Waters Of Life

Water. We drink it. We cook with it. We bathe in it. We play in it. We can’t live without it. Water is essential to life.

Water is Flexible, yet forceful; gentle, yet strong. Man has tried to tame it and own it; but ultimately water does not answer to mankind.

Man can pipe it in, damn it up, and reroute it. Man can douse for it and even bottle it, but he can not control it; he only thinks he can.

Water can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Many search for the fountain of youth…I am happy with the fountain of life. Could water possibly be considered our oldest natural resource?

The creeks run into rivers and the rivers into the sea. Every little trickle is a part of the big scheme of things. Much bigger than we’ll ever comprehend.

Water is said to be the stream of life. I will quench my thirst with living water until my cup runneth over!

this is my “collage” Spin for Sprite’s Keeper.

27 thoughts on “Waters Of Life

  1. Lovely photos & lovely thoughts. Always. Water is restorative. A fountain, a waterfall, the surf of the ocean, the trickle of a stream, the roar of a river – invigorating, soothing. It makes my heart sing.

  2. Since I was little, I have always been mesmerized by water. The way the sunlight hits it and it looks like stars from the sky have fallen into it.

    I can remember , one of my sweetest memories of my babies, was when my then 9 month old son would try to catch and hold water in his hands from the faucet. He’d get so frustrated that he couldn’t pick it up…it was wonderful! Just like these pictures here.

  3. Nature never ceases to mesmerise me. Water is so beautiful, so useful and certainly an essence of life.

    i love to watch water drops, esp falling from somewhere. the individual drops specially.

  4. “Water is said to be the stream of life. I will quench my thirst with living water until my cup runneth over!”

    Yup…I love water! In fact, it’s my favorite element. It’s my favorite thing to drink, too! Water to me, is so cleansing and healing.

    Lovely post. Suzi!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear lady!


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