First Landing In The Fall

Remember my first hike? The ten miler that nearly killed me? We decided to go back there this past weekend for another hike through the early Autumn foliage. The leaves were just starting to drift into scarlet and golden hues. It was a beautiful day with a light breeze in the air. This time we hiked different trails and totaled around seven miles. We brought Wylie with us, and she LOVED it.

Those are not rocks or gravel along the shore but oyster shells. This is the result of seeding which is an ecological effort is to restore the Virginia native oyster.

This is just one shot of the lovely colors that intermingled with the evergreens and Spanish moss thorughout the swamp and creek areas.

I thought this looked really cool the way the tree roots appear to be lifting themselves up out of the water. Fact is that the water is eroding the bank area and sand/soil away from the tree root system.

As soon as we walked onto the first trail we could hear that woodpecker going to town. Apparently, he (or his friends) has finished with these trees and moved on. There were a few different areas that we could hear them pecking, although it sounds more like beating a drum. We tried to get a visual, but he was a sly little devil. It was as if he was taunting us. We’d peer out for him and he’d quiet down. As soon as we were about to move on, he’d start banging again.

This is one of the pictures I took of the reflection of the forest in the swamp. The water is almost black (tannic), but when the light hits it a certain way, everything else bounces off the water. It was breathtaking.

Most of the trails are natural which means they are dirt (ground) and softened with pine needles. There are sticks, occasional stones, and lots of roots. There are bridges that cover swamp areas and a few hard surfaces or gravel trails, mostly where bikes are permitted.

After we unloaded our packs, (did I mention that I carried a pack with a gallon of water? Heavy! Have to carry a gallon a day when we are in Utah, plus food, first aid, and supplies!) we ventured out to another short trail just to see where it led. There was a mass Indian gravesite where sixty-four bodies had been re-interred. We read the stone and looked at the site. We walked down the trail but turned around because we weren’t sure where it led. Upon returning, we found out that it was a mock Indian village with a chief lodge, sweat house, and more. The next time we go there, we will be sure to visit that area.

Enchanted swamp? Dirt Man says this effect has something to do with the light filtering and reflecting the sky against the water. I don’t claim to understand what he told me…I just point and shoot my camera, so I beg to differ. Besides, magic and mystery sound much more appealing to me than technical explanations. But that’s the differnce between analytical engineers and creative spirits (I have no title!). Bottom line –  opposites attract!

32 thoughts on “First Landing In The Fall

  1. Lovely post. I too (and my camera) tend to prefer magical mystery over technical explanations… although I’m also interested in the technical side of stuff, I like not to analyze too much, to leave things open.

  2. I am in an opposites attract marriage as well. It makes my life a great deal more full because he brings a perspective to me eyes I simply could not generate on my own. There are plenty of times, however, that I throw up my hands and say, “I think this is one of those times I don’t need the explanation.” Good to know I’m not the only mystery and magic seeker.

  3. I suppose living in California I lack the wonder and beauty of fall foliage. Your pictures are lovely and hiking seven miles is quite impressive. It is so nice that you and your husband have found something so healthful to do together and that we, your followers, get to partake in some small way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. As I was looking at your wonderful photos, I realized how much I yearn to take a trip out of the city into the Pennsylvania countryside, to get my true dose of Autumn. I so love this time of the year, and when you live in a city it seems to fly by without my notice.

    So, note to self: Get out into the country!

    I love when you were sharing about the woodpecker, because I too have heard that sound and you’re right…it does sound like the beating of a drum!

    Thanks for sharing your day, dear lady!

    Enjoyed it!


  5. I would love to have more places like yours nearby to go walking/hiking with the girls. Very nice photos.

    I think your last photo is an excellent picture of the swamp fairies looking out for the critters and creatures that inhabit the swamp.

  6. The landscape with the water reminds of a local trail that we frequent. The Indian history sounds interesting–I think our little crew would be scouring the ground for arrowheads.

    • We love it here. But I am sure you have equally interesting and lovely places where you live. I’ve lived here 28 years and seldom visited any of these places. We’ve just gotten a newfound appreciation for it…and time and energy to explore!

  7. Amazing pictures, the colors are out of this world and a blessing to enjoy, thank you for sharing.

    Have I ever said “The Good Lord paints a pretty picture” 🙂

  8. I think Creative Spirit is a wonderful title and fits you just fine. As for getting lost, you know what Daddy always says… you’re not lost as long as you can find your way back where you came from.

  9. Absolutely love the first two photos! The movement in the first one with the grass and water’s edge is really great. And I’m always a sucker for a good Autumn color shot.

  10. Thank you for the gorgeous photos! My sister was married at Cape Henry’s First Landing Chapel 11 years ago this Friday (the 18th) and these photos brought back so many happy memories. Thank you for sharing them!

    • I live in Va. Beach but have not actually been in that chapel…is it on Fort Story? Will have to make it a point to look it up. We spend a lot of time at First Landing Park.

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