Keep That Reservation

KPC Prompt is “Cancelling An Important Event”

Are you on an active journey or are you merely existing? Are you fully engaged inside and out? Or have you cancelled the big event? You know that thing called life. Life is a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual existence. Life consists of many paths that eventually diverge to one road.

Are you on a one-way street called “Me“? Do you make time for others? Do you even have opinions about the world around you? If you do, are you doing your part to make the world a better place? Or are you one of those people that thinks the world is only here for your enjoyment?

Do you make conscious choices? Are you led by your head or your heart? That has always been a difficult choice for many people. Too much of either one can make you totally miss out on what might be the most spectacular event in your life. I think conscious decision making involving the fine art of balancing the heart and head leads to fulfilled living.

Are you disengaged from those around you? Do you take time out for family, friends, and community? Do you help your neighbors? Are you a giver or a taker? It takes integration of both giving and taking to be blessed and be a blessing to others.

Are you bogged down by regrets? Or are you living in the past? Are you so busy planning for the future that you are forgetting to enjoy this very moment? We have no control of our past, but we do have opportunities for the future. Being stifled by regrets limits our ability to find happiness in today. You have to come to peace with the past to let it go and move on. It is always good to plan for the future, but if you spend too much time doing it, you miss the glory of the moment. Again, the art of balance living falls in place.

Do you know who you are and what you believe in? Do you take a stand for your beliefs? If you have no opinions or are apathetic, then you stand for nothing. It is better to stand for something than nothing at all. That’s where passion lives. That mighty spark of life builds bridges of caring which unites the world.

Do you have a higher connection or are you your own source of strength? Do you rely on strength from a source of truth and respect? Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, they are much a part of a poised existence. With a calm composition we are able to approach life ardently and gracefully.

I don’t have the answers. I don’t know which way is right or wrong. What I do know is that one needs a rich inner life and a connection to the outside world in order to live a happy and healthy balanced life. Don’t let life pass you by. So, don’t cancel the big event. Keep that reservation and make your life the most worthwhile event you can.

29 thoughts on “Keep That Reservation

  1. Well your posts are always thought provoking but this one is really hitting all the buttons. I think you are absolutely right, you need connections, but the extent to which you need them varies from person to person. For me less is more and yet I know I could and should do more than I do.

  2. smiles. lik eyour spproach to this and i agree with your summation as well…without those it becomes all about us…and merely existing..and we were created for so much more than that…

  3. Ooooo…I love this post Suzi, because it touches on SO MUCH good stuff. I could answer yes and no to so many of these things. This is one of those posts that I can come back to over and over again and reread as reminders.

    “I think conscious decision making involving the fine art of balancing the heart and head leads to fulfilled living.”


    Thanks for sharing, dear lady!


  4. Yes, lots to think about! Lots to remind ourselves of every day we live. Sometimes I feel so caught in the details of life, that bigger picture is lost. Yet without constantly asking these most important questions, it’s all too easy to get far off the path of what we would most want for ourselves if we could look at it from above. Thanks for keeping these so fresh for us!

  5. I think I want to come back to this and read it over and over Suzi…you somehow know the core of my soul on so many levels, it’s quite an eye opener…I send you love and peace my friend…wish you lived closer 🙂 xxxxx

  6. Such heavy questions. I probably fail to be all i can be body and soul, but it ain’t from a lack of trying! Every year brings just a little more clarity than the previous.

  7. I have a friend who is 92 and she is very involved in the world. I find that so amazing. She works at the Library 10 hours a week. She reads to young children. She’s a painter and a textile artist. She makes all her own greeting cards. She uses the computer. She can discuss the plight of miners in Chile and Lindsay Lohan’s rehab. She is a liberal and votes! She’s really everything I would love to be!

    • Awesome to still be engaged in the world around you at 92. That is an inspiration! I have a friend like that at 98, though she can’t get out to volunteer as she doesn’t dirve, can hardly see…however, she keeps up with her news via newspaper with a magnifying glass and television.

  8. Not sure where I could categorize myself on this one but I often do feel like life is passing me by with the special diets and schedules and time outs and blah blah blah. But every so often, we have a great day and it makes it worth it.

    • I’m sure it gets frustrating, but you are a VERY GOOD mother, and you’re building wonderful memories…and after the children grow up, there’s lots of time. I have tremendous respect for all you do for your children.

  9. I have ruminated over the exact same things. I’ve known so many people who go through life in a coma… they are awake, yes, but completely detached and unaware. They run on Autopilot and never get to really ENJOY life. Great post!!!

  10. “One needs a rich inner life and a connection to the outside world in order to live a happy and healthy balanced life.” So very true.

    We’re about to hit that season where the outside world gets a little crazy about connecting (holidays). Wouldn’t it be nice if all that togetherness could be spread around a little more evenly? I find it’s easier to savor then. It goes in cycles — for me, in the first half of the year, I recover from the previous year’s second half!

  11. Your questions are ones that most people don’t want to reflect on because it forces them to confront ugly truths. But this type of self reflection is the most important because it may propel one to change. Thanks for these reminders.

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