Trading In The Seven Sins

Can we not see ourselves as we are?

Must we compare with one another?

We are selfish and vain,

competing to be first,

to see what we may gain.

If we can just take a stand

and stomp this thing called pride,

maybe we can learn to live humbly.


If we can learn to live without expectations,

if we can learn to love without conditions,

if we can stop wanting more than our fair share,

if we can stop worrying about who has more,

and stop greed in it’s place,

if we can put aside differences and just care;

maybe we will posses hearts of generosity.


The green eyed monster lives today.

He lives in the hearts of many.

If we can be happy for the success of all,

and walk away from envy and resentment,

if we can just open our hearts;

love will heal us all


Why must we be so quick to anger?

So willing to lash out at others?

If we could only curb the appetite of wrath

and deal with a tender approach,

if we will treat others with compassion,

kindness, patience, and gentleness;

we will live in a state of grace.



If we can separate our wants and needs

and control desires that burn within,

we can stop coveting what is not ours

and be satisfied with what we have.

When we learn to suffocate the lust,

and look deep within our very souls

we will find that we are worthwhile.


If we can learn to balance life’s pleasures

and stop doing it all in excess,

We will learn that less is more.

When we replace gluttony with temperance,

we will be satisfied, at peace.


If we are unwilling to work for what we have,

we are undeserving of life’s greatest rewards.

When the world lets go of apathy,

we can begin to live with passion.

Because to not care, to not stand for anything

is truly no way to live.

When we trade sloth for zeal,

we are on our way to a beautiful world.

Theme is “The Seven Sins”.

41 thoughts on “Trading In The Seven Sins

  1. I am glad you post this one. It is deep but a very good poem, and must have been meant for posting. Isn’t it amazing how God uses us to say what He wants others to read. Nicely said and done my friend. Hugs Viola

  2. Well written indeed! Some careful and well put forward comments on the Sins here.
    But maybe if we lived so perfectly we would end up not being human! Our imperfections are our individuality.

  3. Very Deep SC, The one I keep thinking of was the line “and stomp this thing called pride” so many have a problem here and you addressed it well.

    Good Work my Friend 🙂

  4. Soo heavy and tought provoking. Gluttony..most folks don’t think about that being for other things than just food. Excess has become such the norm and most folks don’t realize they are living in excess. Great poem!!!

  5. This is such a powerful strong poem you have written Suzi…very thought provoking…perfect for potluck…thanks for linking as always my dear friend, appreciate your contribution so much oxoxox

  6. learning to control all those sins is a lifetime of work….progress is slower in some than others….
    great piece on the prompt …blessings….bkm

  7. Certainly cause for reflection and a level of conviction. Timely reminder as often we engage in each of these, I think, without even recognizing it. The disconnect often present between even the closest of people often means we are not held to account.

    Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing
    Miss Lou

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