Behind The Curtain

Imagine peeling back

The layers of you and me

Beneath designer clothes and pasty smiles

Hide hearts that beat the same

With worry, love, and shame

And psyches that cry below garbage piles

Only wanting others to see

All is not white or black


Imagine peeling back

And going back through the years

But taking with us wisdom we have applied

Would we make the same choices?

Would we be denied our voices?

Would there be less tears we have cried?

Would we still lurk behind fears

Of all that we lack?


Imagine peeling back

And being who we really are

With smiles that come from the inside out

Wearing hearts upon a sleeve

No inner child left to grieve

No judgments or decisions that leave doubt

Because each individual card

Is essential to the pack

Prompt is “envision”

27 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain

  1. SuziCate you always write lovely poetry but this for me is in a very different class altogether, I absolutely loved it. Worthy of entry to a poetry writing competition in my humble view.

    • Yeah, the only way I’d want to go back in time is if I can take what I know now with me! But then if I did, I’d probably make different choices and wouldn’t be where I am, so I’m content.

  2. Oh, Suzi……the image and title you’ve chosen for this poem is just perfect.

    I love this piece because it truly shows that our lives happen as they are meant to happen, therefore all the choices we make are meant to be.

    “No judgments or decisions that leave doubt

    Because each individual card

    Is essential to the pack”

    Yes, each individual card is essential to the pack.


    Thanks for sharing, dear lady! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thanks, Ron. The picture was part of the prompt…it’s a challenging poem exercise. It’s one word and a picture and you write a poem from there. It’s kind of cool to just let the words fly and see where they land!

    • Jingle, it’s the first time I’ve used a prompt. I found a couple of different sites with them, and am thinking of using them to strengthen my poetry skills. I’d like to use some past prompts and try to do a poem a day, maybe have a second blog for poetry…not sure if I can manage that kind of time, but I’d really like to work on my poetry. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks.

      • love the idea,
        you shall have a poetry blog,
        write a poem related to a prompt each day,
        after a year,

        365 poems, that’s a book…
        way to go!

  3. Looking back, looking underneath, looking deep within … seems many of us are searching for visions of truth and wisdom this Fall … I know I am. There are many layers of life I would love to pull back to find out what is beneath.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem filled with much wisdom.

  4. Very lovely, one of my favorites of yours, SuziCate. Jut beautiful with the peeling back imagery in your words — and amazing photo.

    They say we are always exactly where we need to be on our journey, so I’m not sure if I’d go back, as I realize better doors are opening always to rooms and lands we are responsible for creating. What a wonderful world!

    And a wonderful poet you are!


  5. I love the idea of peeling back. The last stanza hit home for me – the idea of not living with any regret because we are willing to champion our authentic self at all times. Bravo Suzicate!

  6. Imagine what this kind of honesty would do to nurture our relationships and humanity. A beautiful thought with words I couldn’t match! Love the accompanying graphic as well.

  7. I have often wished I could peel back my layers to let people see who I am on the inside rather than the mask I find myself often wearing. But it’s hard because letting people peel back your layers opens yourself up to the possibility of getting hurt. Love this!

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