If You’re Already Home There’s No Need To Click Three Times

Charlotte, my goddaughter loves “The Wizard of Oz”. I also loved it as a child. With today’s inventions (dvd player) she can watch it over and over. When I was little I had to wait until that one time it came on every year. Remember “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” also came on once a year? So of course, Charlotte owns a pair of ruby slippers. Oh, and these are not her first pair. Nor are there her only pair. I guess they are as basic to her wardrobe as maybe various Mary Jane Keens are to mine. And yes, I have a pair of ruby (actually called beet red!) ones!

In the original book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, L. Frank Baum had Dorothy wear silver shoes not ruby red ones. They were changed in the movie to take advantage of the new Technicolor film process. I really don’t think the silver shoes thing would have grown into nearly as big of a deal as ruby slippers. I mean even saying ruby slippers just flows off the tongue and conjures lovely images. And to just imagine that Dorothy only needed to click her heels three times and repeat “There’s no place like home. ” Hmmm…maybe I should try that with my red Keens.

When ruby slippers just won’t do at all, she has a pair of ruby sneakers to take up the slack! What’s a little princess to do without a pair of ruby sequined Converse? A girl needs a pair of “getting into things” shoes! Why didn’t they have such cute shoes when I was little?

Charlotte and I are posing with our ruby slippers here. Yes, mine are the BIG feet. We didn’t think to try clicking our heels three times, but probably because when we are together we are home.

Here’s the precious face behind those tiny feet. Now, if she can just find some ruby cowboy boots she’ll be set. Or if Ugg’s just came in ruby!

36 thoughts on “If You’re Already Home There’s No Need To Click Three Times

  1. Adorable. She is the one you were dancing with, huh?

    I wish I had some red shoes. I should work on that.

    Thanks for the explanation about the silver slippers because when I saw Wicked I was disappointed the shoes weren’t red, but now I know why. They were probably going more for (to the book).

  2. Haha. She is so friggin’ cute. I love the red shoes. Molly and Bridget have silver ones just like those. They wore them in my sister’s wedding. Sydney got black sparkly heels for my wedding and I adore them. I hope she keeps them for many years.


  3. Ruby slippers – the ultimate girl’s dream. I’ve never owned any – red heels when I worked and one year I painted red poinsettia on white satin shoes with red glitter paint for Christmas. Does that count?

  4. And *this* is why I’m always just a wee bit wistful that my two boys don’t have a sister to play with. Don’t think I could convince either of my sons to wear ruby slippers. Hmm. Well, *maybe* the little one… 🙂

  5. Oh so sweet, of course both sexes male and female was delighted by the “Wizard of Oz” and “somewhere Over the Rainbow” was nominated the song of the 20th century.

    There must be a message here — for today I was with a friend and her little grand daughter who had on ruby red shoes, and my camera was not charged…the little boy — her brother had on yellow shiny boots and red cuffs on his sky blue pants.

    Keep camera charged, is that the message or there is no place like home?

    Delight photographs.


  6. OMG, Suzi…she’s beyond ADORABLE!!!!!

    Face a FACE! She could be the next Shirley Temple!!!

    The Wizard of Oz is also one of my favorite movies. And you’re so right…when we were kids, we had to wait until around Thanksgiving to watch it on TV.

    I had no idea about the original shoes being silver, so thanks for sharing that info.

    And guess what? I was actually in a stage production of the Wizard of Oz while living in Florida. I played the Wizard and also one of the munchkins. It was so much fun!

    FAB post, dear lady! It tickled me to no end!

    *clicking my heels*

    “There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home….”


  7. I don’t own a pair of red shoes, but after reading your post, I think they are a must. I love the pic of you and your little one side by side – I can just imagine you and her saying, “There is no place like home.”

  8. Oh! She’s so squishable. I need to send you a picture of Eve’s new school shoes. They’re like shiny pink superhero boots. I agree — not only are her clothes and shoes cooler than mine were at her age, I’m pretty sure they’re cooler than mine now!

  9. I ended up dressing up as Dorothy last year for Halloween. I was having trouble deciding between costumes, and the ruby slippers made my decision for me.

    I was amazed they make them in my size, since my feet are ginormous.

  10. HOW CUTE!!! She’s so beautiful and I love her little ruby slippers! When I was little, I also liked anything ruby-colored and glittery. I never had my own ruby slippers, though, although I really wanted some. She’s so precious!

  11. Love Wizard Of Oz! That’s the movie that hubby and I were watching the day we meet. There’s no place like home…we must have took that to heart.

    Charlotte looks soo adorable in all her shoes!

  12. Come to think of it, when I saw Wicked, I was no entranced by the story, I never NOTICED the lack of ruby slippers!
    Cute shoes for a cute girl! I have yet to introduce Sprite to the Wizard of Oz. Maybe soon.

  13. Oh, you just have to vacation in Minnesota sometime soon. Judy Garland’s home town (Grand Rapids, MN) is here … with her childhood home and the original ruby slippers from the movie. There is a festival every summer … a few munchkins are even in attendance … and nothing beats the Wizard of Oz for free on the big screen at the movie theater.

  14. I love your photos of your feet and Charlotte’s. I have to say being a shoe gal myself I have always coveted those ruby slippers. The way they gleamed and glistened in the movie was so amazing. I still wish I could have a pair today. I suppose I would look pretty stupid as a 48 year old running around with sparkly footwear. h well..you never know…maybe it is one of those lifelong dreams I need to fulfill!!

  15. Women of every age need to have at least one pair of ruby red shoes! Charlotte is adorable with her impish little grin. Reminds me of another little cherub….

    I really love the analogy that wherever you are together, you are home. Beautiful.

  16. I loved Dorothy’s ruby slippers when I was a little girl! They were so SPARKLY on TV. And then I saw them at the Smithsonian and the sequins were falling off and the fabric looked moth-eaten. Such a disappointment.

    I like the new versions you and your goddaughter have. Wish they’d had something like that when I was wee. Imagination was great, but real props …

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