A Daily Harvest

 Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Harvest

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2:A time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
The true harvest of my life is intangible-a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched.” Henry David Thoreau

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven

My harvest is the fruit of my labors whether it being my role as a wife, mother, or friend. It is the rewards of intentional living. It is a beautiful feeling to me to watch the efforts of having raised my children pay off. Sometimes, it comes in small samples. It might be one of my children helping someone in need, or helping out around the house without being asked. It might comes in the gift of them cooking for me or overhearing them actually say something nice about me to a friend. Or it might come in a simpler form such as a hug. It might come in watching them make a good decision on their own. It comes in little everyday moments that assure me that we’ve all done ok by one another. It resonates in manners, actions, and relationships.

The harvest of a marriage is mutual love and respect. I get back everything I put into it and even more. It is watching dreams come true together. It is knowing that as I am about to stumble, literally or figuratively, there is a hand stronger and larger than mine that is ready to pull me up. It is knowing the needs of another person without being told and having them know yours. It is that quiet presence of a kindred soul in the room with you. It is going to bed together at night and waking up beside one another in the morning. It is that continuity of life and love in a shared space. It is that appendage of your own being.

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.” Meister Eckhart

I find that I often plant seeds of good intention but fail to follow through. I mean I really have great plans to do many things, but never seem to get around to actually doing them. It seems there isn’t enough time. Sometimes it has been things I would like to do or make for other people and haven’t had the time or energy. Other times, it has been things I’d like to do for myself…like write that book that rolling around in my head. I’m really not sure if I am more lazy or just more afraid of failure. Or maybe I am just complacent?  I realize things don’t just happen on their own. If I want things to happen, I must be the catalyst.

In the big scheme of things, much of those things don’t matter. It is the small meaningful things that are important. There are the plans that go into dinners, taking care of the house, and the needs of others that count. The seeds that go into our every day living and our relationships are what matters in the long run. That is the produce that I tend and reap profit. The planting of love, respect, kindness, generosity, and honesty yields the very same produce.

There have been times that I have had obligations that I really did not want to fulfill. I just wanted to spend the time alone. However, most times guilt has gotten my rear in gear. And I must admit that I have seldom been disappointed. I am almost always blessed when I donate my services to others.

“We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest.” Orison Swett Marden

When I do things for other people, I benefit as much if not more than they do. I feel good inside. I feel connected. I know I’ve made a difference. And many times it comes back in other ways. It’s like a chain. You do something, then someone else does, and so on and so on. Eventually, you may be the one being helped. Of course there is also the universal law of what goes around comes around or the tenfold blessing of God. Seriously, don’t you find that when you are doing good in the world, things seem to fall in place for you? I have felt this way at times. And then there are times, that I am selfish and it seems that everything falls apart. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

I do know that making connections and giving of myself out of heartfelt kindness does result in a fruitful life of love and happiness. Even when I am tired or short tempered, I feel better in the end if I have done my share.

Recently, I had a friend call me and ask me if I could sew some things for her classroom. She had cut her hand badly and was unable to finish her student projects before school started. I was more than happy to help her. She was thrilled that I did it. She even brought me Cheesecake Factory cheesecake which I actually passed on to my family. (See, everyone benefits!) Her gratitude made me feel good that I was able to help out. I know she would do the same for me. What I envisioned when I was sewing these cute little over-the-chair desk organizers was the smile on each little tots face as they came in and saw them. Anyway, because of that she referred me to another one of our friends for a paid sewing job. I didn’t accept that assignment, but I was offered the opportunity to make money on the side had I been interested. Sometimes, blessings travel in circles. When we give of ourselves, we can never be certain of the harvest we will reap.

I realize there is so much more that I can and should be doing to help my own community. I am not nearly as active as I used to be. I know I need to make an effort. Lately, I have been more concerned with helping someone I know. Time is short, and there are times and circumstances that call for us to focus on those that we love rather than strangers. When the time is right, I will get back out there and do my share. For now, I will plant my seeds closer to my heart and as the harvest comes in, I intend to enjoy each and every moment of happiness.

35 thoughts on “A Daily Harvest

  1. wow, what a harvest of seeds of everything,

    trust God, if you loved, you will be loved back…
    one way or another, things will work out.

    keep shining.


  2. Thanks for challenging me to apply this to my own life Suzicate.

    Now that I think about it, I am guilty of celebrating all the planted seeds and forgetting to follow through with many of them so that they can grow.

    • It is a challenge. I used to be involved in so many helpful groups through church and scouting. I haven’t at all been doing what I am able. But I am also helping one elderly person in particular, so I tell myself that is where I am needed at this time…still, that might just be myself giving excuses why I am not more involved in community. I miss the days of being involved, and yet at the same time, I am enjoying having this freedom…and still I think we are all called to do more. Maybe, I just need to put on my listening ears!

  3. Oh, this is something I need to work on. I feel successful as a parent and a spouse. But as my job as a parent starts to wane a little bit in the coming years I need to sow my seeds (and tend them) elsewhere in my life.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  4. My community involvement has been lessened as well. When the kids graduated, I just wasn’t out there as much volunteering so the opportunities were not presenting themselves.

    As far as the little things we give to our own children…my daughter texted me out of the blue today and said, “Thank you for teaching me to read”, and then a smiley face. I certainly never expected recognition for that, but wow, it was very nice to see she appreciates the time we spent together reading.

  5. “It is watching dreams come true together. It is knowing that as I am about to stumble, literally or figuratively, there is a hand stronger and larger than mine that is ready to pull me up.”

    That is seriously one of the most beautiful, eloquent, sweetest descriptions I have read about marriage.

  6. So much of this post spoke to me. I am also guilty of wanting to do more and having plans in my head, but unable to execute my mission. Is it failure or laziness or discipline that prevents me from taking the necessary steps? I don’t know. But you have given me inspiration to question, take stock and do something about it. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. A most thought provoking take on harvest. I whole heartedly agree with what you have said here, but its nice sometimes to have the reminders of how important it is to plant these seeds. Reminders of the wonderful bounty that can be harvest from such small tasks bestowed by our generosity.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  8. An absolutely breathtaking post, Suzi!

    There is so much you have shared here that we ALL need to be reminded of throughout our lives.

    “The true harvest of my life is intangible-a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched.” Henry David Thoreau.”

    OMG, I LOVE that!

    ” For now, I will plant my seeds closer to my heart and as the harvest comes in, I intend to enjoy each and every moment of happiness.”


    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


  9. It amazes me how much we are alike. I also have many projects that get started but takes me forever to finish. I love that you are such a caring and compassionate person, even if your efforts have been close to home. I also have been doing my good deeds for those closest to me lately.

  10. I am a little behind on reading, but this one I read when you posted it, but I was rushed and wanted to come back. Late to the party, but here.

    I find that for me time is limited so I have to decide sometimes between community or family and because I am not perfect I always feel that I need to do more for my family. So I don’t do a lot for the community. But . . . maybe, by doing things for my family and working to keep family happy and household running somewhat smooth it ripples out.

    This is a wonderful post, as your post are, but this one is a seed in itself that has been sowed.

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