Biking Back Bay

Our plans had been to go to the mountains this weekend and train a bit by trekking up the river rocks. Unforeseen circumstances kept us here in town this weekend. We decided to venture to Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and bike.

Is this not an awesome dune. Yes, I rode up it and came flying off like the famous stuntman of my youth,Evel Knievel. NOT!! However, I did feel sort of like a tight rope walker (except I was on a bike) as we rode down the rickety bridge that took us to the water. It amazes me how a two foot width bridge can seem like six inches when I am trying to balance myself with a backpack on my bike. Fortunately, we did not have far to go on that.

I think these are probably sea oats. They grew throughout the dunes and sand at the beach.

Much of the first part of the trail from the visitor’s center is gravel with a bit of sand and later turns to more sand with a bit of gravel. It ran along the canal. At any rate, the tires kind of dipped into the ruts and threatened to spin out or pitch me over to the side. I persevered. Before we set out, Dirt Man gave me another mini “gear” lesson. He wanted to make sure I was listening to his instructions. I heard every word he said. However, as I was trying to maintain my body on the bike and the bike upright and in the ruts, my brains (or maybe the rocks in my head!) got tossled  and I got it backwards as to whether my left or right controlled the front or the back…please don’t ask me…eventually I might get it! Dirt Man figured it out I had it wrong when I was falling behind. Still I wasn’t getting tired. When we stopped at the halfway point (4.1 miles), my legs were not wobbly or shakey. I was really surprised. My shoulders were hurting a bit from the backpack, but all was well.

I could not resist taking this picture of the privy and posting below the sign inside.  This was at the center at the half way point.

I cracked up at the sign and soon realized the joke was on me…there was no hand sanitizer below the sign. I guess someone had swiped it.

We decided to take another trail which took us to the bay area that has the kayak shed.  They have moonlight kayak paddles and other events. We might have to do that sometime.

Yes, that is a private residence nestled between those trees.

I didn’t take many pictures because I have a hard enough time keeping my bike from toppling that there is no way I can take picture while riding and too much trouble to keep stopping. We ended up going just a few miles over into False Cape State Park. (We’ll go on an excursion on those trails another weekend.) On the way back, I got a second wind, and put the power to my pedals. I think I even had my gears correct. I didn’t last long. We came up on this man walking his bike. When he saw us coming he jumped back on his bike, but by the time we reached him, he was off and pushing again. By the time I reached him, I wished I was off and pushing mine.

I had insited that I could go farther since my legs were not jello, but when I have these fabulous plans I always forget that I must return from where I venture. Still, instead of whining I just suck it up. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Right?

I guess we paced ourselves well or we’re building our stamina because we were not worn out after slightly over eight miles. This trail was a better body workout than plain asphalt trails. We still had much of our day left to do other things…and to plan a hike for the next day.

Look past the fact that I am not wearing make up and see that I am smiling…is it because I am finished? Well, maybe a little. But it was really because I was prepared to eat granola bars and Dirt Man suggested we stop at El Pollo Loco and eat on our way home.

16 thoughts on “Biking Back Bay

  1. I LOVE the photo of the PRIVY, Suzi!

    You are sooo funny!

    Now you see, that’s something “I” would have taken a picture of too!

    Great minds think alike, hu? HA!

    Awesome photos, dear lady. Enjoyed!

    Happy Monday to ya!


    • I’m glad somebody gets it! They had normal bathrooms at the first center, but I guess they had to have an outhouse at the wilderness section…better than giving you special bags to use…I hear they do that at some of the National parks!

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