I realize that some of you that read my blog are not into poetry and might be disappointed that I’ve posted quite a bit of it lately. I’ve decided to start a new blog for poetry only. My poetry will now be posted here  My aim is to post a poem a day, but chances are high that it won’t happen. However, things will be back to normal, probably five postings a week here at The Water Witch’s Daughter. This will be the place for essays, philosophical musings, and everyday random thoughts! Thanks for reading. ~SuziCate

30 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. YEA!
    More SuziCate!

    I DO have to admit, overall I’ve never been that into poetry…but some of yours has been making me change my mind a bit! It must have been the stuff that my English teachers MADE us read that turned me off the poetry.

    Thank YOU for turning poetry into a good thing!

  2. I tend to be a very wordy person .. therefore, I am amazed at the craft needed to write poems with meaning.
    I have enjoyed your poems a lot … you are very talented. I may not comment on them very often, because … you basically say it all so well and I run out of ways to say “great poem”
    Congratulations on your new blog … I will visit you there.

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