settled into the clouds, it provided us with a magnificent sky.

32 thoughts on “Jamestown Hike

  1. I love that a new tree sprouted out of a dead one, making use of it so nothing was for naught.

    I also hope that when I’m old, I’ll be able to hop on a bike in the woods and give out a hearty whoop. Awesome.

  2. You are so very lucky to live near so many beautiful hiking spots and interesting places. If I can’t experience them for myself I can at least visit them here at your blog and I do enjoy reading about them.

    • When we’re hiking they all pretty much look alike unless it’s a buck with antlers. I can’t remember if it was this one or one of the ones last weekend that had little antler nubs…not that I could see them, but Dirt Man could when he enlarged the pic! It’s weird how much smaller the deer are here in the marsh areas compared to the ones in the moountains.

  3. Once again, STUNNING photos Suzie!

    “Notice how this tree is growing out of the dirt clump of an uprooted tree’s root system!”

    That one was AMAZING!

    It’s so wonderful to see your photos of the changing leaves because believe it or not, I haven’t seen much of that here yet. We’ve been getting much colder temps the past few days, so maybe the trees will suddenly burst into brilliant color!

    LOVE the shots of the sunset!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Hope you had a great day!

  4. Nature is resilient. I’m always amazed at how growth can happen even in a tiny crack and end up covering an entire city. I’m thinking of ruins being uncovered under all sorts of vegetation.

  5. The cat tails photo and the gold burst are my favorites. And then, I’m always a sucker for wood on the beach. I don’t know what it is, but the image of finding a bare, twisted piece of tree on the sand is always so inviting and mysterious in a way. Love your photos.

  6. Whoa! I was scrolling through loving every picture more than the last. When I got to the end I was just breathless. What lovely pictures of the sunsetting. Wow! Really spectacular!

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