Over The River And Through The Woods…

Since we biked eighteen miles on Saturday, we opted for a more low-key hike on Sunday. Besides, we like to hike at least one day so the canine love of our lives can lead us astray. She absolutely loves hiking with us and is a sheer joy to take along. She usually charges ahead, nose to the ground and tail in the air. She goes full speed. After each hike, she sprawls out on the living room floor and snores all night!

The destination of this week’s hike was Northwest River Park. This is a 763 acre park located in Chesapeake, Virginia.  This park overflows with natural beauty and offers quite a bit of recreation from camping and fishing to about seven miles of hiking and equestrian trails. The park is a multiple time winner of “Best of Chesapeake”.

The picnic area is located on the scenic riverfront where people fish and boat.

Wylie could not read the “No Swimming” signs as they were not written in “dog”! After a nice dig to cool off, she was ready to continue.

This particular tree was hollowed out. We’re not sure if it was hit by lightening which seperated a section of the tree or if a big wind shook it a part. The picture only shows one section toward the top where the sun is shining through. From bottom to top, that section pulls apart then grows  together for the entire seam. It was interesting that the tree was still thriving.

This is the hollow section that Wylie (the dog) stuck her head in. Something must have been inside and frightened her because she backed out with tremendous speed! We heard something scamper, but did not see anything. Dirt Man has a knack for nature calling. He can immitate almost any bird or animal. Through one entire trail, he had an ongoing call with an owl. The owl would hoot out his call and Dirt Man would retort. At first the owl would wait a bit, then his answers came more quickly. Not sure if he (or she) was courting Dirt Man or if it was another human thinking he was conversing with an owl! At any rate, I was amused.

There are very few trees that I can identify. Dirt Man can identify almost every one and give Latin names and various facts. This tree with the purple berries stumped him. The pretty purple caught my eye. Does anyone know what this tree is or care to venture a guess?

Most of the trails are wooded areas. I like natural trails filled with leaves, sticks, and roots that trip you if you don’t watch your footing. A few of the trails run along the river. We came upon two bridges that were closed for repairs and had to turn back on those trails.

This is a really awesome bridge. The totems give it character.

Here’s a closer view of one of the totems. We hiked 5.4 miles of the seven miles available. Because we had the dog with us, we didn’t hike any of the equestrian trails. We would have liked Wylie to meet a horse, but we didn’t want to take a chance of her spooking it.


These signs were at the beginning of each trail. They cracked me up…like we would purposely leave ticks on us if we found them! Fortunately for me, I did not get any. Dirt Man found one on his leg, and Wylie got one on her paw. There were spider webs EVERYWHERE. A post with pictures of the webs will be forthcoming. I don’t care for spiders, but they are amazing artists!

I liked how these trails meandered from the woods to riverside and back. The scenery was lovely with the leaves just starting to turn into the orange and golden hues. Many had fallen and softened a bed upon the earthen floor. The atmosphere was tranquil. As always, I am happy to find a natural oasis tucked away in the city.

23 thoughts on “Over The River And Through The Woods…

  1. OH MY STARS! What beautiful pictures. The ones of the water are absolutely stunning. To me they really look like the water is wet . . . . I know that sounds wrong . . . but I mean it is as if I could touch my monitor and my hand would get wet. (That is what I mean.)

    I keep looking at them. They are amazing.

  2. You have the most gorgeous areas for hiking. The photos are great, and I did really enjoy the hike. Although I must admit I was very happy when Wylie wanted to stop for a cooling swim, because I was ready for a little breather too.

    The purple berries look like Beautyberries, but I’m not sure if the Beautyberry is a tree. I can’t remember their latin name. Google is wonderful! Callicarpa Americana – it’s a shrub, but it sure looks like your photo. Go here http://www.briartech.com/fall/beaut/berry.htm

  3. Dang! I thought you taught Wylie to read! LOL She is so cute! What a lovely hiking trail. I bet it was gorgeous in person. I find that no matter how pretty pictures are, they don’t do justice to the real thing.

  4. Ticks freak me out. I am terrified of getting a tick. Every time I go hiking, I have to search high and low to make sure I am not carrying one. Ew.

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