Living Or Lingering?


Lying in wait

Body grass side up

Roots dug deep

Yet reaching for the sky

Thin veil of separation

Eternal darkness?

Who are we to know?

I’ll be the sunflower

Shining towards the sun

With leaves dropping to ground

I’ll shine on

This is my entry for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday.

59 thoughts on “Living Or Lingering?

    • Thanks. Sunflowers are awesome. They always make me think of Mr. Kidd as he used to plant them at his mailbox and I’d eat the seeds. I thought they were pretty but I knew to just wait…they got sooo huge! He used to tell me he planted them for me because I like eating the seeds, but I know he planted them for Mrs. Kidd because we know how she loved her flowers!

  1. Between the sunflower photo and your words, this post totally made me feel HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

    Sunflowers to me, always look as though they’re SMILING!

    Beautiful post, dear lady!

    Thank you much for sharing!


  2. “Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun” John Lennon. Your poem makes me think of that song Instant Karma, one of my favs. Who are we to know that darkness and thin veil of separation? Powerful lines. Great positive vibe at the end.

  3. lovely suzi…always shine on…like the moon the stars and the sun…I am feeding here off of dustus’s comment….thank you sunshine…bkm

  4. I love the feeling of growth and striving that this poem embodies.

    I think I will be a moonflower – smiles

    thanks for sharing with One Shot my friend


  5. suzicate

    From one line in the poem to another you bring out the colors that are so vibrant and you express the emotions typically associated with the life of sunflowers: the pretty stately bright yellows of the full bloom to arid browns of wilting and death; all of the stages woven through these polar opposites are presented here in your lovely One Shot,


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