From The Inside Looking Out

We often live our lives from the inside looking out. We look out at that great big world, and we’re afraid to take a step outside. We are overwhlemed with the possiblities. We internalize all that surrounds us without ever leaving our saftey zone. Sometimes, we are just too comfortable to risk any upsets. We like life exactly as it is. We do not welcome change. For an outsider looking in, the view can be just as daunting.

It is good to explore our inner workings and discover ourselves. Sometimes, we become so absorbed in ourselves that we fail to acknowledge those around us. Sometimes, the climb out of ourselves is too steep and strenuous for us to bother. It seems impossible to reach the outside. Sometimes, we are more concerned about being accepted by the world.

We might be on the inside looking out because we live our lives emotionally before we live physically. Sometimes, that can prevent the consequences of not thinking things through before hand. Other times, it can be a detriment because we over scrutinize without actually experiencing first hand. Sometimes, the art of balancing our hearts and heads helps us live inside and out.

There are times we paddle as hard as we can to avoid the wave because we don’t know we have the skill to ride it out or dive through it without being taken under. Sometimes, we find that holding our heads above water isn’t nearly as difficult as we’d anticipated. And sometimes, catching that wave is just the beginning of a whole new way of life.

Sometimes, when we are on the inside looking out things appears distorted and are not at all as they seem. It’s similar to thinking the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. As we peer out and wish we were a part of whatever is out there, there is always someone sneaking a peak in and wishing they could trade places. And while we may be fearing that step outside, there is someone else afraid to take a look inside. And sometimes, it really is just a matter of perception.

We think we know what is waiting outside for us. We fear much that isn’t there at all. Sometimes, once we step out and look back inside we find that we weren’t actually where we thought we were in the first place. Taking that first step can change the view forever. 

Sometimes, we are so self sufficient that we have all we think we need right inside us. And sometimes we really do. We are content; reluctant to join. However, if we don’t reach out to people and life, we might just get passed by. Instead of taking the outside inside with us, sometimes, we just need to give what is inside back to the outside.

A Segment of Sometimes Series.

32 thoughts on “From The Inside Looking Out

  1. Thank you for this much needed message. Today of all days is felt particularly nurturing. I’m not yet sure if it is because I have stepped out or because I am locked inside….I’m waiting for my perspective to clear. But these words are ringing true, true, true to my fearful and ready-to-be-liberated heart.

    Wonderful view!

    • I have been locked inside and with each step outside it is both fearful and liberating. However, I think it has been that I was inside that I am enjoying the outside with a newfound appreciation. Make sense?

  2. I’m not sure which I loved best. The photographic journey or the introspective narrative to accompany it.

    Great message.
    Great post.

    But you;ve heard that som many times that I’m afraid it’s becoming redundant! 🙂

    Btw….absolutely LOVE the second photograph!

  3. I enjoyed your message today Suzicate. I hope it resonates with me.

    The idea brought back a memory of when the we traveled to Hawaii for one of her sister’s wedding. On the Road to Hana, we stopped off at some of the beaches along the way and encountered an opening to what looked like a cave. If you just stuck your head in you couldn’t see anything. Being young and adventurous, I crept inside, rounded a corner and there was a fantastic view of waves crashing underneath large rocks.

    I never would have seen the magnificent sight had I not taken a step out of my comfort zone.

  4. “There are times we paddle as hard as we can to avoid the wave because we don’t know we have the skill to ride it out or dive through it without being taken under.”

    Amen to that. Anyway, very creative post with fabulous photos, Suzicate. You’re so wise. I hope you know that. You’re like…Suzicateguru. XD

  5. Nice thoughts on this subject. Love the wave photo. I like to think that I experience life emotionally and physically at the same time. Sometimes I proceed with caution, but sometimes not. Like the “OMG” when reaching the peak on the roller coaster track. Too late to turn back, so here we goooooooo……!

  6. Oh, I just love when you share these pictorial narratives, Suzi! The photos and words you combined are always so spot on!

    I so agree with and believe in everything you said here.

    And you summed it up perfectly….

    “if we don’t reach out to people and life, we might just get passed by. Instead of taking the outside inside with us, sometimes, we just need to give what is inside back to the outside.”

    So true!

    Thanks for sharing this, dear lady!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  7. What a beautiful and insightful post, Suzicate. “We internalize all that is around us without ever leaving our safety zone” is so true… I know a few people like that who would rather things remain the same (no matter how bad things are) than risk change. And I love those pictures!

  8. I love the second picture. An yes, we need to go outside and look, go into another’s head and look, turn upside down on the bars and look- in the end it is healthier and more fulfilling

  9. I love all the photos, but my favorite is the wave. How magical!

    Your message is so eloquent and so true. We cannot live entirely inside or outside – we have to have time in both places. Inside for renewal, outside for invigorating.

  10. Thank you for posting this, I had to read this today!! Your pics are just so perfect for this message Suzi…you truly are so inspiring and talented…I always look forward to coming here. Have a great weekend my friend xxx

  11. My goodness — your pictures and words get more stunning with each post, Suzicate.

    As to you rmention of fear — fear is such a sneaky thing, an illusion we let ourselves think is real. I am so much better at recognizing it for the falsity it is, my life has never been richer because of me realizing that. Perception really IS all.


  12. Great post and great photos. I of course agree with everything you have said here. It is all about perspective and climbing in and outside of ourselves depending on what is happening in our lives. I think the ability to do this is what gives us strength and security. That is what I have always envied about turtles and snails and clams etc. They can recede inside their shells when they feel threatened or scared and come out when they want rejoin the world. I suppose we all have the ability to do this.

  13. I really love Dirt Man’s wave picture. That is cool.

    And I also love “SuziCateguru”! Too funny. So it would be SCG instead of just SC.

    I love when you tie things together like this. I never would have thought of this! Beautiful!

  14. Yet another beautiful SuziCate post. Our own perceptions can offer so much diversity and excitment in life, and at the same time, they can limit us severely. Love the photos and the copy.

  15. The picture of the surf/wave is one of my favorites from you. Awesome and the gravity of your accompanying words are a wonderful reminder. It is about taking that first step, but it is so hard sometimes that we keep looking at the view, afraid to move forward.

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