Laughter, An Explosion Of Smiles

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. ~Arnold Glasow

Laughter really is the best medicine. I can have a really crummy day, and then share a laugh over some silly anecdote and magically all is well with my world.

I not only come from a family of jokers, but I live in a house of them as well. Needless to say, I usually don’t have to go far for laughter. I can be working on my computer and listen to one of my children or my husband cracking up over something on the television or on their own computers. It is music to my ears. It is satisfying to hear happiness from the people I love the most in this world.

I regret to say that I am not nearly as funny as some of my family members. While I can be quite silly at times, I’m not usually as quick with comebacks. However, when my siblings and I get together, we usually toss them right and left. I am usually the one that gets smacked down and comes back with a retort a little too late! I am also the one who sometimes gets the joke a bit later. But hey, at least I get it eventually!

At any rate, the best thing in the world is having someone who gets you, and your quirky sense of humor. My kids might think I’m off the wall at times but they know exactly what I’m talking about. And Dirt Man, let’s say we absolutely share the same sense of humor. Sometimes, things tickle us that don’t tickle the average person.

One of the best things in the world is having a great friend and sister who does get your sense of humor, even if it is because hers is just as warped! Peggy and I usually call each other or send texts of the stupid things we do because we know the other will get a kick out of it. The average person might find us a tad bit odd, but we relate because it’s usually something the other one would or could have been guilty of as well! I was talking to her last night while I was walking the dog, and said, “Excuse me a second here. I just fell in a ditch.” She was dying laughing while I was stepping out and continuing the conversation as if nothing had happened. Then later I realized a foot in mouth moment I’d had earlier in the day, so I absolutely had to call her back to let her get a good laugh at my expense. I mean after all, she’d do it for me.

Peg and I cracking ourselves up trying to pose for a picture.

An example of Peg and my silliness is when she sent me a text with a photo of herself missing her front tooth(crown). We texted back and forth for hours while she was in the dental chair. I teased her that I’d placed her picture on Facebook and opened a contest offering a prize for whoever could guess which of my three sisters it was! Of course, I never did this, but I sure had fun ribbing her. I wish I was as quick witted as she is. She totally cracks me up. I am guaranteed to feel better if I call her.

Sometimes, my laughter is most inappropriate. Have you ever gotten the giggles during a lecture, sermon, or even a funeral? Or worse, have you laughed when a loved one got hurt? I think I’ve done all of those things. There was a time at  a funeral or some sort of service that my friend’s bra fell off. Seriously, it was strapless and snapped in the front. It popped and fell at her feet while standing to sing a hymn. She scooped it up with one foot and slipped it in her purse.


There was an episode in my house that should by all means pin me as the absolute worst mother in the entire world. When my youngest son was about ten, he stepped off the bottom step into the den and stepped onto a Ninja Turtle magazine. It was slow motion, one leg in the air, the other firmly planted on Donatello, both arms outstretched and flying across the den, landing into and halfway underneath the sofa. I swear it was so comical, I could not help myself. I was trying so hard to stifle the image of him sailing across the room AND my giggles to see if he was ok. He had hurt his shin, and was crying. I think he was crying equally from physical pain and emotional distress that his mother could actually humiliate him like that.

Then, there was the time that my husband rode his bike to pick up some videos. (Remember the old VHS tapes?) When he got home, he walked in carrying a blown out flip flop, damaged video cases…not to mention his pride and he was scraped up and bloody. As he was telling me how his flip flop blew out and he went flying over the handlebars and nearly killed himself, I doubled over in laughter envisioning the flip flop flying one way, the tapes the other way and him flying through the air. And then there was the time, he broke his ankle showing off with the kids while playing basketball…yes, I am the idiotic wife who could not stop laughing. What the heck is wrong with me?!

I love laughing. I even love laughing until my side hurts. However, I do not enjoy laughing so hard I pee myself…not that it has ever happened to me. Or that I’ve ever laughed so hard I snorted, farted, or coughed my tea through my nose. No, I’ve NEVER done any of those things, HA! I would end this post with a joke, but I’d probably forget or mess up the punch line and you’d be shaking your head. So anyway, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter. And most of all, I hope that if any of your friends or family members get hurt, that you can control your laughter.

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish Proverb

25 thoughts on “Laughter, An Explosion Of Smiles

  1. Ah yes, I am not very good at containing my laughter, especially when Sprite pulls one over on John while he’s trying to discipline her.
    Great Spin, I laughed out just READING, “I fell into a ditch”!
    You’re linked!

  2. “What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~Yiddish Proverb”

    Love that, Suzi!

    OMG, laughter to me is the most powerful healing medicine in the world. Even in situations when I’m acting all serious or angry about something, I will suddenly burst out into laughter, which in turn allows me to see the humor in the situation, which in turn allows me not to take myself so seriously, which in turn allows me to forget about what I was angry about – HA!

    Love, love, love the photo of you and Peg! What a great capture! And as I looked at Peg’s laptop, I realized it was the EXACT model I was going to purchase. I believe its an HP? I did get an HP, just a different one. Yaaaaay, HP!

    Thanks for sharing the laughter, dear lady!


  3. I’ve had those moments – like the time I turned a corner too sharply in my golf cart and my husband went flying out. But wait, that might end up in my laughter blog!

  4. LOL- laughing at my mom’s comment about Dad flying out of the golf cart- I can just picture it! Now I had my laugh for the day.

    No partner of mine has ever fully figured out or shared my sense of humor. But my brother does, and my mother is pretty close. Bro and I together guarentee I’ll be cracking up for weeks.

    good post- brought me fond memories

  5. Great post!

    I once saw a man pass away at a mall and everyone was saying, “Oh, I hope he was okay.” However, once I explained to him that I heard the paramedics say that they lost him and that they don’t normally over the face of a living person, it got really somber. I thought my mom was going to break down and cry.

    Once we got to the car, “Another One Bites The Dust” came on the radio and she laughed fore the entirety of the car ride back.

  6. There is no bad time for laughter as long as you’re the one laughing. You can quote me on that… unless I only think I came up with it.

    If not, quote whoever said it first.

  7. I laugh at inappropriate times, too. Not on purpose. It just happens! (And, just so you know, I would’ve probably started laughing if my friend’s bra came undone at a funeral, too.)

    Humor is one of the most wonderful things that we have in life. Without it, I can’t imagine the world. I don’t want to.


  8. I thought I was the only one who laughed at inappropriate times. I tend to have a very dark and twisted sense of humor, though, like you, I’m not that quick with comebacks. Yeah, I usually get the smackdown too.

    @Posky, that’s hilarious!

  9. I love to laugh, too. I really believe it keeps you young.

    For me, one of the most important traits in a spouse is the ability for s/he to make you laugh and to see the humor in things. But it does help when both of you have the same sense of humor (otherwise that could lead to hurt feelings). But life is not always easy so it is good to be able to laugh.

    The bra story was great. But I can’t believe you laughed at Dirt Man after seeing that bike!

  10. I laugh, too, when a family member has a minor accident. The looks on their faces, the struggle to prevent the invitable fall – it’s all funny.
    My husband and oldest have a more corny sense of humor and I laugh at them because I really don’t know why certain things are so funny to them
    It doesn’t matter, does it?
    I agree with you that laughter is the best medicine!
    Thanks for all the laughs in this post. I’m still having the visions as I write and I’m still smiling.:)

  11. He who laughs last, thinks slowest but that’s OK at least you are laughing even if everyone else has already stopped 🙂

    Loved this post Suzi and Dirtmans bike looks like the result of me saying something like “Hey Yall Watch This”

  12. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! Yes, I also laugh at the MOST inappropriate times! I can’t help myself. I am a very visual person and so the littlest things strike me as being hilarious (like visualizing the bra falling off, and then the flip-flop blowout had me rolling!) and the average person thinks I am nuts. I have laughed so hard I’ve thrown up before!! (My brother and I are like you and your friend Peggy… we laugh over the silliest things that make other people wonder if we’re insane!)

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